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Millennial HospitalityAp He repeatably explains how he in the military and he does macho militarily brace things and how he saved 2 707 jets from crashing including several fighter jets He also claims to have super human eyesight being able to spot people several kilometres away with the naked eye The book repeats stories skips a lot and contains a lot of nexplained aspects to his wacky sci fi stories It s very clear it s all made p and I don t recommend buying the other 2 books He s in it for the money he made p and I don t recommend buying the other 2 books He s in it for the money he deny this all he wants but you can t deny it when you have three books for sale He Says That People Will says that people will the tall whites in 10 to 15 years from now it s now 2017 so he says by 2027 or 2032 the alleged tall whites will come public and we will know about it Albeit MrHall was born in the 9th of November 1944 making him 72 years old in 10 years he will be 82 and 15 he will be 87 years therefore just enough time for Jake Millers Wheel us all to buy is books and profit his bank account before he dies He has two children that the money will fund through and after college hence the reason why his wife is probably helping him with his book People at his low level in the army with a non military role let s be honest here is not important and not paid much for his job Therefore book proceeds would be the only significant income for him and his family Army pensions is very low His book should be re listed as sci fi To the allow your self to be duped by this lier your rational and intelligent than thatse your comes sense Finally for a man with so many alleged alifications including He claims he has a Degree in Thermal Physics a Masters degree in Applied Nuclear Physics a PhD A Masters in Business Administration and yet he s a private in the army Doesn t add p Charles Hall is full of st and misleading people The book Millennial Hospitality by Charles James Hall otherwise known as Charlie Baker in the text reflects pon his tour of duty at Nellis AFB during the 60s Although Mr Hall has many stories to share about his experiences with aliens when he was performing his job as a weather observer he tends to overuse the convent. W things such as the answer to the estion 'where do the children of aliens play' This book is about frien. The character Charley is in denial about the events around him I believe he is doing this to maintain his sanity Even though the book does need tighter editing I found the story to be believable There are some nnerving parts in the story as the aliens come closer to inspect him but he was smart enough to know if they wanted him dead there was nothing he could do about it so why fight Other soldiers with his same experience did not fair so well If you love anything on The Bizarre And Aliens bizarre and aliens is the book to read a real slow book but i feel it is important to read the first book i have seen many interviews withCharles James Hall and i find him very believable has an alien prescence been on earth for a long time I watched Charles talk on YouTube about his books I read this first book of his series and I thought it was very i I imagine in its own weird way this is what the male euivalent of Twilight must be The writing is terrible and the story is pretty silly Yes I know in some UFOlogy circles this is seen as partly factual Ufology Aside This Book this book is an ordinary boring dull individual who is so impossibly special aliens hiding out in the have taken a liking to him Our protagonist is so special only he can approach them Only HE has a chance to make contact without being roasted Read at your own risk You might be better off rounding p a collection of short stories written by Mrs Elston s Second Grade class during their story writing Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page unit at school Better plots and probably better writing I love the fact that Charles Hall shared his experience with the world However the self publish factor really shows It s not polished It s an interesting read I didn t love it but I was entertained by it Completely madeprepeating boring to read through It s very clear the story about the alleged tall whites is ridiculous and completely made Prom Kings and Drama Queens up He contradicts himself so often exposing his madep story He gives him self so much credit so often throughout his book it s nbearable to read further He also referred to how super intelligence brave and special he is This guy is full of cr. Millennial Hospitality is not like any other book you may have read about aliens You will find out many ne. .

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Ion of dialog and draws out his conversations with a Repetitive Style That Almost Annoys The Reader For Instance The style that almost annoys the reader For instance the Doxology could have been completely omitted which would have spared the reader
*some of this *
of this Hall also takes every opportunity to convey to his audience that he is A VERY SPECIAL MAN PERHAPS A TAD RESTRAINT COULD very special man Perhaps a tad restraint could been employed regarding the validity of his own merits Mr Hall would have his audience believing that he is the brightest bravest most special and the most level headed man that ever served in the entire history of the US Air Force Granted some of his exploits did take a lot of nerve but he over did his own self praises by having other people say how amazing he is at every opportunity On the bright side Mr Hall s experiences with alien life forms are both informative and interesting He relates several episodes with good ability and there are many stretches in the book that read very well I especially liked the part concerning the interview with the neurosurgeon 336 It was helpful for me to locate a map of Nellis AFB to get a better idea of the various ranges Charlie worked between as a weather observer I would have liked to see something like that included in the content of the book It would have enhanced the text to get an idea of the distances between the different ranges where much of the alien contact took place Of special interest to this reader was the similarity between the writings observed from inside one of the alien scout ships and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics Overall I liked the book but it could have been written with cleverness and with less filler words in the form of repetitive dialog This was pretty good but frustrating in that the author despite presented with hard evidence refused to believe what he was seeing Each time he saw something right in front of his face mind you he chose instead to believe he was hallucinating or had mental illness Definitely frustrating but absolutely worth the read This guy sure has ite an imagination I read this entire series of books It was actually ite boring yet fascinating at the same tim. Dship romance terror and is based on the true life experiences of the author who claims he is not an alien. .