Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (Free E–pub) À Stuart M. Kaminsky

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Murder on the Yellow Brick RoadThere s a dead munchkin on the MGM lot Not just on the lot On the set of the Wizard And in costume This is not the kind of ublicity a wholesome studio wants So enter Toby Peters slightly hard boiled and very hard luck Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautifully Decorated Houses, Inspirational Room Designs, and Relaxing Modern Architecture private investigator Again Kaminsky hits the sweet spot with a compellingly readable book that sowered by a likeable Gläsern protagonist and Kaminsky s knowledge of film history It s not great literature But theages turn and you look for the Easter eggs to keep opping up And that is not a bad thingAnd dead munchkins and you look for the Easter eggs to keep opping up And that is "Not A Bad ThingAnd Dead "a bad thingAnd dead Fromentin periodiece Murder On The Yellow Brick Road was written in 1978 and set in Hollywood of the 1940s and the recently released film The Wizard of Oz A Munchkin is murdered and PI Toby Peters is asked to find out who did it and why while keeping the whole business out of the news Kaminsky weaves real life characters Judy Garland Raymond Chandler Clark Gable and Louis B Mayer into an interesting and entertaining mystery and Punishing My Slutty Little Sister provides a nostalgic look at the glamour of Hollywoodast I ll look for in this older series nice little mystery by Kamisky set on the MGM sound stage during filming of Wizard of Oz Solid second entry in Stuart M Kaminsky s series of 1940s Hollywood #based mysteries featuring rivate investigator Toby Peters Picking up immediately following the end of BULLET FOR A STAR #mysteries featuring rivate investigator Toby Peters Picking up immediately following the end of BULLET FOR A STAR outing finds Peters attempting to unravel a mystery involving the murder of a former Munchkin whose body had been found on one of the old sets from THE WIZARD OF OZ An engaging tale well told I ll definitely be back for A call from Judy Garland leads Toby Peters to the MGM lot and the sets for The Wizard of Oz seldom used since a year has assed since the icture was released But there I really liked this story better than the first and I like Kaminsky s writing style I am going to check out some of his other series and continue on with the next Toby Peters book The Toby Peters novels are solid three star mysteries but I like. Someone had murdered a Munchkin The little man was lying on his back in the middle of the yellow brick road with his startled eyes looking into the overhead lights of an MGM sound stage He might have looked kind of cute in a tinsel town way if it hadn't been for the knife sticking out of his chest The year is 1940 and Los Angeles based rivate eye Toby. To give them an extra star because the gimmick of having golden age celebrities in this case Judy Garland and Raymond Chandler running around and interacting with the lot is just so fun A good bit of fun Bit light on lot but some great dialogue in the vein of Chandlers Phillip Marlowe Raymond Chandler in fact makes a cameo appearancealong with Judy Garland and Clark Gable The The Taste of Her Blood (A Lesbian Vampire Tale) plot centers around the murder of a munchkin from the movie The Wizard of Oz and is investigated by our PI Toby Peters Peters is your archetypal gumshoe world weary wisecracking and worn around the edges Kaminskyaints a nostalgic icture of 40 s LA dropping in some current affairs from the eriod and if you dig the whole noir genre I think you if #you dig the whole noir genre I think you enjoy this # dig the whole noir genre I think you enjoy this warned this may change your opinions of munchkins foreverAs a side note Kaminsky comes up with a great uote which I think is relevant todayFunny thing civilization It romises so much and what it delivers is mass roduction of shoddy merchandise and shoddy Learn English: A Beginner's Guide for ESL Learners people How true How very true Not nearly as good as Book 1 of the series Once we follow hard boiled PI Toby Peters and his exploits in Hollywood This time he is called by Judy Garland due to her discovering the body of a midget on the now unused set of The Wizard of Oz The story takeslace one year after the movie was filmed and Garland gets a call to come to the old set where she discovers a dead midget fully dressed in a Wizard of Oz costume Toby gets called in and sets out to try and find the culprit Another midget is charged with the crime but Peters gets to talk with the suspect who gives him some information that indicates he is not the murderer Along the way we meet film director Victor Fleming along with Clark Gable and even take a trip to Hearst Castle where William Randolph Hearst is seen eating a hamburger Lots of Hollywood stuff lots on midgets and lots on jealousy I figured out the Who Is Gloria Steinem? plot a little to easily and the book was not nearly as well crafted. Peters has been called before the real life Wizard of Oz himself‹Louis B Mayer legendary studio head of Metro Goldwyn Mayer His job to track down a murderer stalking the back lots of one of Hollywood's mostowerful movie companiesPeters sets to work lumbing the depths of a world of dreamers child stars and half sized hilosophers helped by none other. As 1 in the series but it is nonetheless a wonderfully fun book to read I am an unrepentant sucker for detective stories set in old Hollywood Chandler was undoubtedly my gateway drug before I moved on to James Ellroy Ross MacDonald Megan Abbott Megan I do really enjoy your new teen focused novels but if you want to write another noir feminist Hollywood mystery for old time s sake I ll be first in line Of course #WHEN I DISCOVERED THE EXISTENCE OF STUART KAMINSKY S #I discovered the existence of Stuart Kaminsky s Peters novels I was absolutely going to add him to the list This is Hollywood detective fiction with actual movie stars and geeky film references rolled in My kind of thing thenBut as much as I liked the first volume in this series Bullet For A Star I did have a ause before I Corazones solitarios picked up the follow up The first volume had a tense scene of revelation actually takelace on the set of Sam Spade s office in The Maltese Falcon on the Warner Bros lot while it ended with a Napříč nekonečnem phone call from Judy Garland asking Toby Peters to meet her at the yellow brick road I was worried that as much as I d liked it it was going to turn into a smart alecky set of books interested in in jokes and star spotting than giving the readerroper set of books interested in in jokes and star spotting than giving the reader roper fictionI needn t have frettedYes we have Garland Clark Gable and Raymond Chandler in the cast of character but actually we get a book here with a surprising amount of heft It feels roperly hard boiled with tough guys tough dames and a twisting mystery that has an undercurrent of real menace Hollywood itself is indeed a character but it s a character like New York is for Mike Hammer It doesn t over whelm all else Okay it s easy to guess who did it and that s undeniably a flaw though maybe one that s improved upon in subseuent volumes but this is still a damn fine thriller that feels like detective story first and Hollywood astiche distant second If you get chance lease visit my blog at frjamesoncomLIke my Facebook ageOr follow me on Twitter or Instagram frjameso. Than Clark Gable Raymond Chandler and Judy Garland It's a treacherous trail of clues that Peters must follow; one as winding as the Yellow Brick Road and deadlier than a field of oppies But does Toby Peters Variance (Raise Your Weapon, possess enough brains heart and courage to solve this bizarre case before he becomes the latest victim of Hollywood's new Wicked Witch of the West.