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Irly good read a mystery written the author under the pen name of Glen Trevor and before he would go on and write his famous Lost Horizon and Goodbye Mr Chips To You Mr Chips Based in the academic world li This was not a well constructed mystery at all I usually don t try to solve mysteries while I read them But in this case the solution seemed glaringly obvious if anything confirmed by the fact that the murderer was one of the only people nobody seemed to suspect even though it was so glaringly obvious However seemed to suspect even though it was so glaringly obvious However book was readable and humorous In some ways I enjoyed it than I expected to given my memory of Goodbye Mr Chips 12 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this novel the famous author s only foray into detection written originally as Glen TrevorHilton had obviously read E C Bentley s Trent s Last Case and The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley as many of the elements of those famed tongue in cheek books are subtly guyed here It is also interesting that neither the gifted amateur nor the Scotland Yard professionals cover themselves in glory since one gets it all wrong and the other nearly provokes a further crimeThis is not intended to be taken as seriously as some readers seem to do It is a piece of fun and although the perpe. N the final pages of the novel Throughout the book an amateur sleuth and a Yard detective vie with each other to solve the riddle with the book an amateur sleuth and Scotland Yard detective vie with each other to solve the riddle with one of them successful in the en. O is a novelist is also known as an amateur sleuthIt is one This was a frustrating whodunit Having spent ears with the wisdom of Sherlock Holmes and the grey cells of Poirot the who dun it appeared so obvious to me right from the word go As the book went on Hilton appeared to be throwing one huge evidence after another to point to the actual culprit but our hero Seems To Go In to go in directions but the right one Maybe that was Hilton s purpose to show how dumb amateur detectives could beThe setting was good obviously Hilton has a partiality for Old World British Schools But The Characters world British schools But the characters not well fleshed out which meant that unlike his books of drama like Random harvest and Goodbye Mr Chips no character seemed to come to life They remained caricatures within the book and forgotten once the book was finished It is a long time ago since I read this book but I recall it was one of very few books I could not put down once I started to read it From the beginning I could identify with the protagonist and the mystery at the school grabbed my imagination I felt as if the writer had written the story personally for me and that has happened with no other book ever I liked it Wish he d written mysteries Well written interesting premise A fa. Chool meet with two separate accidental deaths and curious ones at that within the same schoolyear In the manner typical of the Golden Age whodunnit the solution is only presented

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There is a reason that many of Hilton s books been made into movies He writes a darn good story Although this doesn t rank with Random Harvest and Horizon it is a good read that is delightfully British An intriguing mystery by an author definitely NOT known for mysteries The title is definitely indicative of the kind of story it is was it murder Suicide Accident An accident made to look like suicide or a suicide made to look like murder or a murder made to look like accident or a suicide You run amuck in piles of suspects and wade through theories up to our armpits The strong point is Mr Hilton s characters as in his other work I had half figured out the solution just by following the if they didn t talk about it as a possibility it s probably what happened rule of TV Entertaining but I didn t like the ending very much 4 stars for characters and plot 2 for the ending and 1 for the bad poetry sprinkled throughout James Hilton is now mostly forgotten author Was it Murder is his only detective story and a part of me isn t surprised Although he wrote Novels Centered Colin Revell Is centered Colin Revell is old boy of Oakington School and when an unexplained death takes place there the headmaster Dr Rosaveare calls him in to investigate as Revell wh. A
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novel by Hilton Murder at School deals with the phenomenon of coincidence by posing the uestion of how likely it is that two brothers attending the same boarding .

Murder at School