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T go into a successful trial But all the same I felt like the author devoted way too much time to the trial some parts of it were just so repetitious that I just started skimming my way through it The author went over all of the bits of vidence and what made them worthy vidence It almost reads as a how to not commit murder book because if you are a true crime aficionado like me you may nd up cringing at all of the rrors she made If you truly want an update you can google Stacy Castor and find out what happened to her I won t say here so as not to spoil anything I seem to recall hearing something on the TV special about a secret bond between Bree and her mother but there was no mention of that in this book and now I wonder if I am confusing it with another case Anyway a good read Jenell M Dancy and GoodrsdsInteresting book on how a cold blooded killer almost got away with it Just goes to show time does not pay True Crime GoldVery good book for the reader of true crime Well written and a real page Turner Karma is a bi ch Found out that Stacey Castro passed away in prison from a heart attack last year Ah the most common type of true crime book a lurid cover bad wordplay in the title and overwrought writing This is a perfect xample of the Pop Tarts of true crime writing not great not nourishing This is a perfect xample of the Pop Tarts of true crime writing not great not nourishing the soul But So Much Fun so much fun consume and doesn t leave you with a terribly bad aftertaste It may be very wrong to use a food metaphor in a book about a poisoner Oh wellI d seen a Dateline on There were times Daughter In desperation Stacey concocted a devious plan She mixed a deadly cocktail of vodka and pills then served it to her twenty year old daughter Ashley The authorities would find Ashley with a suicide note confessing to the anti freeze murder But Stacey's plan backfired because Ashley refused to die A Killer For A Mother Charged with murdering her. I was so xcited about this book It was pretty good I prefer a book that cuts to the uick though This one dragged on through jury selection and the ntire trial I have to admit I skipped than a few pages due to the droning on of lawyers and vidence tc I would rather it have been less court oriented Well written would rather it have been less court oriented Well written the annoying grammatical evidence tc I would rather it have been less court oriented Well written without the annoying grammatical which spoil so many books these days I did Sinner's Heart enjoy the book however it could have been a lot shorter Very well writtenaccount of a monster who posed as human There really are bogeymen we should remind our children but they pose as mothers and in other cases as fathers friendstc We tend to look for the good in people but should always be careful who we marry or befriend This is a true crime story about the crimes of Stacy Castor Stacy was married to Michael Wallace with whom she had two daughters Bree and Ashley Michael died of what was deemed a heart attack when his oldest daughter was 12 Stacy ventually remarried to David Castor and apparently they had some disagreements After one such disagreement David was found dead in their bed of an apparent suicide or was it poisoning Only Stacy knows for certain and she s not telling In fact her older daughter also suffered from a similar suicide or poisoning at about the same time This was a pretty good book I had seen the case presented before on a TV special ither Forensic Files or 2020 so I was familiar with the major aspects of the case It was interesting getting to know all of the little bits and pieces tha. Case Featured On 2020 Anti Freeze For A Husband It looked like a suicide A man's corpse on the bathroom floor next to a half mpty glass of anti freeze But fingerprints on the glass belonged to the deceased's wife Stacey Castor And a turkey baster in the garbage had police wondering if she force fed the toxic fluid down her husband's throat Pills For .

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He author repeated himself Times when the story droned ON VERY SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY THE STORY ITSELF INTERESTED very slowly and painfully The story itself interested but This book was not one that I could not put down At times the story seemed scattered like he wasn t sure where to put certain information Just not one of my favorites After reading a memoir about Vietnam I needed something light and fluffy Anything that has the potential to be or already is a decent Lifetime Movie was perfectI tried Ann Rule s Every Breath You Take but I was too irritated by it I am guessing since the victim was a woman who was terrorized by her x husband I was not in the mood So I tossed it and picked this up since the woman is the victimizer and not the victim hey it s women s lib in true crime I saw an A Vineyard Christmas episode of Snapped that featured this true crime story so nothing was really that shocking It was a uick read I spent most of the book shaking my head at how sloppy this woman was Not the brightest criminal I hadver seen on paper I do like true crime it s a guilty pleasure I ve xhausted all the Nook books that are available that look somewhat interesting so will see what has to offer If anyone has any suggestions I am open Definitely not the what has to offer If anyone has any suggestions I am open Definitely not the but I did find the story so interesting and the writing was good I think the biggest flaw was the repetition To me it looked like he had no other information and had to sometimes go on interviews by othersThat being said I did njoy this book a lot The story was so fascinating I could not help being absorbed by it Wow what a Second husband and attempting to kill her oldest daughter Stacey Castor sparked a media frenzy But when police dug up her first husband's grave and found anti freeze in his body too this New York housewife arned a nickname that would follow her all the way to prison They called her The Black Widow And with good reason Includes 16 Pages of Shocking Phot. Mommy Deadliest