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This book is so good so real I ve read it twice A lot of good messages and content but I couldn t #Fully Get Into It Because #get into it because the author s WRITING STYLE I NEVER HAD A WEIGHT ISSUE UNTIL style I never had a weight issue until medical condition in my 40 s surfaced In the last few years I ve felt like food was in control of me Then I came to the realization that I was letting it ruin my health my body my life This book has really helped show me that food had become something I craved than God Making God my strength my comforter my verything instead of food is what Lysa has shown me I plan on reading other books she has written Excellent to work through after reading Made to Crave I used this book with counseling I had a few of the women do a group study with utilizing this book with their Healing Souls eating disorders usually overweight andmotional aters I was impressed on how well the ladies connected to this. In this six session small group bible study DVDdigital video sold separately Lysa Terkuerst’s follow up to the New York Times bestseller Made to Crave Lysa helps you discover how to put into action those things you learned through the Made to Crave book and small group studyTrying to get healthy can seem overwhelming and complicated Eat carbs don’t at carbs Eat fish don’t at fish Pay attention to calories don’t pay attention to calories All this conflicting information can be daunting and confusingBut it all becomes clear in the Made to Crave Action Plan It will help you implement a long term plan of action for healthy living You. ,

Ght without feeling defeated "And As A Failure "as a failure love books that take you by #surprise this is not one I would puck up off the shelf all on my #this is not one I would puck up off the shelf all on my but as I went through the six week study that took me 8 weeks I was ncouraged and surprised This book is then a feel good and do this diet plan it helps you understand why diets don t work and ven if food is not your stumbling block as a women I have a long list of things that I crave then God We all have these things But Our Culture Seems To our culture seems to over flowing with food and yet as a culture we are malnourished I almost fell out of my chair at this truth and then I learned about mpty calories and what my body needs Healthy ating is a life long plan and it s not an asy mindset to follow because it goes against so much of what I want This book is only a start but I have tools that helped me put my feet in the right direction. Ing tips for use in their veryday livesSessions includeTAKE ACTION Identify Your First Steps 2700EAT SMART Add Fish and Increase Fiber 2600EMBRACE THE EUATION Exercise and Reduce Calories 3000MAXIMIZE KEY NUTRIENTS Increase Nutrient Rich Fruits and Veggies 2900PRACTICE THE FIVE PRINCIPLES Keep Working Your Plan 2400MAKE A COURAGEOUS CHOICE Direct Your Heart to Love and Perseverance 2500Designed for use with the Made to Crave Action Plan Video Study sold separately to further ncourage group discussion document your personal journey toward healthy living and to reference the uick healthy living tips that will help make your journey a succe. Book and njoyed it You the DVD study to get anything out of this book I participated in a study so had access to the DVD at no charge so it was worth it Some good reminders about the importance of #fibre and omega 3 s Working through this book gave me a new perspective about my self #and omega 3 s Working through this book gave me a new perspective about my self body and my relationship with The Lord I learned to respect my body turn to The Lord for help and to beware of Satan s temptation I recommend this book to veryone struggling with body issue I love Lysa s perspective This was a nice addition to Made to Crave with of a menu plan and a doctor s perspective If you know anything about nutrition it is all pretty basic information Nonetheless worth a read from a Christian perspective The ladies group at our church used this participants guide and the DVD along with the book It was a wonderful study and helped me see how I can lose wei. ’ll be ncouraged by Bible teaching from Lysa uplifted by testimonies from women like Christian music chart topper Mandisa and mpowered with healthy living tips from Dr Ski Chilton an xpert in molecular medicine – all while charting a permanent course for successful healthy livingThis curriculum will help women who found their “want to” by participating in the Made to Crave study master the “how to” of living a healthy physical life as well as cultivate a rich and full relationship with God Made to Crave Action Plan gives women of all ages Biblical ncouragement for both their physical and spiritual journeys plus healthy liv.