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Were some phrases that really didn t make sense and Spanish is my first language I don t know just if there were real words and phrases hispanic community really ses other than that the story was very touching and interesting Overall I liked this book I liked that the book was a ick interesting read with short chapters easily accessible language the author even includes a glossary of Spanish terms and a compelling storyline Even while the book included some harrowing scenes it was optimistic overall I really thought that the ending was a beautifully wrapped p full circle concerning one of the book s themes inceanera and that the author did an excellent job bringing her story to such an endThe author also does an excellent job of navigating a difficult topic MexicoUS Immigration *With A True Mind To Shed Light *a true mind to shed light the horrifying conditions for the working poor In my opinion she did this without fishing for pity or overly politicizing her message She gives voice to a largely ignored classgroup within our society and observes parts of US rban culture with a new set of eyes letting the reader peek in to the ways that these oppressed and mainly poor people operate among one another read about the optimism and the sense of community they build and see the way they help one another It honestly had the potential to be really beautiful But at some points I have to say that I drew back from the story and found myself analyzingKeisha Jorge Flora these are the characters that Nora meets when she gets to the US I really enjoyed these characters and felt them nicely fleshed out I wish I could say the same about Nora the main character and Mama her mother however Those two characters whom we meet early in the book and follow from poverty stricken Mexico to poverty stricken Houston should as the main characters be even intricate than the minor characters mentioned above and yet at points in the story I felt disconnected from both of themOne of the reasons I may have felt a disconnect from Nora was the notion that I couldn t ite get a feel for her age in terms of her lack ofwealth of experiencewhen I felt like I should be getting to know about her her as in the type of person she was her identity she sometimes came off younger and naive than I would expect at some points and older than her fifteen years at others This is okay at times since teenagers often walk that line between innocence and experience but other times I found myself frustrated with her lack of identity I wondered who would Nora speak for as a character and what kind of reader Nora would speak to For me it is not a estion of whether she has anything substantial to say she does just who would find her most relatable and engaging in terms of age group experience etc Mama on the other hand was largely a blank character often absent If Nora could have made it to Houston without her somehow I think the author almost would have preferred it because Mama had almost no voice no character noanything Blank weak voiceless helpless I found myself perplexed by this choiceThankfully characters like Flora Keisha the extended restaurant family and Mr Mann anchor the book in realism Moreover Restrepo s commitment to the neighborhoods of Houston which I got to explore on her websiteCheck This Out It s Totally Worth It also give this book its sense of realism Finally let me mention that I received this book from a Goodreads Author after winning a Goodreads Giveaway and I could not have been excited about it First off I want to applaud the author for writing a book about such a delicate subject in the US right now Now matter what your beliefs on the subject you have to admit it is a hot button topic Since I live in an area that has a high amount of immigrants from Mexico how many are illegal I have no idea I really wanted to
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this book First it s hard not to root for Nora I think it s the natural human instinct kicking in It hard to read about another human s suffering Nora s life in Mexico was pretty dire by my thoughts She doesn t go to school has clothes that don t fit and worries about her dad sending enough money to pay the next round of taxes on the farm It s a lot for any 14 year old to worry aboutIt s not all picnic s and roses in the US either First Nora has to get there I m pretty sure I wouldn t have the courage to illegally cross the border but Nora does it with her head held high I think it was the desperation in trying to find her father I don t think she was expecting to live somewhere that was worse than her home in Mexico or deal with gangs all with trying to find out what really happened to her father And what really happened to him was just plain awful In the end I really enjoyed the story Although I do wonder how common this version might be I think some tend to think crossing the border and establishing here in the US is easy This book is anything but I m guessing the truth lies somewhere in the middle I m not saying that anything in this book makes my views on illegal immigration any different I think it just might be a different scenario than most people would think of. Ace Now Nora must find the strength to survive while aching for small comforts friends a new school and her precious Cirsova (Issue uinceañeraBettina Restrepo's gripping deeply hopeful debut novel captures the challenges of one girl'sniue yet niversal immigrant experienc.

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We might not matter to America but we are important to eachotheruotes like this one made me loved this book it is so realand I know in the immigrants situation everyone has their different opinionbut we need to realize that everyone also has a story and it s important to listen before we judgeAnd I listened I listened carefully to this girl s story even though she s fictional Cause we never knowher story might be someone else s story tooSo I started reading this book about 2 weeks ago I would have finished it sooner if it weren t for the fact that the last 2 weeks were the busiest ofthe semester for me but I kept thinking about the book and how much I wanted it to have a happy endingSo I finally had time to finish it yesterday and I m so glad it did have a happy ending I meanBut I don t want to spoil it for you so I ll settle for describing the story s plotThis book is about a fifteen year old mexican girl named Nora And although she and I are both mexicanthe similarities ended there She nfortunately has lived a very tough life her family and her live in a very small townwith people just as poor as her family they don t even have money to buy food much less to buy stuff as I don t knowshoes that fit So yeah tough times I personally have been lucky enough to always had a good economy and I hadn t witnessed something like the bookis describing but I know somewhere out there there are small towns like Nora s struggling to surviveBut for situations bigger than him Nora s father goes to find a job in the US Nora her mom and her grandma are left behind but his father sends them moneyOne day the money and letters stop coming and they don t heard from him anyafter a lot of thinking her mom and Nora go to the US to try to find him and I ll just saythat America is not all that s cracked The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, up to be and they find it the hard wayI recommend this book to everyone that s willing to listen to the other side of the storyand to everyone that likes survivor girls with a lot of courage and a BIG heartBIG thanks to Bettina and Goodreads for my copy I was disappointed that there wasn t depth to this story The characters and plot was shallow and there didn t feel like any immediacy in wanting toncover the truth about where Nora s father went once he left Mexico for Texas maybe it s because he was non existent except for memories and thoughts rather than in person but then again I did notice it was supposed to be a coming of age for Nora herself Yet even she wasn t well rounded enough for me to care for It was an Esperanza Rising wannabe with her musings and thoughts about a better life yet how struggle must occur for this to happen It was a good attempt but charisma from the main characters and desperation would have made it enjoyable or sympathetic Nora s father left for work in America because he couldn t make enough for his family in Mexico But he made a promise he would be back for her fifteenth birthday But her fifteenth birthday is he made a promise he would be back for her fifteenth birthday But her fifteenth birthday is and the letters and money have stopped coming from her father Nora knows she just has to find him Nora convinces her mother they *need to go to America to find her father so they can all *to go to America to find her father so they can all together again And so they begin their long tough journey crossing the border illegally into America in hopes of finding her fatherImmigrants and illegal immigrants are such a heated subject I ve heard all the arguments why they shouldn t be here From they are taking our jobs they are taking money from the government because they are on welfare etc And criticism of people from Mexico and others from non English speaking countries not learning English Well let me just say it s not easy to learn another languageAnd I don t feel I can criticize people for coming to America illegally Just knowing the history of America is reason enough for me not to criticizeExcept for Natives We re all immigrants And while I have always had compassion for immigrants and illegal immigrants I feel even compassion after reading this book I know it is fiction but what if it really is someone s experience What if I just read is happening to someone right nowI m Cherokee Welsh and German This book made me think about what my ancestors had to possibly go through to get here how frightening it must have been A strange PLACE WITH DIFFERENT CULTURES AND PEOPLE with different cultures and people is the first book I have ever read that had to do with illegal immigration and I thought it was great Nora is such a strong and amazing character She s not without flaws and her emotions what she feels is so realSo much heartache in this story I found myself tearing p different times while reading But the story was not without hope There was struggling there was lots of pain and anger Beneath it all there was still hopeI just want to thank the author for writing this I think this book and any book that lets you see through the eyes of a legal or illegal immigrant is important to read This was a great book I give it 4 and a half stars I m so glad that Bettina Restrepo decided to write this book No matter how you feel about people crossing the border do read this story It invites the reader to see. A promiseuinceañeraA promise that we would be together on my fifteenth birthday Instead Nora is on a desperate journey far away from home When her father leaves their beloved Mexico in search of work Nora stays behind She fights to make sense of her loss whil. ,
Illegal Author Bettina RestrepoThat there are whole lives and stories behind all these *people who make the scary decision of starting a life in a place where they are not welcomeNora is a *who make the scary decision of starting a life in a place where they are not welcomeNora is a girl living in a small town in Mexico She misses her papi something fierce since he left to America to help provide for the family Lately though the money has not been coming in and he hasn t called in long time and Nora is worried With much resistance from her mother and grandmother she convinces them that they have to go search for him Nora and her mom make their way to the border and discover the harsh reality of what it is to be an immigrant but also the hope there is in new chances and dreamsNumber one thing I liked was that there is no love interest I am a romantic but a love story here would have felt wrong and nrealistic Nora is too busy trying to find her father and just trying to survive in a new place Along the way she does find good people but encounters a lot of brick walls because of the language barrier The author doesn t shy away from some of the grittier parts of this experience which makes for a satisfying read Nora is a realistic character who complains and despairs but at the same time does her best to persevere She really feels like school will be her opportunity to do better and for the longest time I did not appreciate my education It just seemed like a whole lot of pressure and of a burden than a blessing but it truly is a good thing It s so true you don t realize what you have The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins until you have to live without it The one downfall I felt was the short length but other than that I loved it The story is typical and sad but speaks the truth of the immigrant experience Most ofs in America come from immigrant backgrounds and since I have Hispanic roots this story had a strong resonance over me I wish I had to say obviously I give the book a hearty recommendation Illegal is the first novel I have ever read about illegal immigration and it was a poignant and heartbreaking debutFourteen year old Nora and her mother and grandmother are struggling to make ends meet after her father leaves for the United States to try and earn money for his family since their farm is not doing well Nora s family is barely staying afloat as they wait each day for some money a Reviewed by Christin for Between the CoversReally 35 starsAfter listening to Bettina read a chapter from this book and hearing the emotion that was so clear in it I knew that I had to read this novel Although parts of the story are not easy to read it is engaging and kept me turning page after page to learn how life Twisted (LOST, unfolded for NoraIllegal tells the story of Nora a young girl whose family is struggling to survive in Mexico while her father searches for work in Texas But as days and weeks drag into years and the money becomes increasingly scarce Nora knows that she has to find her father Urged on by whispers and visions of the Lady of Guadalupe Nora convinces her mother to travel to Houston convinced that everything will be better when their family is back together But after the dangerous journey across the border Nora and her mother must still survive in a foreign country and that means finding papers finding a job and struggling tonderstand English Fortunately the two are able to find some help and Nora even makes new friendsbut she must still try and find her father and reunite her familyAlthough Illegal is fictional the story that it tells could be one of any immigrant In fact Bettina was inspired by various people she saw and heard while working in a Fiesta a grocery store in Houston In this book Nora is not even fifteen but she is ickly forced to grow p and take responsibility for her and her mother Even though she finds them both Jobs She Still Struggles she still struggles Pirate Barbarian understand how things work in Texas Flora one of the girls that she meets begins Nora s new cultural education which is interesting in itself As part of this I especially liked the interchange of Spanish and English phrases and there is a glossary included in the back This story is definitely illuminating in showing the challenges that immigrants face when coming to America The situation is one that most ofs can never experience or imagine and this glimpse into something that happens daily was eye openingThe thing I wanted most that this book didn t have was of the story interactions between the characters details Being told from a first person perspective was a little limiting in this respect but it also made the story that much personal And in the words of Bettina I can t promise you a happy ending Is that possible for stories like this but I do promise a satisfying oneIllegal is a great YA debut novel from Bettina Even though Illegal is a stand alone novel she is working on a new project entitled Telenovela which sounds like it will be very entertaining I m looking forward to reading her next novel I wrote it so it s super cool But hey that s just me The story was very good I enjoyed it very much I just didn t like certain parts of how the book was written I think like the words in Spanish could have been better better phrases there. E living in poverty waiting for her father's return and a better day When the letters and money stop coming Nora decides that she and her mother must look for him in Texas After a frightening experience crossing the border the two are all alone in a strange pl.