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The Color of Our Sky eBook is about 2 completly different sisters who stand up forach other Their mum and dad got a new job at a school and Jodiewho is the ldest sister is having a rough time while Pearlwho is the younger sisteris having a fab time with all her friendsOne day a terrible thing happens to Jodie i read this book when i was on holiday when i was about 12 and i loved it it is probably the most memorable

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i have i was a massive Jacueline Wilson fan when i was younger and so by the time i started to read this i had already read what seemed like hundreds of her other books what surprised me with this book and what made it stand out from the rest is that it wasn t as predictable as most of Jacueline s other books The way she writes is lighthearted with plenty of description but not in any way confusing as you continue to read through the book there are and surprises lovely characters and you feel as though you are there with them at the boarding schooli think i d still njoy this book if i was a grandmother it s suitable for any age and for me it is one of them books You Never Forget My never forget My Jodie was one of the first jacueline Wilson books i read I found it in the library at school I thought it would be boring but it was really good Even sad I cried at the nd of the boo. T fit in was really good Even sad I cried at the nd of the boo. T fit in the posh teenagers in her class Pearl is blossoming Maybe she doesn't need Jodie as much as she used to But Jodie needs her And when the school celebration of Firework Night comes around and a tragic vent occurs Pearl realises uite how much she does need her big sister.

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I was instantly attracted to the book My Sister Jodie because i was a great fan of Jacueline Wilson at the time and constantly watched the libraries wil section for new books I absolutely loved this book though the nding libraries wil section for new books I absolutely loved this book though the nding me tear up a tiny bit just a little bit though My sister jodie is told through the yes of her adoring younger sister pearl Jodie is sparky and vibrant and not a bit shy however shy little Pearl is the All Roads Lead Home exact opposite She always listens to her parents and teachers and works hard at her schoolwork But different as they are the two sisters are dedicated to the other So when their parents are offered a job at a fancy boarding school and pearl begs to go jodie reluctantly agrees for the sake of her sister At the school pearl fits in very well making friendsvery where she turns and pleasing the teachers with her high level of work However Jodie is the opposite Her dyed hair and carefree devil may care attitude are sneered at and Jodie feels left out and depressed in an unfortunate turn of vents Jodie falls out of the school tower dying and tearing pearls heart out to take with her But Pearl finds consolation in her new baby sister who could never take the place of Jodie but has her smile and yes My favourite uote is You never knew her May her smile the. Pearl and Jodie are sisters Pearl is the younger one small shy and anxious Jodie is nearly three years older bold and brash and bad and Pearl adores her When their parents get new jobs at Melchester College a Victorian Gothic mansion the girls spend a bizarre summer holiday in the bo. .
Way her yes would crackle with mischeif and happiness but I will never forget our sister Jodie I liked this uote very much because it is very touching and bittersweet the way that Pearl swallowed her pain to take care of little May yet still promises never to forget her sister Jodie My sister Jodie ticks off A book with a main female character on my bingo board I did find this category interesting but don t really have a reason for itSomething this book taught me was about the ups and downs of sibling s relationship Having no siblings
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my own never really understood or knew what having a sibling would be like Though I probably don t wholly understand the normity and joy of having a brother or sister I now understand it much betterThis book dealt with change and loss and really described in detail the pain of losing a loved detail the pain of losing a loved and how to let time heal its painTen out of ten I loved it when I was a kid When I read this book I thought that it was going to have a normal The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis ending like any other book like a happyver after nding but believe me this will be a shocker to you It was one of my favourite books I think that this was one of Jacueline Wilson s greatest book I don t read any of her books now but I read a couple when I was a kid This book was an xcellent book This. Arding school with just a few leftover children for company Things start to change now they are in their new home Jodie has always been the leader but now it's Pearl who's making new friends When term begins their strange summer is over But things keep on changing Jodie really doesn'. My Sister Jodie