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E interested in the politics of the region Eh it was ok Kaplan s views on imperialism eel dated and simplistic Too tired to read a longer reviewFun Frost at Midnight fact in the audiobook the narrator over pronounces things like uasi uay sai Another thorough and thought provoking bookrom Kaplan Monsoon had a very personal Princess Baby, Night-Night feelor me Although it is only very peripherally about the UAE it is also somehow ALL about the UAE The nations of is only very peripherally about the UAE it is also somehow ALL about the UAE The nations of Indian Ocean Oman Pakistan Iran India Bangladesh Sri Lanka Indonesia Malaysia and to a lesser extent Burma are all heavily present in the population of the UAE They run this place Ever since we moved here I *Ve Thought That The UAE *thought that the UAE a kind of The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post future where national boundaries don t matter that much and language and ethnicities who might be political enemies back home mix together happilyor the sake of trade and business It turns out that this is not only the Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution future it s how it s been in this area in the past too FascinatingThis was close to aive star read but I thought Monsoon was ever so slightly less lyrical than Kaplan s other books Maybe I just know his On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock formula too well Also I personally was not so interested in the chapter about the Chinese navy And sentences like this made my work and MA beleaguered brain hurt Despite all the pageantry and stagy contrivances of Sukarno s leftist theater state which developed a useful mythor the new Indonesian nation and the Dutch and Japanese style post colonialism of Suharto s right wing military state which ortified that myth with new institutions geography has eventually overwhelmed both those attempts at extreme centralizationFour or 45 stars it is and reuired reading or anyone who wants to understand about "The People Who Make Up UAE SocietyPS When We First "people who make up UAE societyPS when we irst here I met a stunning exotically beautiful woman who was half Yemeni half Zanzibarian I decided that was the craziest mix of parentage I d ever heard of Turns out it s a totally logical marriage connection when you know about the trade routes around here. Ntire arc of Islam rom the Sahara Desert to the Indonesian archipelago and it is here that the political Nini future of Islam will most likely be determined Here is where theive hundred year reign of Western power is slowly being replaced by the influence of indigenous nations especially India and China and where a tense dialogue is taking place between Islam and the United States  With Kaplan’s incisive mix of policy analysis travel reportage sharp historical perspective and I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) fluid writing Monsoon offers a thought provoking exploration of the Indian Ocean as a strategic and demographic hub and an in depth look at the issues that are most pressingor American interests both at home and abroad Exposing the effects of explosive population growth climate change and extremist politics on this unstable region and how they will affect our own interests Monsoon is a brilliant important work about an area of the world Americans can no longer afford to ignor. ,
Vatives and their ilk and "that China s nationalists of course whom Mark Leonard calls the neocomms are also kept "China s nationalists of course whom Mark Leonard calls the neocomms are also kept check Kaplan supported the Bush War in Ira but has evolved and rankly calls his earlier support a mistake The book also contains an important admixture of travelogue thoroughly integrated with the larger themes as Kaplan describes the actual tour that he took about the Indian Ocean and it is beautifully written almost hauntingly in places In addition to Oman there is much on Pakistan India Bangladesh and it is beautifully written almost hauntingly in places In addition to Oman there is much on Pakistan India Bangladesh Indonesia with a inal chapter ON ZANZIBAR ONE OF THE MOST Zanzibar One of the most chapters is number 15 on Chinese naval policyA thoroughly impressive and important book and a delight to read I can t recommend it highly enough Consider this a six star reviewThis is a stunning book Rich with travel observation geopolitical strategy poetry and vision both rom above and rom within Kaplan s tour of the Indian Ocean and the revival of the Muslim Hindic trading world emporium of the pre Portugese and Western entry symbolized by a rising China in the East and an America that one hopes will sanely play its role of elegant decline and by Al Jazeera reading this book is to hear the tectonic plates of history moving in our times A Very engaging political travelogue about a number of countries around the Indian Ocean I enjoyed the historical references juxtaposed with current issues affecting the various regions covered The two biggest power players besides America are India and China while the most modern Islamic country is Indonesia Both Pakistan and Burma are rontier states which along with Bangladesh have been branded as ailed states The author predicts a gradual take over of the Indian Ocean by China slowly overtaking America as the main policeman of the sea The change is inevitable and irreversible Will it destabilize the region Camp Rex for the worst or the better China does not seem to have as much hubris as the Americans so I expect the change to beor the betterThe book is a great read or anyon. Lanka Bangladesh and Tanzania represents a shift in the global balance that cannot be ignored The Indian Ocean area will be the true nexus of world power and conflict in the coming years It is here that the ight Touch of Enchantment for democracy energy independence and religiousreedom will be lost or won and it is here that American When Dads Don't Grow Up foreign policy must concentrate if America is to remain dominant in an ever changing world From the Horn of Africa to the Indonesian archipelago and beyond Monsoon explores the multilayered world behind the headlines Kaplan offers riveting insights into the economic and naval strategies of China and India and how they will affect US interests He provides an on the ground perspective on the volatile countries in the region plagued by weak infrastructures and young populations tempted by extremism This in one of the most nuclearized areas of the world is a dangerous mixThe map of thisascinating region contains multitudes Here lies the Robert Kaplan is the anti Thomas Friedman Where Friedman bounces around the globe looking at globalization and spins visions of Miles from Kara future wonder Kaplan ambles down dark streets seeing the worst of globalization Both This in intended to be a slightly useful review than myirst pass belowKaplan presents a survey of the Indian Ocean littoral Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, from Oman to Zanzibar moving clockwise about the Sea in conscious imitation of the ancient periplous which were descriptions of the Mediterranean originally as seenrom the side of a ship moving clockwise around the Sea rom the Straits of Gibraltar and back round again Kaplan ocuses on the geographical aspects very much attuned to the relations between geography and history a la Braudel on the historical background of the Indian Ocean littoral rom the Arabs the Mughals the Portugese up to modern times and the geopolitical aspects of this profoundly important regionKaplan s contention is that the Indian Ocean is about to replace the North Atlantic as the heart or center of the geopolitical realities of the 21st century The reason or this is the rise of India which is an Indian Ocean entity in large part and the rise of China whose energy needs given that China is literally walled in by the First Island Chain of US Allies Korea Japan Taiwan Phillippines will have to be satisfied by "tankers that need to negotiate the Straits of Malacca among other sea lanes Moreover just as "that need to negotiate the Straits of Malacca among other sea lanes Moreover just as Indian Ocean of the 13th 17th centuries was a circle without a center and without a geopolitical or power center but a broadly diffused series of trading networks that produced of necessity a uniue medieval cosmopolitanism and notably an Islamic medieval cosmopolitanism so Kaplan thinks the Indian Ocean of the coming years is set to play a similar roleHis account of a non arabic Islam expressed by al Jazeera at its best is uite ascinating and persuasiveThe
Key Of Course Is That 
of course is that US play its role of elegant decline and not teeter off into the blood drenched antasies of the Neoconser.  On the world maps common in America the Indian Ocean all but disappears The Western Hemisphere lies ront and center while the Indian Ocean region is relegated to the edges split up along the maps’ outer reaches This convention reveals the geopolitical ocus of the now departed twentieth century or it was in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters that the great wars departed twentieth century or it was in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters that the great wars that era were lost and won Thus many Americans are barely aware of the Indian Ocean at allBut in the twenty irst century this will undamentally change In Monsoon a pivotal examination of the Indian Ocean region and the countries known as “Monsoon Asia” bestselling author Robert D Kaplan deftly shows how crucial this dynamic area has become to American power in the twenty A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas first century Like the monsoon itself a cyclical weather system that is both destructive and essentialor growth and prosperity the rise of these countries including India Pakistan China Indonesia Burma Oman Sri.