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N ability to master things that she has had no experience with before so fast and so well that is uite difficult to believe So difficult in fact that once you notice it you can t help but notice all the things that happen around her that are conveniently toowell convenientThere is Coin minding her own business getting ready to perform a new con as the Nameless that she is and bam she receives the crown tattoo that signals her as Seriden s next ruler and all of a sudden magical abilities that she has never even come across before are as easy for her to access and manipulate as breathingShe can create illusions she can influence others senses she can see auras She has such a strong connection to auras as a matter of fact that she can even feel them as if they were her own People that she has never met before take to her with such ease that it s as if they have known her her entire life Glenuartz takes two looks at her and he becomes her greatest confidant and bodyguard even though she is the thing that his class seems to look down uponShe can call out when she comes across poison ust like that fingers snap though we are never told that she has training in such a craftCoin enters the palace as a Nameless of the streets but within one meeting she s a skilled tactician and diplomatBursts of anger that partake in a lot of stabbing sharp things into flat surfaces is met with fear because our lead is clearly one big bad female and we must not overlook her temperTwo weeks is all it takes for Coin to be able to drop Glenuartz on his back in sparring despite him being a skilled soldierIt goes on and on to the point where you basically believe anything else that Coin tells you she s capable of because why not up to his point there is no barrier that she can t overcome Not even when Esther is dying at the end of the novel and at the near snap of a finger manages to transfer her own crown tattoo to Coin Such ease despite someone else being in the process of also obtaining that tattooThere s no struggle no work is done to attain the end of a complex situation and answers seem to come so simple to these characters Characters which sometimes are used as props thrown into a scene for the purpose of spouting a few lines or doing a few actions that will help drive the plot along until they are shooed along and tucked away againI won t say however that all of it was bad There were things like Hat for example that made this story worthwhile Despite my mistrust of realism in allowing a child to perform any sort of medical care on a critical patient because she ust so happens to be in a medical ward alongside an experience doctor she s a darling of a character She s loving warm sweet funny and she endears the reader to many of the moments that she is around Coin She s one of the reasons that Coin is appealing she makes her seem human and caring even as she resists that bond with the little girlBelrosa s twist to use a Nameless army was a great addition although once again it was not used to its full potential Aside from them chasing Coin down after she escapes their training ground they don t do much I would have loved to see glimpses of them direct ones not ust the behind the scene peeks of their burning down houses or dragging away Nameless and making them disappear around the cityAnd in a book where building relationships are less than realistic in their swiftness Esther and Coin s was a breath of fresh air Yes it should happen ust as it does that the young women do not like each other Yes Esther should be suspicious and snappy at Coin considering their backgrounds Yes they should resist whatever warmth they feel for each other at the beginning even once it s revealed that they re sisters That was excellent that was real that was progressThe end was a two way street I thought it ingenious that Coin locks Belrosa into her own mind essentially as a way to beat her But the duels come and go in the blink of an eye Once we have an opportunity for something to go through a process so that it grows and builds but it gets cut short And while part of me went a little nuts having Coin s name dangled before me then snatched up again I can t help but enjoy that we still don t know who she was born to be She may be the type of character that knows all and can do all but having her be the *person her experiences have shaped her out to be rather than whoever she *her experiences have shaped her out to be rather than whoever she christened as portrays her as a likable beingNot only that but not showing a romance arc for the lead was fortifying In a genre where romance especially love triangles are so well used for the plot the fact that the author did not lean on this other than a few very coy and subtle hints that never panned out to be anything else was commendableRegardless of whatever faults were found due to how the novel ends I can t help but want to know what is to come If nothing else the open ended story leaves you with enough uestions that you continue to seek answers for them Smart Okay real talk I first read this manuscript back in 2015 when I mentored Rebecca during PitchWars AND I STILL THINK ABOUT THIS WORLD ALL THE TIME Seriously building a class system around names and lack thereof is such a fresh and original twist that I genuinely am in awe of the author She s

#Worked So Fucking Hard #
so fucking hard the past few years to really make this book shine and I truly cannot wait for it to be out in the world at lastPlus the heroine Coin Oh Coin how I love thee What shone through for me right from page one is the incredible narrative voice I love the snark I love the sarcasm I love the litotes my favourite comedy device when things go wrong I love her relationships her toughness but also her vulnerability I love how gifted she is skills she s worked hard to hone after so many years on the streets and how smart she is when things start going wrong She has so much agency I love Coin okayAnd the opening line My god guys I can still recite it four years later that s how fucking iconic it is I wake up the same way I fell asleep knife in hand boots for a pillow and Nameless If I ever write a first line that good I will immediately retire and ust toast myself with mimosas all day long Anyway I cannot wait to see this book fly It s a wonder 3 Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestDNF p55This book was a hot mess from the beginning 1 Stupid names2 Fake swearing3 Disorganized world building4 Mary Sue protagonist5 Cliches everywhereI wanted to give this until page 100 at least but Coin s Mary Sue acuisition of her royal status and her powers is already starting to spetz me offIf you want books about royalty thieves and caste systems in fantasy there are better books to pick up than this one Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review1 star. R months and no one seems to careBut there's no denying the tattoo emblazoned on my arm I am ueen In a palace where the corridors are dangerous the streets though how could I possibly rule And what will become of the Nameless if I don. Holly unremarkableThe premise of the story is pretty straightforward In the city of Seriden you have three classes of citizens Royals the highest class mostly rulers and legislators Legals the working class from craftsmen to members of the royal guard and the Nameless who literally don t have names and also have no legal rights so they typically have to steal to survive The ruler has a tattoo of a crown on their arm When they die they speak a name and the tattoo transfers to whoever that name belongs to So imagine the surprise of a Nameless girl called Coin when the king dies and surprise surprise she finds a crown tattoo has appeared on her arm granting her magical abilities Taken to the palace Coin uickly realizes that holding the throne isn t a guarantee of power she is on a probationary period her best friend a fellow Nameless has been imprisoned unjustly and while she has a few allies most of the Royals despise her on principle What ensues is a pretty typical learning to rule and also uncovering a conspiracy story with little to make it stand out from all the other similar stories on the marketSo let s start with the good One of the strongest themes in this book was its emphasis on family both blood and chosen The Nameless rarely have families they certainly don t have family names at any rate And yet there are deep rooted friendships and alliances between some of them that run ust as deeply as conventional familial bonds particularly between Coin and Hat the aforementioned best friend though fierce self reliance makes them reluctant to fully care about anyone else At the palace Coin uickly befriends a guard named Glenuartz a man who lost his daughter years ago and comes to think of twelve year old Hat like another daughter And without spoiling too much Coin finds that she does in fact also have blood relatives in the palace and she has to reconcile this with the fact that she spent her entire life alone believing she had no family Furthering this there is absolutely no romance in Coin s life which means the focus is completely on family with none of the teenage angst or random making out scenes that often fill YA fantasy booksThat said while she doesn t have any romantic interests Coin otherwise reminds me a lot of some Sarah J Maas heroines she s sassy unnaturally self confident and irreverent she doesn t like girly things like wearing dresses and when she finds out she has powers she masters them almost instantly and she becomes a total pro at fighting with only a week of training Those last points are the worst heroes need to WORK to get their skills or it s ust unsatisfying and feels cheap If you can t tell I am not a huge fan of SJM so this comparison is not a favorable one Coin is too much not like other girls and doesn t have a lot of growth throughout the book aside from a slight increase in her willingness to trust others Basically she s a Mary SueSome of the other characters while one dimensional were still lovable especially the fiercely loyal Glenuartz and the clever Esther but without any major complexity they re not memorable And Hat It s like the author couldn t decide what age she was meant to be Sometimes she speaks so elouently and philosophically you would swear she was in her twenties but then other times she is so excitable you are reminded that she s ust 12 I wanted to like her and I do think I liked her than Coin but overall she was still annoyingNow beyond the characters the biggest hangup for this book was its strange and inconsistent magic system The abilities imparted by the tattoo are only slightly explained and nobody details why exactly the power was assigned to the tattoo in the first place It is known that the magic doesn t affect Nameless but there isn t a good reason why and some very cheesy explanations at the end are used to play fast and loose with the rules Worldbuilding is important in a fantasy and a weakly defined magic system coupled with patchy history and culture makes the larger world feel less believableIn all other regards there is nothing particularly good or bad about the book The plot is a little predictable but not implausible The pacing is fine The writing is clean not anything special but does what it needs to There isn t much profanity so that s good if you like your books PG rated though the made up profanities for this world primarily featuring the words gaiza and spetz are not very convincing or natural feeling And the resolution of the book is a solid setup for a seuel though I am not exactly chomping at the bit for itI wish this review could have strong sentiments in either direction positive or negative but my thoughts on this book fall so suarely in the middle that to *use any extreme language would be disingenuous I won t dissuade you from reading it but I certainly wouldn t read *any extreme language would be disingenuous I won t dissuade you from reading it but I certainly wouldn t read again and the ury is still out on whether I ll be picking up book two Thank you to Random House for providing me with an eARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Nameless ueen by Rebecca McLaughlin is yet another politically charged young adult fantasy novel The world within Nameless ueen is made up of three groups of characters there are the Royals the "LEGALS AND THE NAMELESS ROYALS OF COURSE RULE THE "and the Nameless Royals of course rule the the Legals are regular citizens and the Nameless are homeless peasants and treated as nothing usually stealing to survive Coin is a Nameless who like the others around her has given herself a name after being born without one She does whatever she can to survive taking care of herself and another young nameless girl When the king in the land dies whoever is supposed to take his place is supposed to become marked with a magical tattooDespite the fact that Nameless should never be eligible to become the next on the thrown since they have no name for the King to choose them Coin finds herself with the magical tattoo She wants to hide the tattoo from the Royals until her young friend is threatened and she used it as leverage to save her life Coin is then taken by the Royals to be trained to take part in the trials for the new leaderNameless ueen is not really a bad young adult fantasy however it s not really an overly original one either The story has a predictable side to it since a lot of young *adult books are based on political power struggles with this simply having *books are based on political power struggles with this simply having Nameless against the upper classes With a slow to moderate pace and simply an average plot and characters this one rated about 3 12 stars to meI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit The premise for Nameless ueen was wonderfully intriguing But unfortunately this novel suffers from the impossible to ignore plight of the Mary Sue lead Coin is amusing resourceful intelligent and has RlessEveryone expected the king's daughter would inherit the throne No one expected me It shouldn't even be possible I'm Nameless a class of citizens so disrespected we don't even get names Heck dozens of us have been going missing fo. ,

The negative reviews are piling up but I really wanna read this What to do what to do I was lucky enough to read a draft of this as an intern The characters and world building are all incredible Can t wait for the rest of the world to fall for Coin and her merry band of misfits In a cold dystopian world where only the wealthy have an identity the Nameless wander the streets scrounging to exist Children become thieves Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All just to survive and their street smarts are all that keep them alive in a dog eat dog world Coin is one of the strongest but she will soon learn there is to her than not having a true name Now she has to do is survive the royal court with its monsters machinations and deceivers all while giving the Nameless a voiceNAMELESS UEEN by Rebecca McLaughlin is a brilliant tale of finding one s true identity and how far one will go to protect those who matter while doing the right thing no matter the personal cost Politics family strength of character and a heart wrenching discovery are all told in a fascinating and fresh way that will keep readers imaginations running at full tiltRebecca McLaughlin is an author to watch for action packed emotionally charged uality young adult fantasy readingI received a complimentary ARC edition from Random House Children sCrown Books for Young Readers This is my honest and voluntary reviewPublisher Crown Books for Young Readers January 7 2020Publication Date January 7 2020Genre YA FantasyPrint Length 352 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow This is a fast paced street urchin to ueen wish fulfillment fantasy that should really please the teen audience it s intended for First person present tense has become the new fashion in YA but McLaughlin handles it naturally than many with verve grace and sheer funIt s the voice that carries this story Here s the opening line I wake up the same way I fell asleep knife in hand boots for a pillow and NamelessThe Nameless thing is somewhat confusing as actually everyone has a name it sust that the Nameless the poor downtrodden peasants or commons don t have family names Which is if you look at human history a fairly modern concept in many cultures There s a lot about law concerning names in which magic is bound and sumptuary laws that adds to the confusion The worldbuilding is pretty much fairy tale kingdom with a dose of Hollywood backdrop but that s going to be ust fine for the audience the book is aimed at because it keeps the focus on the action with lots of daring escapades and duels Coin is smart and it s fun to watch her get All The Powers but at the heart this book is about family which I found a refreshing contrast to some of the angry girls gotta kill dystopias out thereMcLaughlin is definitely a talent to watchCopy provided by NetGalley ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you Sigh You have no idea how disappointed I am to have to say this but here it is another much anticipated YA fantasy of 2020 bites the dust The land of Seriden is divided into three categories of people Royals who are basically the nobility Legals who are middle class workers and the Nameless homeless peasants The next ruler of Seriden is chosen by the previous ruler who says the name of their choice as they re dying A black crown tattoo appears on the arm of the person selected This is supposed to stop the crown from being purely an inheritance thing but it clearly isn t working very well because rulers usually ust pick their children to go nextWhen the king dies a 17 year old Nameless girl called Coin wakes up to find that she has the crown tattoo She reveals it to save her best friend Hat from execution From there she s forcibly taken into the palace and presumably has to deal with her new life as ueenI say presumably because I got up to 32% before calling it a day Problem 1 Coin is a Mary Sue almost as bad as the early 2010s years when Mary Sues were EVERYWHERE in YA She basically learns how to do everything INSTANTLY which is unrealistic and unsatisfying The tattoo gives her the power to see auras read memories and create illusions Considering she s NEVER made an illusion before I found it incredible that she was able to pull off making complex phantasms approximately ten minutes after getting the actual tattoo making complex phantasms approximately ten minutes after getting the actual
#Tattoo S Referred To #
s referred to it s an innate skill which it definitely isn t I m reminded here of the heroine from Marie Lu s The Young Elites who can also create illusions but Lu showed us how she actually had to work for it and practise it before it became a skill Meanwhile Coin ust instinctively manages to do these thingsDespite never being able to read auras before she also evinces no surprise or excitement at this ability or at anything else She s ust like Oh I can read auras now So I can tell that that woman s lying How does she know that Is it because the aura has changed colour or changed size or what Again the author shows Coin being able instinctively to do something she shouldn t Can you say Mary Sue Don t even get me started on how she a peasant girl who s spent her life on the streets is able to pick up the finer niceties of upper class social behaviour in about a weekShe s also such a gifted thief that she s able to steal things from passing tables while her hands are cuffed and she s surrounded by guards Is this feat actually described No the author Mexican Hooker just tells us that Coin was able to do it Alright thenThis isust going overboard we re supposed to believe Coin can do everything without learning how she actually does anything It goes without saying I never connected to this heroine Problem 2 Very poor worldbuilding So there are these three categories of people the Royals Legals and Nameless It s said that people care so little about the activities of the Nameless that committing crimes isn t even illegal for them Yet at the same time they re executed for committing crimes Paradox I got no sense of what Seriden is like as a place What kind of clothes do people wear What do they look like By 32% these are things I would expect to know Seriden felt like the thinnest of fantasy worlds a fancy name to put on top of the real life USA Making up your own swear words doesn t give me a sense of what the land is like OVERALL I struggled through this book for ages because I didn t want to have to give up on it but life is way too shortBlog Bookstagram Actual *rating 255 starsWhen broken down to its fundamental components Nameless ueen *255 starsWhen broken down to its fundamental components Nameless ueen a lot of things that tend to make me automatically love a book a protagonist who is a thief hidden royalty and commentary on classism and rigid social structures But when taken as a whole the novel failed to breathe much life or originality into those tropes The result was a lukewarm story not bad but One girl must make a name for herself or die trying in this royal fantasy where an unknown peasant becomes the ultimate ruler But how long can she keep the crown if everyone wants her dead Perfect for fans of Furyborn Red ueen and Eve. Nameless ueen

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