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The Exposition of Artistic Research dMething Little snatches of a story that might be happening make it though my hazy inebriated brain but the vast majority of theialogue feels sing songish and wobbly Who is that Where ROMANCE (BWWM Contemporary Romance Boxset) (African American Pregnancy Interracial Multicultural Book 1) did that come from Did something happen in the last volume and I just forgot about it or is this some new storyline Where is this going Howoes it relate to what happened How Shallow Grave did I forget everything and whyoes that lion y person look familiar but not really Were they in one of the previous volumes or The Economics of Agricultural Development do they just look like someone who was in one of the previous volumes And speaking of whyoes everyone look alikeOr is it just meI Shallow Grave don t know It s a beautiful comic Soetailed that each page is almost too busy for me Giant eyeballs and tails and fuzzy ears and tentacles and all kinds of stuff I just can t figure out the plot any The first thing to say about Monstress is that the award winning artwork of Sana Takeda is as usual breath taking This is sweeping fantasy with myriad characters some favorites are cats and foxes and factions sometimes with a touch of horror sometimes involving ultra violence and featuring mostly women almost all of them gorgeous and many of them evil There is The Pocket Guide to Action deep mythology complex politics goddesses ancients monsters I still reallyon t know what is going on half the time with the various factions I couldn t begin to tell you the ifference between the Dawn and Dusk Courts but at these things seem to be true The central character Maika Halfwolf is searching for the truth to her identity Kippa and to be true The central character Maika Halfwolf is searching for the truth to Her Identity Seeking Kippa identity seeking Kippa the truth to the mystery surrounding the Shaman Empress and the Monstrum If you boil all the gorgeous art and all the talk own not much really happens in this volume except talk but when Maika finds her Father the Doctor some of the mysteries about her identity get closer to being known And in that process Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide deep political conspiracies get revealed that portend a coming war between humans and Arcanics So muchrama in the telling and viewing But this is high fantasy so you gotta expect something operaticA highlight Takeda s War Masters Sketches collected in the appendix Wake me up when September ends Actual review 45The artwork is just as stunning as it has ever been I have noticed in other graphic novels how the art suffers with each new book so I m glad to see that that hasn t happened in this series The art has lovely texture and creativity that cannot be seen in any other graphic novel which makes the art and the world uniue to this story Besides the artwork I found this edition easier to follow than the previous one The story is about Maika also known as Halfwolf as she tries to find answers to what had happened to her There were a lot of twists and turns in this book A few uestions were answered and a few reveals took me by surprise Although I found the beginning of this series heavy and hard to follow I feel like the story is finally hitting its stride I look forward to the next instalment. Se to getting all the answers she ever wanted but at what price With war on the horizon a war no one wants to stop whose side will Maika choose Collects MONSTRESS #19 ,

I found this volume to be a bit easier to understand and follow than the past series Either they connected a few Introduction to African American Studies dots or the story and writing is better Even still there were times itidn t seem to make much sense and My Lover difficult to followThe world building is outstanding and the characters are individuals Maika and her father have some time together He s a piece of work Even though I m not completely sure what is happening in this story for some reason it s still very compelling and I want to keep reading the story It s interesting and the world is interesting I want to learn about it I m not sure I can really tell you the plot As I suspected from volume 1 on the author is playing the long gameIn this 4th volume Maika and Kippa are inifferent places Maika is trying to find Kippa with the help of Corvin while Kippa was taken by forces working for the mysterious Doctor who turns out to be none other than Maika s father not much of a spoiler Alcohol Addiction don t worryMoreover the Dusk and Dawn Courts have been united by marriage and all sides are gearing up for war not even realizing that whatestroyed Pontus in the previous volume a god will Mobilizing New York destroy them all if theyon t band together and really might Aspects of South African Literature do it even if theyo fight it as joint forcesThere is finally a reunion even a sort of reunion with Master Ren but only after we get to know about his reasons for betraying Kippa and MaikaMoreover this volume had even background information On the Shaman Empress as much as on Maika herself her parents the battle at Constantine and the nature of the Arcanics as well as the Gods And yes it s all rather riveting So we get answers to some uestions we are shown some of this world s glorious past but we re also often given only puzzle pieces to other uestions while some entirely new uestions arise Such as Zinn s relationship to his beloved and what that mysterious Marium has to o with anything Thus as usual there is a lot going on but the stakes are getting incredibly high now so we re nearing the high now so we re nearing the resolution and it promises to be grandiose Once again there was a lot of intrigue though we are revealing and of the plots slowly but surely Nevertheless to See Who S In Bed who s in bed whom and for what reasons was still a nasty shock sometimesLast but not least let me gush about Sana Takeda s art some I know I know I keep repeating myself volume for volume but her art is still so rich in etail often interspersed with hidden plot elements showing the most wonderful colour palette combinations It s simply stunningly gorgeous I can t get enough of it Good story although uite often confusing Complicated far reaching complex Consistently above average artwork Recommended this comic still Social Media in Academia deliversMy weird non review writtenown along the wayChapter 19 confusing beginning creepy ending very nice artworkChapter 20 still confusing Kippa s storyline is good so farChapter 21 huhChapter 22 underground good stuff Dragons Good chapter The plot is moving Maika and Corvin make their way through a warped and lethal land in search of Kippa who is faced with her own terrible monsters But when Maika comes face to face with ,
Monstress Vol 4 The ChosenN a meaningful wayRight Right You have been warnedChapter 23 eeeew Bloody And revealing and a little mehChapter 24 time of reunion And confusing story telling Interesting ending Nice cliffhanger The plot thickens we are rawing closer to a major story arc closureAnd isn t he adorkableThis comic received a ton of awards one of them being Best Publication for Teens Eisner Award 2018 THAT SURPRISED ME IT S STRONG STUFF FOR That surprised me it s strong stuff for volume collecting issues 19 24 Knocking off one star because I felt really confused a lot of the time Considering all the awards also for storytelling it s probably me One of these ays when the story is Orality in Igbo (African) Literature done I might have to spend a month or so re reading it all I felt aesire to pull out my first three volumes of this graphic novel and re read themNot only the artwork was there to be enjoyed but the nicely Modern English in Action (Level 12) deep storyline that keeps evolving in sometimes complicated but oftentimes traditional and satisfying ways reminiscent of some of the best mangas But no This is not a manga It s lush with lines very much unlike manga but very reminiscent of it in the tentacles and oddities and mind blowingepths of the imaginationThis is and remains to me an adaptation of the East to the West s purposes Wonderfully so The colors are freaking amazingAnd the story Ah we ve got enough Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms demand here that the comic can go all out into epic awesomeness as seen in this volume War The breaking out of all the old gods Great SF elements as well It s all here I m loving it all Not sure I have a clue of what happened in Monstress Vol 4 The Chosen I think I may need to reread the first 3 Beautifullyrawn like the other volumes in any case There is promise for a new volume with a new heroine but admittedly the storyline is still relatively hard to follow The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions despite the gorgeous graphics Two things happened when I finished reading Monstress Volume 31 I learned that I was simultaneouslyesperate to continue reading and scared that something awful would happen to Kippa My fear for Kippa won and I ve been putting off reading this Volume won and I ve been putting off reading this Volume months now as a result2 I bought Book One the signed Barnes Noble exclusive version and it S Gorgeous It Even Includes gorgeous It even includes which feature some of Sana Takeda s extraordinary artwork Just in case I wasn t already too invested in Kippa s wellbeing this Volume begins by upping her adorability uotient to infinity by showing me baby Kippa Because apparently my emotions are fair game Aww Incidentally toddler Maika is also a sweetheartMaika and Corvin are trying to find Kippa who is being taken to the The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal doctor That sounds ominous In their travels Maika winds up seeing view spoiler her father hide spoiler What in the hell is even happeningII have no idea what s going on in this story I want to but I juston t It s as though I m missing chunks and chunks of pertinent information I know who the characters are and I kind of know what they re Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture doing SometimesOk it s like I m readingrunk or so. Stranger from her The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal (China Program Book) deep past startling truths are uncovered and at the center of it all lurks aangerous conspiracy that threatens the Known World Maika is finally clo.