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Ay learn the ways of multi sided dice I m not a dice RPG gamer but I did want to read the short story in here The 11th Metal It s a preuel for the first book of the first Mistborn trilogy That said it s definitely best not to read before having read the first book of the trilogy unless you want some spoilers Actually I think the best place for a reader would first book of the trilogy unless you want some spoilers Actually I think the best place for a reader would to read it after the second book as the reader would be able to get ven out of it Story wise it s in the category of the fan service preuel There s no reason to read it other than to see a main character from the first book before that character was good at their job Nothing is revealed that wasn t already sufficiently revealed in the first book So it s all fan service fun That said if put together with revelations from the last book in the trilogy it does raise some interesting uestionsFor the RPG section don t read that part until you ve read the whole first trilogy unless you don t mind spoilers before reading a story I understand that game fiction is hard to write but house of ashes just does a lousy job of it It starts off with having a PoV character as a gold misting which is something that as far "As Anyone Knows Publicly "anyone knows publicly universe doesn t actuall Looks like a cool game but comes with a lot of solid storytelling advise anyways I initially thought House of Ashes was some type of rule book for the Mistborn pen and paper RPG game but it s actually of a companion piece to the game Its aim is to apparently help people understand the world and magic system of Scadrial a little better through 16 short stories I m not positive if the story is canon to the overall series since it s not actually written by Brandon Sanderson or if it s just canon for the version of the Mistborn universe the game uses Either way I njoyed being back in the Mistborn world and thought it accomplished what it set out to do ven if the stories were pretty boring 2 25 The rules are original The writing style is goodBut the book is way too long The Sinner's Heart examples are sometimes tooxtensiveI was xpecting inside info on the world A look into the world of the Mistborn books but nowhere near as good as the original trilogy or the Alloy of Law Book 20 of 52 Books 2013Review pendin. Ders and roleplayers alike this 150 page digital release presents new characters places and twists on the Final Empire you think you kn.

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The Mistborn Adventure Game is Crafty Games well intentioned but shaky adaptation of Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn trilogy to tabletop role playing It attempts to walk a middle path between traditional RPGs like Dungeons Dragons or World of Darkness and indie or story game RPGs like FATE or Burning Wheel but nds up with something likely to be confounding to "GAMERS WHO PREFER EITHER OF THOSE STYLES CAVEAT THESE "who prefer ither of those styles Caveat these impressions from reading the book not playing it I do intend to try it at some point but until then take this review with that grain of saltAs a compendium of Mistborn lore the Adventure Game is a solid piece of work With only a couple of minor xceptions time bubble Allomancy the descriptions of various magical powers character types and locales from the setting are spot on in prose and as translated to game mechanics A hardcore Sanderson fan might appreciate the Adventure Game as a setting A Vineyard Christmas encyclopedia superior to the Ars Arcanum at the back ofach Mistborn bookSomeone coming to the Adventure Game from a gaming perspective however should tread carefully The core mechanic rolling a pool of six sided dice and looking for matches is clever and well thought out one of the book s later chapters breaks the xact and well thought out one of the book s later chapters breaks down the xact of possible roll showing the authors gave due consideration to the behavior of their model Step beyond that basic mechanic though and you find yourself in a minefield of shaky design The game makes a noble ffort at balancing non super powered characters against powered ones by making you commit a major character creation resource to what tier of magic you have access to Characters with broad powerful magic abilities have weaker attributes to compensate However when numerous magic powers add dice back to those attributes in crucial moments it doesn t nd up being much of a tradeoff at all There is an xtraordinary amount of play before you play prep work likely to go to waste as soon as the dice hit the table and people stop following the script The players sketch out the steps of their party s Crew s mission Scheme in substantial detail including objective opposition unknown factors what might go wrong and The GM Narrator builds on that with plotted out twists and Bangs. Witness the rise and fall of House BylerumBased on the best selling novels by Brandon Sanderson A House of Ashes is a companion piece Turning Points and scripts beginning middle and nd of the players character development Destinies and Tragedies The authors repeatedly say that playing a game is very different from writing a novel but it s clear they didn t keep that in mind through the rest of the book Following from that the Narrator advice and rules are shot through with the Impossible Thing Before Breakfast the players are supposed to be the driving force of the story but the Narrator is xpected to veto fudge cajole and generally Force issues to make sure the story she s planned out comes to pass It s sad to see these things in a book whose introduction claims familiarity with indie games though the fact that it refers to "STORYTELLER AS INDIE WAS PROBABLY A "as indie was probably a signTo use a somewhat forced in universe analogy it s like the Mistborn Adventure Game is a kandra who s absorbed the bones of Dogs in the Vineyard and Primetime Adventures without ver having interacted with them beforehand They have the pieces of great games Math Basics 6 even in the right arrangement but lack any understanding of the motivations behind those pieces or the behavior they re meant toncourage I wonder if perhaps Sanderson s background in gaming which by hints dropped in the text sounds like DD hurt the game s direction than it helped during his Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, editorial involvementAll that said Ixpect that the game could be made to work and be fun You just need the The First Ghost experience and discernment to throw out huge chunks of the text and use GMing advice fromlsewhere Apocalypse World would be a great source as well as classic Internet advice like Flag Framing instead of the game s native processes I look forward to having
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chance to find out I m right on that countNot that these games are dead or something I did say the analogy was forced P I ve loved reading the Mistborn series but lord was I disappointed by this novella I njoyed being in the universe of Mistborns and Mistings again but I disliked jumping from character to character with so tenuous a link between them If you re xpecting a grandiose development like in Mistborn flee you won t find it in this novella Love the Mistborn series Plus LOVE the cover artist I must admit I only read the book I m not a gamer I might some O the upcoming Mistborn Adventure Game Originally commissioned as part of an xtensive portfolio of fiction and a gateway for novel rea. Mistborn Adventure Game