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Oh jeez I think I found a new series to obsess over Great Rachel Vincent thoust hast redeemed thouself Thyself Thineself Screw it Look You Re Off My you re off my list okay ladyI liked this book I really liked it I m not sure if that s because I hated Stray so much which I ATTEMPTED to read directly before this one don t do it trust me or if it s because this book is really that good Based on the glowing notes I took I m leaning towards the latter I recommend this book to readers who1 Are sick of "hating main characters 2 Are sick of main characters that are TSTL3 "main characters 2 Are sick of main characters that are TSTL3 sick of reading about vampires4 Are sick of reading about shifters5 Are sick of reading about angels6 Are sick of repetitive plot lines7 Are sick of transparent plot lines8 Are sick of reading about love triangles9 Are sick of guessing the outcome of books halfway through themThis book is completely refreshing for a number of reasons the biggest being that not once while reading it did I want to ill the main character She s likeable relatable AND intelligent She doesn t make stupid decisions she doesn t Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities keep harmful secrets to herself shenows when to ask for help she Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology knows when to do what she s told and yet shenows when to uestion the adults around her in a completely rational non angsty manner HALLE FUCKING LUJAH She s like the YA Lit version of a unicorn Not only is the main character refreshing but the plot line is too It s mythological than paranormal the world building is well paced and the background lore is informative without being overwhelming And while I saw one of the twists coming the other two caught me completely off guard Was it perfect No There are some popular YA themes in here that always seem to annoy me Kaylee what is it with Vincent and strangely spelt first annoy me Kaylee what is it with Vincent and strangely spelt first doesn t think she s pretty but everyone else seems to Not only that but her looks are only vaguely defined thank you Twilight for this annoying fadyou asshole I suppose this is so that readers can easily insert themselves into her role but for me this backfires because I notice it too much Her real parents are deadMIA in the beginning she is content to live in the shadow of her much attractivepopular best friend and she starts off Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning knowing that something is different about her but not why Then BAM Hot guy And everything begins to change Also younow that scene in every cheesy romantic movie ever You Charlestown Blues know that one where the main characters run towards each other in slow motion arms outspread and their faces glowing with the love they share for each other while some atrocious 80s love ballad plays in the background and the rest of the world falls away Almost every published YAYA PRYA UF author must have seen one of those as a child and decided it was life changing because as an adult I can t seem to escape them That s in here too Repeatedly Ultimately these thingsept the book from getting five stars from me but they seem insignifican. Something is wrong with Kaylee CavanaughShe can sense when someone near her is about to die And when that happens a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder Literal. ,

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My Soul to TakeXcited to read the next book but also a TAD SCARED BECAUSE OF SOME COMMENTS MY FRIENDS POSTED scared because of some comments my friends posted have all of them on my Kindle so I don t think I ll be able to waitSo heartbreak here I come frowns If you get annoyed at shallow characters obvious plot lines and a rather unexciting love story then I d suggest you skip this book I absolute LOATHED this book So many of my friends rated this book uite highly which compelled me into wanting to like this too Yeah well that didn t work out I stuck out until the end in hope I would find SOME redeeming ualities There were noneThe Characters The characters are one dimensional They have names alright but that s about it They have absolutely no personality and they don t develop one throughout the story either As an added bonus they are beyond stupid which makes you wonder if they are physically incapable of understanding the world around them There isn t one character that acts and feels l My little forevord after finishing the seriesOverall ratings of the series1 My Soul to Take 355 stars2 My Soul to Save 35 stars3 My Soul to Keep 255 stars4 My Soul to Steal 1755 stars grrrr5 If I Die 455 stars my heart my love6 Before I Wake 45 stars7 With All My Soul 45 starsI had my ups and downs with the series as you may have noticed but came to really really love the series and the characters the romance friendships the world by the end All the potential it had in the first two books was met for me and me sticking with the series thourgh the not the best Soul Screamers times paid off in in the end a thousand times Also very "strong TVD the show vibes here just sayin My Soul to Take was a great start to " TVD the show vibes here just sayin My Soul to Take was a great start to Soul Screamers series Kaylee who discovers through the novel that she s actually a Bean Sidhe was an interesting heroine There was some special snowflake syndrome on her part but she still managed to be interesting and likeable main lead that did not irritate me in the least I hope that I ll like her and the side characters and as the series progress The problem with getting everything you want in life is that you re not prepared for disappointment when it comes To sum it up Bean Sidhe Banshees But a lot less creepy ones Great world building You won t find any vampires or werewolves here Finally Interesting fun side character who works as a Reaper at the hospital Mysterious murders of teenage girls and the main heroine entangled at the center of it all Some very creepy demons from Netherworld uite cute romance here and there Nash is fine though not nearly as developed as I would like The heroine discovering who she is The same old stuff and two sexy brothers in a bit of StefanDamon Vampire Diaries styleFast entertaining YA ParanormalUrban Fantasy series Just what I was looking for at the moment I m going to read the next instalment right away 35 stars DNF20%This book is far too boring for it s own good Annoying protagonist and crappy insta lov. Power than she doesAnd when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason and only Kaylee nows who'll be next she realises that finding a boyfriend is the least of her worrie. T compared to how much I enjoyed the rest of this book I look forward to reading the next one and pray that Vincent doesn t ruin this series like other authors who will remain unmentioned cough cough Mead cough cough have ruined theirs Mini review to avoid even the slightest bit of spoilageI couldn t put this book down it was just the fix I needed to feed my YA addiction I love how uniue Kaylee s story is it really pops in comparison to the s story is it really pops in comparison to the of para ya out there Most importantly the world building was freaking brilliant the characters were engaging and believable and the romantic aspects were age appropriate And then there was Todd sighs me likey Todd A wonderful 5 star read recommended from Michelle who so willingly read Warner in exchange for me trying one of her rec s Do you love Meg Cabot s Shadowland seriesCan t get enough of Noah Shaw in The Unbecoming of Mara DyerLove YA contemporary or light hearted YA urban fantasyLove two hot brothers along the lines of Stefan and Damon only along the lines of Noah Shaw much better than Stefan and Damon Salvatore "albeit white hair insteadRead this bookSeriously If you liked what I wrote above there is no excuse "white hair insteadRead this bookSeriously If you liked what I wrote above there is no excuse plan on reading the rest of this series and trying the author s others because this book was just what I was looking for Michelle I owe you for rec ing this book Side note Yes everything is for the most part predictable view spoilerGuessed the truth about MC s past and the boys being brothers hide spoiler My Soul to Take is to my surprise the first YA urban fantasy I ve come across Sort of a teen version of Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series and Richelle M I HAVE A NEW BOOK BOYFRIENDTod Hudson Be still my heartAs for My Soul to Take I had trouble focusing on the plot because I spent most of the time either fawning over Tod or waiting for him to show up againFrom what I remember the book is fairly short and feels like an introduction nothing The climax of the plot felt like a little bump in the road I guess that just means I have to eep going with the series Okay normally I really don t like books where a guy and a girl eye hump each other for 5 minutes and then decide they re the ones that Kiss song was written for This book is no different At first I was a bit suspicious because well it s not like Nash noticed Kaylee before so I didn t really Building the South Side know where the sudden interest comes from But my suspicion faded pretty uickly ahem But of course Kaylee is beautiful but doesn tnow it And I can see where this thing with Tod is going I m so effing smart I scare myself and For Those Who Don T Know Me Again YES That those who don t Bright College Years know me again YES that loaded with heavy sarcasm But My god I enjoyed this book so much I had tons of fun what a great way to start off 2011 Kaylee is a great girl I like spending time with her And I like it even when she spends time with Nash who is basically sex with on a stick wink wink nudge nudge UNFI m so LyKaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest boy in school But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems tonow about the dark forces behind Kaylee's. ,
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