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S feels like a trusted voice that I will want to return back To Again And Again again and again review is also published on Medium Holmes has written a powerful collection of letters to her black son on how the world will see him and gives advice on how he should behave in this world However the book of letters is also written for the white evangelical church who tends to ignore the issues of race and justice Holmes book echoes other notable epistles like Baldwin s The Fire book echoes other notable epistles like Baldwin s The Fire Time and Coates Between the World and Me It also has elements that reminded me of Austin Channing Brown s I m Still Here Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness Unlike Coates but like Baldwin AND BROWN HOLMES BOOK COMES FROM Brown Holmes book comes from Christian perspective one which is needed now than everThis book is written primarily to her son She encourages and warns him of various things For example she writes to her son that God made him black on purpose and that it is a good thing She also warns him of the racial insensitivities that are sure to come his way as he gets older One example Holmes uses occurred in the past when various white people remarked on her son s cuteness by asking how much do you want for him The author and her husband unfortunately had to educate these people about how that uestion sounds to a black family who lives with the history of slavery everydayHolmes is very powerful when she criticizes the white church on its antipathy to talk about racial issues One powerful moment in the book was when she wrote about how white evangelicals tend to mention that slavery was a blind spot in American history She argues that blind spots do not lead to the dehumanization of a people who are made in God s image Slavery she argues is not a blind spot it s a sinIn another episode she mentions the buzz phrase that white evangelicals use when racial issues are discussed just preach the gospel In her experiences in mostly white evangelical spaces just preach the gospel means just shut up They wanted her to just talk about the salvation that Jesus brings to all and let the racial issues take care of themself But as Holmes effectively argues talking about Jesus salvation is good and important but racial issues are never solved by ignoring them they must be addressed and faced head onNear the end of the book Holmes gives advice to her son about the importance of speaking out about the issues he cares about She highlights the challenge that she faces when she speaks before groups and how she is viewed by people on the political left and political right Both groups try to pigeon hole and label her as being the opposite of their own views I ll be honest there were times in this book that I did the same thing from my own political perspective However her advice to her son is to not worry about this and encourages him to speak out with convictionLastly Holmes focuses on the importance of representation not just in the media but also in theology Holmes introduces three pastors only one of whom I was familiar with before reading this book Lemuel Haynes Charles Octavius Boothe and Francis Grimke After mentioning them she writes a powerful line that I believe was written not jus. Ir he still has incomparable value in the eyes of his heavenly Father I now this wondrous little person has the potential to change the world and I want him to now it too In Mother to Son Jasmine Holmes shares a series of powerful letters to her young son These are about her journey as an African American Christian and what she wants her son to T to her son and the white evangelical church but to black Christians like myself She says that the truth of God is not limited to only white voices It was a powerful uote to me and it has now challenged me to go out and read the works of these black theologians that I m not familiar withAs I read this book I imagined what my own black mother would have written to me My mother s experiences were unlike Holmes in that they grew up during different times I m in Holmes generation and experienced different albeit similar experiences But the essence of Holmes message would be the same as my mother The racist society that you live in will view you one way because you are a black male it s your job to challenge and show them how they male it s your job to challenge and show them how they wrong using your Christian faith as your anchorHolmes s book is a must read for black Christian sons black Christian mothers and the white evangelical church It will definitely bring about fruitful discussions amongst its readers Thanks to NetGalley InterVarsity Press and Jasmine L Holmes for the free ARC copy in exchange for a honest review This book packs SO much into just 150 pages Jasmine Holmes is unabashedly gospel focused and does the best job I have ever read of taking racial tension racial injustice and prejudice history family social media and pretty much any present day hot button topic and framing it with a Christ first approach She is relevant and poignant and her words should make pretty much anyone uncomfortable She does this with humility talking through her own issues and urging her son in this series of letters to learn from her mistakes and look first and foremost to JesusThis is a book that made me laugh cry scribble furious notes in the margins look up people I HADN T HEARD OF ADD hadn t heard of add I want to shout Amen Jasmine lays her vulnerable mom heart bare with these letters to her son and it is a triumph of the Gospel that all of us should read We need reminding that our identity is in Christ our unity is in Christ We are each of us blackwhite malefemale placed in this moment in history inside our individual stories in order to further the Gospel In addition to the rich theology there is much in the way of practical guidelines for interacting with our brothers sisters in person and online And for those concerned there is not one single shred of CRT in this book I want these letters to be a testimony of a mother s love for her son and have a sister s love for the body of Christ Because when I speak about these topics I want to hold my brothers and sisters in the Lord close to my heart as I do my own son my own flesh and blood They are my blood bought family in Christ redeemed by the God who took on flesh to save them As a transracial adoptive parent honoring my son s heritage is very very important to us Giving sufficient weight to that and going a step further and pointing him to Jesus even so Jasmine has done an incredible job doing just that Her book is filled with open letters to her son filled with practical advice wisdom and rich with Scripture and Gospel hope This is one that I will read again and again and recommend to other moms over and over Well done Jasmine Thank you. Now as he grows and approaches the world as a black man Holmes deals head on with issues ranging from discipleship and marriage to biblical justice She invites us to read over her shoulder as she reminds Wynn that his identity is firmly planted in the person and work of Jesus Christ even when the topic is one as emotionally charged as race in Ameri. Mother to Son

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Jasmine is a balanced thoughtful writer and I have enjoyed following her blog for several years Her thoughtful and wisdom filled approach I have enjoyed following her blog for several years Her thoughtful and wisdom filled approach her blog translates beautifully into her book Jasmine is honest but she is not cruel She does not beat around the bush about real raw issues but she does not do it for the sake of sensationalism She is an excellent example of speaking the truth in love Mother to Son is a gift not just to Wynn and Jasmine s other son Langston but to all who take the time to read it Jasmine does not set out to speak as an expert but as a fellow human and a young mom learning to navigate a big world through the lens of Scripture Jasmine Holmes is an incredible writer and a joy to now We can all benefit from her book This is a truly beautiful book I m neither black nor American nor a mother I m white British and a dad But I learned so much from jasmine
holmes as she 
as she these letters to her toddler aged older son preparing him for life in a complicated and fraught world especially for black men in the States She has such wisdom and nuance all of which seem hard won from years of handling prejudice and ignorance And to cap it all she writes with fluency and grace such that reading her is a genuine pleasure Highly recommended The formatting of letters to her son invoking a natural empathy for the reader Holmes elevates the format further with her candor tenderness balanced appeal to justice mercy and a gospel focused lens on the complexities of living as a Black image bearer of God In Mother to Son Jasmine Holmes further confirms the impression I got years ago reading her blog her literary voice is so very Leggiamo l'ora. Gioco e imparo. Ediz. a colori kind From her vulnerability about motherhood to her continually gracious approach to race and identity her warmth wit and patience shine through She delivers truth and takes strong stances without ever compromising on empathy Also I cried a lot She hits you right in the feelings Her love of storytelling and literature are so evident I find myself jotting down the titles she references a bunny trail of good books Her beautiful narrative style makes this a fluid lyrical read which is a rare find in nonfiction I cannot presume to understand Jasmine s experiences but appreciate that she lovingly educates from her perspective She doesn t have to share her words to Wynn with us in a political and cultural climate that is angering and hurtful but she does anyway and it s a gift Every believer should read this book It s true and fierce and beautiful An exposition of Gospel identity in a racialized society I really appreciate that Holmes did not minimize the complexity of the issue Throughout her book she seeks to acknowledge that yes race is a construct of the fall that is ultimately an improper place to find identity and yet at the same time race HAS been constructed in our society and the sin of racism needs to be acknowledged and reckoned with Holmes makes sure wenow feel the weight of interpersonal and systemic injustices while calling you to see through a Gospel lens but not using the Gospel as a bandaid of pat answers Being in desperate need for Gospel centric thought on race and identity Holme. Wynn is my son No little boy could be loved by his parents Inuisitive fiercely affectionate staunchly opinionated he sees the world through eyes of wonder and has yet to become jaded by society's cruelty I Le guide Ornitho know he'll grow up with stories of having been made to feel 'other' because of the color of his skin I want to teach him that though life's unfa.