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Mr Pinkerton s late wife married him she

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a bootblack scullery maid ardener fixer char and porter for her rooming house she maid ardener fixer char and porter for her rooming house whom she not have to pay at times life under her heavy and parsimonious thumb made almost him yearn for the demonic schoolchildren he had taught as a Welsh schoolmaster However her manic and obsessive thriftiness did have a bright side for when she died she died intestate being unable to spend three and six 3s6d for a will form from the local stationer leaving Mr Evan Pinkerton heir not only to her house in Golders Green but to 75000 pounds literally the last person on Earth she would have chosen as her beneficiary No longer forced to take in lodgers Mr Pinkerton is free to follow his two ambitions attending the cinema 2 3 times weekly and helping his friend Inspector J Bull Humphrey of Scotland Yard one time resident of his wife rooming houseIn Mr Pinkerton Goes to Scotland Yard sixth book in the series the elderly Mr Pinkerton brashly asserts to his detective companion that there are probably lots of deaths counted as suicides or natural causes by Scotland Yard but which are actu. Also published as Arsenic in RichmondRabbity Mr Pinkerton is uite sure many deaths are murders unsuspected by Scotland Yard To prove his.

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Mr Pinkerton Goes to Scotland YardSatisfactorily resolved it is the "Character Of Rabbity Mr Pinkerton "of rabbity Mr Pinkerton makes all the books In The Series A Delight the series a delight read Unobtrusive and uiet nervous and henpecked yes even after her demise fearless and inuisitive Mr Pinkerton is what binds everything together and injects tremendous amounts of pathos and humor into what would otherwise be a very staid police proceduralDavid Frome is of course the author Leslie Ford who in reality was author Zenith Jones Brown though Brown is known in America as Ford and is noted for her lighthearted wartime mysteries About Grace Latham And Grace Latham and Primrose than she is as Frome for her lighthearted and comic prewar mysteries about Mr Pinkerton and some stand alone novels as well I know they are all one person but that is knowledge that does not come from reading the books for they do really seem to be by two different hands Before I knew the truth I assumed Frome to be an English ent with an eye for British manners and society not an American lady born on an Indian reservation to a preacher Such is the skill of Brown s writing and her acumen is in full evidence in this charming whodunit. Uch as they hated her The trouble with discovering a murderer of course is that the murderer also discovers you as Mr Pinkerton finds out. Ally murders Before he uite realizes what is happening he To A Pound Bet With Bull That He to a 10 pound bet with Bull that he find just such a case After making sure the shade of his domineering wife has not suddenly materialized behind him to punish him for a foolish waste of money he hies himself off to Somerset House to peruse probated wills looking for a motive However it is not among probated wills or in lurid newspapers that he finds what he is looking for but at the riverside park "In Richmond Where He "Richmond where he two ossipmongers say they are sure old Mrs Ripley is being poisonedBusybody Pinkerton approaches the doctor in the case and tells him Mrs Ripley is being poisoned Once Dr Freebody is sure Mr Pinkerton is not demented or at least is mostly harmless and well meaning he rushes off to see Mrs Ripleyand she dies And thus begins a case that might not have arisen to the attention of Scotland Yard otherwise and which will claim lives before the final clue is sussed and the ultimate truth is revealedAlthough the story is well plotted the characters fully realized though they are dated the clues fairly placed before the reader and the mystery. Point to his friend Inspector Bull he investigates in his timidly courageous way the death of Mrs Ripley who hated her family almost as