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The Lady in Pink emotional roller coaster ofmotions for me as I identify with Codie in a few ways Even though I cried through most of MIA Task Force 779 I am completely honored to have gotten to read it and will recommend it to anyone and Eyes everyone I know I love all of KL Donn s books but this here surpasses all of them Thank you KL for sharing this heartbreaking yet beautiful story with your r POV Various first person perspectives clearly marked andasy to followThe cover features a bare chested military sue man wearing a backpack While alone it may not be nough to fully capture the Sinner's Heart eye it isnough to snag it The synopsis however reeled me in I ve been xploring many books recently with damaged andor flawed lead characters and knew this was one I d have to read I admit I was worried about the length of this book Being a series debut I d xpect some complex world and character building This had it and It managed to create a cohesive strong unit with some backstory as well as providing plenty of history for Codie Codie and Ryder s relationship was fueled by chemistry There was action and suspense The secondary cast was varied in personality and ranged in their roles The plot flowed very well and the writing was Spirit of the Wolf enjoyable Predictability was low The conclusion is solid and manages to tease at what may become the next book in the series This was the first time reading this author and if given the chance I will definitely follow this seriesRating R Score 45 Stars 5 rounding up due to the author s ability to pack this novella full of content history dynamics and a sense of strong bonds in a way few authors are able Disclosure of Material I received a copy of this book from the AuthorPublisher via RRR Promotion with the hope that I would voluntarily leave unbiased and unsolicited feedback I was not askedncouraged or reuired to leave a review nor was I compensated in any way I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. From an unknown predator she battles her better judgment and trusts Ryder to do what he does besthunt down the perpetrator Their connection is instantaneous Two broken people yearning to be loved but afraid to reach for it Codie fears Ryder will leave when he discovers just how damaged she is Ryder worries Codie will remain locked away in her mind unable to break free A surprise mission brings both of their fears to life and when the walls crumble Ryder is Missing in Action while Codie is justmissing Will they find A Vineyard Christmas each other again or will they disappearxisting only in a memory. .

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Emotional This story is motional in so Many Ways We Have All Been ways We have been waiting this story since Hayes opened that door It s hard to hear about what both Codie and Ryder had to go through Great story that handled all of the motions so well Another motional read by KL DonnTwo people who has been through so much I was heartbroken for both of them But both are strong and they where perfect for ach other Love how patience Ryder was with Codie He sure won my heart Love the brotherhood and how they support ach other Can t wait to read of the men in this series Have you ver sat down to write a review and thennothing You can t figure out a way to put into words how you felt about what you just read It s happened to me a handful of times I ve connected so deeply with characters that trying to depersonalize myself to write an unbiased review was hard I finished this book two days ago Instead of immediately writing my review like I typically would I held off Edited 6 hours later I m still working on how to word this review It s a Carol process I connected with the heroine in the story Codie in a way that I don t think I should xplain in a Codie in a way that I don t think I should xplain in a review Having such a strong connection with a character makes a book feel real Makes it Math Basics 6 emotional More personal And I connected with her in ways than oneI think we actually meet Ryder in one of the Hogan Brother s books I m pretty sure it was One Choice because I was really hoping Ryder s story was the next book but it wasn t Which I m not complaining I freaking love that series and Unchained was my favoriteOkay I m getting off topicI reallyreallyREALLY love this book The character connections the world building the plot Everything about this book was fantastic I was in tears by page 4 PAGE FOUR PEOPLEIt isn t just the connection with Codie that has me in love with this book The plot itself was so very good Codie and Ryder both go through something so drastic in their pasts And trying to find that HEA isn t anasy one for them They must fight so hard That s all I m going to say regarding the storyline Just please go read this book I m thinking it s my favorite book of the year so farI don t know how KL Donn does it but with Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, every new release she gets better and better From the first pages she grabs my attention and refuses to let go until the verynding I am beyond xcited for the next book in the Task Force 779 series I fell in love with all of Ryder s teammates and can t wait to watch them go on their journeysI was incredibly lucky. Ryder Morrison is a man of loyalty To his country his family his team After joining the Navy he was secretly recruited to Task Force 779 a specialized unit that infiltrates dangerous situations when no one lse can or will As the communications xpert it’s his job to clear the way for a smooth mission He knows where the nemy is hidden at all times and when his team can nter a zone safely When things go wrong and he’s captured declared dead before a search can truly begin Ryder knows that when he makes his way home his life will be differentbetter He’ll live for himself fr. ,
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in xchange an honest review Missing in Action the first book in KL Donn s Task Force 779 Series was fast paced and ntertaining This story was filled with suspense and dramaTrauma impacts us all differently Ryder has pushed himself prepared to return to his team and get himself back in the field Codie closes herself off from the world When an incident brings these two together will they be able to find comfort in their shared pain or will the past be too much to overcomeI Humanism enjoyed Ryder s character His strength and compassion drew me to him Codie was intriguing I found her to be interesting and wanted to see if and how she would grow and change The mystery surrounding her and the action involved in his work added in another level ofxcitement It created tension and suspense as well as played a role in the progression of their relationship I m definitely interested in reading of this series in the future Missing in Action by KL Donn is an Smokin' Hot emotional force a rollercoaster ride of feels and a compelling story that will have you craving from Ms Donn immediately afterwards because this story is so amazing Without giving anything away just know there are no words that can adeuately describe Codie and Ryder perfectly Their are so many words that I can use to describe them but I think you would best find out by reading this book Their relationship is a deliciously tempting rollercoaster ride that will take you places Their ride will have you going along on their journey towards heartbreak angst but also finding joy and happiness It is anmotional and tissue needed read I Placing Memory enjoyedvery moment of this story My Rating 47 stars Absolutely loved Ryder and Codies amazing broken intense Lasombra emotional grabbed my heart and wouldn t let goLoved Fear and freedomI really liked this book about an Agoraphobic woman I loved with it for many years and it started after I gave birth to my son too He lived though but it really made me think and remember She was 27 years old and gave birth to a stillborn baby boy Her father kicked her out and called her a whre when she had only been with that one boy He also called her that and his Father threw money at her for an abortion She lived in the streets begging for food money andnded up losing her child at birth I felt so bad for her She had no one She locked herself inside of her house and never left it You could feel no one She locked herself inside of her house and never left it You could feel fear and pain It was written very well Her fforts to leave the ho Kl. Om now on instead of following where duty takes him Enter his lusive neighbor A woman of mystery and fear Codie Ray is a woman filled with pain Afraid of life and locked away She counts to soothe the anxiety She watches her neighbor because he’s her only lifeline to the outside world He’s a commitment she doesn’t have to worry will break her Until the unthinkable happens and her solace is intruded upon Ryder comes to the rescue and barges his way into her life pushing past her barriers causing Codie to rethink her reclusive lifestyle Slowly being tormented with mind games. ,
Missing in Action (Task Force 779, #1)

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