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Keeper's Compendium: Blasphemous Knowledge Forbidden Secrets eBack up anntire section "On The Principles The "the principles of the the companion DVD the first 30 minutes show Lu Sifu breaking down teaching the ntire Jia Routine Jia means structure a slow controlled form that runs the gamut of the major stances In the second 30 minutes applications matching the movements of the form are demonstrated It is so uncommon these days to find a teacher generously the form are demonstrated It is so uncommon these days to find a teacher generously this much applicationThis beautiful new bookD. This bookDVD package is the first of its kind a publication in English on the rare Kung Fu method Mizong uan or Lost Track Boxing which contains the legance of a Northern Long Arm styleThe book is "Handsome With A Black Cover Oversized Pages "with a black cover oversized pages a clear well done text The full routine is demonstrated using large color photos and a fire bright background and is complete with an accompanying instructional text Historical and

*heritage introductions. *

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VD package actively introduces students to the flavor of #A STYLE RIGHT AT THE FIRST AND WHAT IS #style right at the first And what is flavor of Mizong A flexibility and adaptability so high no one can touch much less hit youA fine fighting style Mizong not only teaches many hand forms and weapons it is a style with a full harvest of self defense and fighting applications This special bookDVD "Package Is Included In The Included In The included in the Publications series on Traditional Chinese Martial Style. .
mizong jia

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