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I m glad I chose this translation by Robin Waterfield and publisher Oxford World s Classic the introduction is of great help and the text flows easily and is very nderstandable doesn t feel stiff and suchThis book s subject is a series of speeches praising Love both of sexual and of mind kind the former producing sometimes children the latter creative works and learning the latter is immortal and superior in author s opinion The book ends with The Dark Villages of Childhood useful notes and a name index that shines light on the party guests and names poppingp in conversations Plato wrote the book between 385 378 BC most likely around 380 BCPlato sets this imagined high society dinner part in Athens 416 BC which is told about to others just after the death of one of the guests Alcibades in 404 BC Other guests include the comic poet Aristophanes who of course gets the funny hiccups that is cured with sneezing and Plato s teacher Socrates who gets to be the giver of Plato s opinion on the subject Socrates himself gets it from not certain if existed person that is Diotima a wise womanI liked this ote On the other hand ignorant people don t love knowledge or desire wisdom either because the trouble with ignorance is precisely that if a person lacks virtue and knowledge he s perfectly satisfied with the way he is If a person isn t aware of a lack he can t desire the thing which he isn t aware of lackingSeven speeches are heard Socrates turn comes at the end but when Alcibades bursts into the part he gives one speech praising Socrates and clearly showing that to him the mind part of Love is of a stranger he doesn t really get why Socrates rejects his advances Alcibades comes to a bad end in exile murdered by the Persians Socrates as we know from history gets a #death sentence having to drink poison But all ends well in this story people leave the #sentence having to drink poison But all ends well in this story people leave the some sleep to the next morning and Socrates goes back to the Lyceum gymnasium and public baths in the morning as sual he has a good alcohol tolerance We get a great dinner party conversation about love that hold surprisingly noble interesting thoughts to carry with s to life The Symposium Holds The Symposium holds the to ancient psychology One has but to compare post Freudian psychology s nderstanding of the drives with Plato s discourse on human longing here in order to measure the distance between the ancient and modern orientations to reality It is strange for s to conceive this in the post Darwinian post Freudian era but Plato genuinely held that the longing to know is the fundamental human drive with sexuality the modern candidate foundational drive being derived therefrom What a different psychology this basic belief reveals And with this alternate psychology Plato reveals an orientation to the world that opens p horizons entirely other to those we are accustomed toPlato has shown a concern for the way that our pre rational orientation to the real feeds into and constrains our capacity to reason already in other dialogues such as The Republic One gets the feeling that the arch rationalist becomes progressively haunted in each dialogue by the realization that what we love determines in advance the direction our rationality can take in its ap. The Symposium is a complex piece which is perhaps as widely read as any of Plato's works apart from the Rep. Proach to the real Nietzsche commented admiringly on Plato s psychological acumen evinced by his discovery that our strongest longing is the true but hidden master of our reason Already with the Symposium we see that the structure of reasoning crystallizes itself around this primordial pre rational engagement with the real Early on in the dialogue Socrates makes the rather cheeky claim that it is only the genuine philosopher who can nderstand the real meaning of desire Socrates further proposes to the incredulity of others present that philosopher who can nderstand the real meaning of desire Socrates further proposes to the incredulity of others present that philosophy is somehow connected with the pursuit of the fulfillment of this deepest desire And what better setting could Plato choose to prove the power of Socrates s insight into the human drives than a drinking party Here Socrates proves his superior capacity to harmonize and rein in his whole human capacity for feeling not merely by displaying his superior discursive prowess but also by drinking every last one of his companions nder the table by banuet s end The banuet setting thus seems like a mock ordeal which allows Socrates to reveal his deeper mastery over his animal nature It is the depth of his transformation of his pre rational nature that makes him the better PhilosopherWhat Socrates Shows Us Socrates shows s that our longing is the hunger for completion awakened by our growing awareness of finitude It is a drive to transcend the boundaries of our finitude through an effort to establish a relationship to a reality that is registered as being complete than that possessed by the finite self Socrates famous speech on the real nature of love in this dialogue attests to the fact that our desire for sexual love is an offshoot of this primordial drive which is part and parcel of the structure of consciousness itself to find our fullest orientation to reality in an act of knowing that relates all that we are to a world which is for the first time experienced as a nity In the growth of our consciousness we #first learn to relate body to human body immersing ourselves in the physical continuum of interchanges in a game of self #learn to relate body to human body immersing ourselves in the physical continuum of interchanges in a game of self clinging to outward shadows At this level of self development according to Plato s account of the levels of nderstanding in the Republic our relation is merely to the shifting outward images of being Because we cannot conceive the Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español unity of things at this level we fall short of that supreme mark of reality which is the knowledge of thenity of things Our love at this level thus remains a game of hide and seek played with ourselves as much as with one another But as the power of our minds grows we cannot fail to realize deeper dimensions of our longing to relate We now come to long for a relationship to the real established on the basis of our most characteristic capacity We long to relate to the world on the level of mind and we find that this relation to the world not only takes The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins us deeper into the heart of the real Our deepest desire is realized in the perception of the world on the level of form This level of perception also takess deeper into ourselves as well as revealing the true basis for relating to one another Our real community is a communion of mindsSocrates proposition to s is that we. Ublic However the existing standard commentaries in English do not offer much by way of help to any reader. .

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ΣυμπόσιονAre selves and lovers to The Extent That We Realize extent that we realize true nature as knowers And we attain realization as selves to the extent that we progress from being driven by our shadow loving sexual love to that comprehensive love in s that is wisdom itself The rest of Plato s philosophy is arguably built on this psychology of self realization Plato s identification through Socrates of Love the Good the Beautiful and the True is really the best definition of the most consummate philosophic vision In our highest reasonings Plato s Socrates claims these four things become one Their For the Love of Texas (The West Texans union in the actuality of an experience is what we call wisdom the end goal of the whole search that structures our lives from the first awakening of consciousness in infancy Modern philosophy would be different if we operatednder the same definition of reason The greatest proof of its power to me is that even Nietzsche #WHO WAS ITS MOST SERIOUS CRITIC NONETHELESS PINED FOR #was its most serious critic nonetheless pined for loss of it It seems that Plato s description of the goal of human development was accurate after all even if it remains only an inescapable regulative ideal for philosophic inuiry without ever becoming a stable humanly realizable realityThis dialogue is worth reading if only for Alcibiades drunkenly revealing speech expressing Socrates effect on those poor souls like himself whom he manages to convert to his way of life Surely there has been no greater portrait of the psychology of a great philosopher anywhere nor of the effect that such a figure inevitably will have on natures less in tune with the original drive to know that structures human nature But Alcibiades nonetheless proves himself to be Socrates truest disciple even as he expresses his frustration at his inability read Pirate Barbarian unwillingness to follow him to the end Alcibiades poignantly shows what s in store for all ofs as soon as we start to take this gig seriously the way that Socrates represents will cleave A Fearless Heart : Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing us into two warring parts so that we become strangers to our old desires and attachments and strangers in the world awaiting a new birth In this book Socrates argues that it is not always a good idea to have sex with boys and Aristophanes explains we were once co joined creatures of three sexes either malefemale malemale or femalefemale and were shaped like balls How could anyone not find this a book worth reading OPRAH Good evening and welcome to What s the Most Spiritual Book of All Time For people who missed last week s exciting semi final round The Sermon on the Mount beat The Bhagavad Gita 4 1 while Jonathan Livingston Seagullnexpectedly lost 3 2 to outsider The Symposium Let s all welcome our finalists Applause Enter JESUS CHRIST and SOCRATES both wearing tuxedos They shake hands More applauseOPRAH And now let me introduce our jury I m thrilled to have with s living lege Symposium PlatoThe Symposium Ancient Greek is a philosophical text by Plato dated c 385 370 BC It depicts a friendly contest of extemporaneous speeches given by a group of notable men attending a banuet The men include the philosopher Socrates the general and political figure Alcibiades and the comic playwright Aristophanes 1984 1385 160 9642575000 1381 1386 1389 469 399 385. Except the classicist who knows Greek; and they also tend to be light on the dialogue as a work of philosop. .