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Ut ou also get to know all the characters personally from there point of view before the story even startsI received this book in an exchange for an honest review Love love love how the worldbuilding deepens as we learn Mismatch s story Not that we know all of it Freezing Point yet but what he s forced into paints a long lonely picture of servitude and I don t know Betrayal maybe He did his duty to his family line and then the curse enactedBrutal man BrutalI have a soft spot for gargoyles AND for men who have been broken by circumstances Mismatch isn t broken exactly but I feel like he s teetering between worlds He doesn t uite remember who he was and he doesn t uite fit into this modern worldI imagine things will get very bad before they get better Kelly Reading the Paranormal OMG Ms Ford continues to pullou deeper into this new series she has created Mixmatch s life was one of privilege before the curse He truly was saved by the touch of little Alessandra I can t wait to find out what happens in the next pre story If ou are a true fan of Ms Ford like me then ou will love what she s created It s hard for me to write then ou will love what she s created It s hard for me to write review without giving away Things All I Can All I can is for ou to just grab a copy and read it for Auksaviriai I d yourself Just know thatou aren t reading a true Lizzy Ford book if ou aren t crying smiling and screaming at one point while reading it No one can pull it off like Lizzy canlol We Lizzy Ford keeps doing this to us She hooks us and then leaves us hanging In this short story we get to she #What Is Going On In Mismatch S Mind And How #is going on in Mismatch s mind and how is dealing with being awakened We get to learn some things about him but others are still left a mystery We also get to see what is going through his mind when he goes to save Alessandra In some ways we are left with uestions then answers and I am agonizingly waiting for the next book I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest revie. Next in line to the family curse and warns her about her fate in the hopes of saving her from the living death He returns when Alessandra is in danger but the powers behind those seeking her are prepared for anythingEven the grotesue prin. .
F this series I am loving this mini series Mismatch begins where Alessandra left off We discover how he became to be a grotesue or gargoyle and we meet another oung child he seems destined to save Phoibe Already I can tell Mismatch is going to be my favourite character in this series and as with the first book I was left with my heart in my mouth wanting Even though these are very short instalments they are packed full of mystery gripping drama and intrigue This preuel mini series is setting us up very nicely for what promises to be another amazing series Omega due out in October If Interviewing Users you have no read Alessandra 1 Omega Beginnings Miniseriesou really need you have no read Alessandra 1 Omega Beginnings Miniseries ou really need read it to understand exactly what is going on in MismatchIn Man oh man Just when I thought things couldn t get better they DID I love getting to know these characters on a personal level This is Mismatch s story and what can I say i never pictured myself having a gargoyle as a book crush but this one has it all A rough exterior on the outsideat least at night and a gentle caring heart on the inside This one left me hanging a bit though Bring out the pitchforks we are going on a hunt I knew I was going bit though Bring out the pitchforks we are going on a hunt I knew I was going like Mismatch from the start so I couldn t wait to find out about him He heads out to warn his linage of what happens when they get to a certain point Greek history and mythology has always drew me in So when I come to find out he was originally human and was tricked into saying a spell I was even intrigued Crazy how much happens in this short story but also shows who mismatch is He used to be a high and mighty prince but that changed after being stuck a statue for so many ears He cares and wants to protect those he knows are in danger I can t wait to read the Omega series as well as the other mini stories Authors should do this often It adds a twist to the story because Payback you get snippets of how the story may play out Re him he fell victim to the family curse he was turned to stone and forced to keep watch over the temple of a Greek god or goddess Out of the blue fiveear old Alessandra breaks the spell Mismatch seeks out the shy oung crown princess. This is the second novelette Mismatch it is easy to say this character will be one of my favoritesHe seeks out to warn those of his bloodline against the curse that has befallen his kind Before he became a Gargoyle he was of royalty tricked into becoming a stone guardian of the God s This is where his journey begins Trying to get accustomed to being human again during the day will prove to be a challenge god the discription of him is to die forHe is compelled to help Alessandra who brought him back to life sorta speak a Lizzy ou are truely amazing this book was a great little series I despritely wished it was longer lol I love mismatch and can wait for the story to unfoldARC SPOIL ALERT DESCRIPTIONMismatch a lost human by day and odd living gargoyle by night all because little miss alessandra brought him back alive after turning into a statue over 4 thousand ears ago New to the here and now he Is Determined To Save His Bloodline From There Curse Of determined to save his bloodline from there curse of the family line into gargoyles by 17 Determined to save the nextin line for the curse he gets a message from the little girl who awoken him saying she was indanger flying to her rescue message from the little girl who awoken him saying she was indanger flying to her rescue sees the danger she is in and fights to help but all to soon it may not be enoughI CANT WAIT FOR MORE March seems to long lol Mismatch is the second story in the Preuel Miniseries for the Omega Series and I wasn t disappointed in the continuation of this storyWe learn about Mismatch being a prince and due to a curse within the bloodline he was turned into a grotesue A lot is packed into this preuel and after reading it ou don t want the story to end Lizzy Ford gives ou an inside after reading it ou don t want the story to end Lizzy Ford gives New Erotica for Feminists Satirical Fantasies of Love Lust and Eual Pay you an inside of each character within the preuels and takesou on a journey of fantasy danger and suspenseThe Omega series is going to be amazing and Lizzy Ford has taken her imagination to new heights and I m glad to be on the ride with her I can t wait until I read Short story #2 in the Omega Beginnings Miniseries Mismatch hasn’t always been a statue standing guard over the Temple of Artemis Once upon a time thousands of ears ago he was a man who led a privileged life Like the Greek monarchs befo.

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Mismatch Omega Beginnings Miniseries #2