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Interesting read I was a little apprehensive about reading this when it was selected as a book club read I was leery that it would read too much like a textbook However it was actually uite the opposite I found it interesting and feel that I learned something about that time period and the culture without being bored or lectured to It is amazing something about that time period and the culture without being bored or lectured to It is amazing the Spaniards did to the Maya people and all in the name of Christianity I look forward to our book club meeting where the author is supposed to be present as he is a

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of one of the I assumed this was a novel with made up characters in real historical times eeping to fact on the big names places and events but totally fabricating the characters But the cover implies that all the people were real and so does an internet search So I was wrong but I don t think that would have changed my opinion He seems to have done a great job The details of daily life are so very very detailed that it reads like a volume of history And that I fear is my problemHistorians love history and of course they want to cram in all the facts they can uncover Here s a couple of fact filled examples They walked among palaces of magnificent stone and cedar with great rooms and courts covered by awnings of woven cloth The buildings were shining with lime and decorated with different inds of stonework and paintings Countless multitudes of men women and children stood in the streets and on the rooftops or sat in canoes on the canals to see themAnd He walked through gardens with a myriad of red white and yellow flowers blooming trees and ponds of fresh water with an array of colorful fish There was an aviary with every from of bird he had ever seen in this land and Everything was built of stone and plastered including baths walkways and the large open rooms where Montezuma s entertainers danced and sangI liked reading this and I m not saying the book is overloaded with detail for example he didn t list every color and type of fish I was just about the right balance of description dialog acti. The dramatic story of the first Europeans to encounter the Maya civilization in 1511 Based on actual people and events this exotic historical novel follows driven characters as they chart conflicting courses through a tumultuous world unlike anything they could ever have imagined Gonzalo shipwrecked in a violent storm he Maya LordFormer attempts to serve as the latter s conscience reminding Guerrero that he is giving his soul over to savages Who Practice Human Sacrifice To In The Name Of A practice human sacrifice to in the name of a religion Guerrero though is a soldier and has served a long time in the New World He nows full well what the Spaniards have done to the indigenous peoples in the name of religionThe book is well written and the author tells his tale from the very personal viewpoints of Aguilar and Guerrero It s unfortunate that toward the end of the book we lose this perspective and the story becomes an overview of Cortez s conuest of Mexico I wish Robbins had made the book longer to fully flesh out these important events from the viewpoint of his two main charactersWhile Guerrero is obviously the book s chief protagonist I thought the passages describing Aguilar s struggle were effective Guerrero certainly does think about Spain and the life he left behind there but it seems he slips a little too easily into his newly found identity as a Mayan warrior His inner conflict seems minimal and his primary motivation for going native is to go along to get alongThough Maya Lord doesn t hold a candle to Gary Jenning s Aztec admittedly I m a bit biasedAztec is one of my favorite books I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a good fictional account of this time and place Maya Lord is the engrossing story of two 16th C Spanish shipwreck survivors who are enslaved by the Maya Jeronimo a friar holds fast to his faith while Gonzalo a sailor can only be described as going nativeThis book is based on real people and true events Robbin has obviously researched the period people and cultures about which he writes but never comes across as pedantic or preachy Instead he seamlessly weaves facts and information into the mens storiesThe book spans almost twelve years during which time Jeronimo and Gonzalo s circumstances diverge rathe I thought that Createspace produces Horrors onlyand this story will be made into a movie which will be directed by Roland Emmeric. Rejects Maya ways holds fast to his beliefs and remains a slave Like his fellow survivor he is convinced he is the better man for his choice Ix Zazil the spirited and independent daughter of a powerful chieftain she finds herself surprisingly drawn to a strange foreigner who has been thrust into her life from another worl. On and reflection for my tastes but I expect some people will say it should have had detailBut my issue ishe writes like a historian Historians cultivate A CERTAIN DEGREE OF EMOTIONAL RESERVE certain degree of emotional reserve themselves and their subjects It s necessary I guess to eep things accurate but it left me cold I liked the people I understood their struggles but I didn t feel their strugglesSo maybe not a great story but definitely a great history Naturally I rate this book as a 5 star since I added it to Goodreads as the author For objective reviews you can search Maya Lord on where there are currently several reader reviews or look at comments by other Authors At Wwwjohncoerobbinscom An Internet Searchable Newspaper at wwwjohncoerobbinscom An internet searchable newspaper will appear in late September of 2011 in the Fort Worth Star Telegramjcr Maya Lord by John Coe Robbins is novel of historical fiction based on the lives of Gonzalo Guerrero a soldier and the priest Geronimo de Aguilar two Spaniards who were shipwrecked in the early 16th century in what is now Mexico and were captured by the Mayan people The book s plot revolves around how each deals with their captivity The story is told in the context of the slow but inexorable encroachment of Spanish Conuistadors on Central AmericaRobbins obviously nows his subject and does a very of Spanish Conuistadors on Central AmericaRobbins obviously Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı knows his subject and does a very job of moving the tale forward at a good pace Having recently finished Oliver Potzsch s abysmal The Hangman s Daughter it was a joy to read a novel thatept me firmly rooted in time and placeAs I mentioned above the two main characters of the book adapt to their new reality in different ways Aguilar holds true to his identity as a Spaniard and a Christian He survives years of slavery by working hard placing his faith in God and attempting to spread the Word to the Mayan s who much to his disbelief are as eually devoted to their gods as he is to hisGonzalo Guerrero on the other hand survives by assimilating and thriving in his new surroundings This results in something I really enjoyed about the book the tug of war between Aguilar and Guerrero The. Inds himself cast away on an unknown shore in the New World A fierce tribe enslaves him and the other Spaniards in his small party With little hope for escape this brilliant and pragmatic adventurer searches for a way to advance in a strange new culture Jeronimo lost in the shipwreck with Gonzalo this uncompromising priest.

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