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R the reader The final scene in the book is just breathtaking I couldn t stop readingIf you like fast paced intelligent thrillers I can strongly recommend this You don t have to have read the first book before but I think it helps 5 Brilliant Over the years Victor the assassin has been hired by many groups around the world to take care of those on their hit list He does this with a great deal of planning and acuiring all the right weapons to do the job with proficiency and expertise Victor is at the top of his game However the CIA has snagged him and if he wants to remain a free independent they have demanded in no ncertain terms for him to assassinate three major top gun runners There is plenty of fast action fast paced and never a dull moment from the first page to the last The Enemy is an exceptional spy thriller novel and one of the finest espionage books out there Highly recommended The Enemy is a 10 star novel It is the best novel i have read this year It is action packed and spectacular from start to finish Victor is back Tom Wood burst onto the scene last year with his debut novel The Hunter Introducing a new anti hero in Victor an assassin for hire The Hunter was a lesson in action thriller writing Following such an excellent debut is no easy task After the explosive first chapter however any worries about Wood living p to the high standard he set last year disappear From the first page it s clear you re in safe hands Wood Has An Innate Sense Of an innate sense of to tell an intricate story with the plot strands weaving together to create an expansive story set in a number of different countries Now for a little confessionI generally dislike books in this genre But in the same vein of my enjoying Matt Hilton s series of Joe Hunter books Tom Wood has created an incredible way of telling this kind of story which allows a reader to suspend their disbelief throughout You ll go with Victor on his journey wherever it takes you purely due to the fact Wood is a ite mesmerising writer His prose is sparse yet absorbing with an excellent knack for description and detail which never intrudes on the storyMore aspects of Victor s personality are revealed in The Enemy his intelligence coming to the fore In This Tale Always One this tale Always one ahead of his enemy there s a reason why he s stayed alive for so long On the surface he s an evil man Killing without emotion or reason Yet you can t help but root for him as he becomes the target which is a real skill with this type of character A fast paced thrill ride of a novel The Enemy firmly puts Tom Wood at the top echelons of his genre Great characterisation complex yet eminently readable and so suspenseful it will keep you The Man They Wanted Me to Be up all night turning the next pagentil the end This was a joy to read and I can t wait for the next instalment I listened to this one a while ago It was pretty good I didn t Literacy uite like it as much as the first book but I think the monotone voice of the narrator was a factor A narrator makes or breaks an audiobook I didn t get into the storyite as much as the first book I still find Victor an intriguing character and he s extremely badass And I do have to say for a ruthless assassin he has his own moral compass Lots of globetrotting and while Victor is highly formidable he is in situations that felt sufficiently suspenseful and didn t make his survive seem like a foregone conclusion It has some pretty good action scenes and I could see this making a good action movieI hope the next book has a different narrator Overall rating 3550 stars. A proteggere accerchiato da agenti segreti del Mossad potenti trafficanti di armi internazionali e suadre omicide al soldo di ignoti avversari Victor sceglierà di non fidarsi più di nessunoLa posta in gioco si alza minuto dopo minuto Scordatevi di James Bond Jason Bourne o Jack Bauer il protagonista di Killer è tornato in نامه های عین القضات همدانی / جلد اول un thriller carico di suspense e adrenalina. A truly mesmerizing a powerful forward driving plot and lots of brutality I loved it and I know why I consider this author one of my favouritesTo reveal particularly details of a hair raising climax would be to destroy the reader s enjoyment This is a truly great read featuring annforgettable character named Victor once a hit man for the British he is now obligated to work for the CIA Let s just say that in the good old days when Victor was loving the fact he was a freelance assassin he would always be given at least two week s notice to perform his duties This would give him the time to find a good location locate the best weapon to Die Plotter use in order to get the job done right and research everything there was to know abut the city so that he could drawp an excellent escape route that was absolutely fool proofBut nowtimes have changed With Victor s new employer he s looking at a whole new world that basically has him extremely worried considering the fact that the CIA plays by their own rules For his assignment Victor is given a list of three targets that are to be killed immediately What originally promises to be an easy assignment for Victor becomes absolute chaos and tosses him into trouble where he literally finds that he cannot trust anyone especially his new employers With the CIA comes a time clock which gives Victor approximately two days to finalize his planning Having to travel to Romania Russia and on to Washington DC in order to carry out the assignments Victor has very little research time and no longer feels like anything is fool proof Add to that the fact that he must deal with a little romance that sparks p WITH AN OLD GIRLFRIEND A WOMAN HAS NO an old girlfriend a woman who has no what his job entails and ends p being put danger and Victor is definitely running around like an assassin with his head cut off Warning The reader must pay close attention to this one as Victor is constantly chasing or being chased while locating his targets before he becomes a target himself Benefit The exact same as the warning This is a thriller to the nth degree and never once can be called boring Readers will crave to see this one appear on the big screen Even better than his first novel Tom Wood does a nice job of interweaving a rather complicated plot involving the CIA s plan to Killing the Truth use Victor the Assassin as a means of causing a mini war between international arms dealers When those plans fall apart Victor must flee for his life andnravel the mystery of who is At Any Cost using him as part of a larger plan Highly recommended book from an excellent writer Real gritty and a bit gory in parts but never feels over the top or contrived Looking forward to Victor s future adventures 35 starsWe meetp with Victor again in The Enemy 2nd book in Tom Wood s Victor the Assassin Series If you ve read the 1st book The Hunter you will be familiar with this assassin extraordinaire a man with no past and no real name a loner whose sole mission is the job of taking out the targetWell Victor continues in the same careerwell with a slight difference he now works for the good guysor not so good guysthe old US agencyCIA This guy is something like James BondJason Bourne on steroids Everywhere he goesmayhem happens Victor s new mission is a non stop fest of action tension killings violencein My Country South Africa country South Africa have a great way to describe what happens in this book Skop Skiet en DonDer literally kicking shooting and beating people Havens Promise (Divine Designs, up Victor s new assignment is fraught with danger and betrayalone never knows who is a friend or en. Victor han talento naturale per l’omicidio Sicario abile e spietato si trova costretto a lavorare per conto di n misterioso agente della CIA tre sconosciuti tre colpi Ma il lavoro non è veloce e pulito come avrebbe voluto Man mano che il killer elimina le sue vittime si rende conto che il gioco si fa sempre più complesso intricato e letale Nel suo mestiere non.

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The EnemyEmyClever and fast paced plot and a lot of sub plots toothat take you on a never experienced roller coaster ridethat stops at the most spine chilling climax in between travelling all over the globewith some great secondary characters and the most likable killerscoundrelrogue ever So why only 35 stars Hell the so many subplots just made my head spin IThis made it a bit hard to keep track of what was going on at timesOkay I think I need something to bring me down from this ride I m really happy to have discovered this author and this seriesI can definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a great thriller This book comescame very close to getting a 5 star rating I ll tell you why I dropped a star in a few linesSosecond book about Victor the Assassin He s now but wait if you haven t read the first book that might be a spoiler so hummmmlet s see He s operating a little differently than he was in the first novelAnyway he s still an interesting character who s written well and draws the reader right into his story I suspect that even if you picked this p without ever having read the first book you d still like it get involved and want to follow the story Without giving a spoiler I d say that I can recommend this and if you like thrillers you ll probably like thisNowspecifics The book opens with reference to the first book and we re off to the races The plot grows naturally from our earlier information even if we do need to buy into the world view and our protagonist s existence I was drawn in completely and having liked the first book I found this one just as absorbingSo why did i drop a star The book is drawn out into several story lines that intertwine This isn t truly a problem as the intertwining is handled very well Howeverthere is a point where the book bogs down just a little With things happening around the world and the details being complementary things just slowed way down It didn t ruin the book It didn t cause mt to lose interest as has happened in some books BUT it did for a short time screw p the pacing of the entire novel It didn t last it didn t really hurt the book But it was a slightly false note and I finally decided I had to drop the book to 4 possibly 45 starsThat said and decided I had to drop the book to 4 possibly 45 starsThat said and from the fact that I m always astounded that I like and am interested in a book about an assassin I can and do recommend this one Good book enjoy This really shouldn t be a book I d like Loads of detail on guns about which I know nothing and really want to know nothing Lots of violence nasty people an anti hero who is very hard to like and yet I LOVE IT Victor is perhaps slightly less enigmatic in this second book He s not amoral he has limits he won t cross He does care for people he allows to get just a little closer to him and I suspect many women readers are waiting to see if love can change him Could he love Probably not but we can hope I suppose that not much changes in his life in this story It s another series of adventures in his job as a killer Of course things go wrong That s what makes the story buzzI did have a little trouble following some of the double dealing in the arms world Occasionally the plot seemed to take second place to an opportunity to show s Victor at his best ducking and diving and going through such painstaking manoeuvres to ensure he s not being followed and that his weapons are Perfect That He S that he s of the scenario He s pushed harder than he prefers in this second book And sent in to kill at very short notice is not the way he likes But that s great fo. è sempre facile tracciare I, Afterlife una linea netta tra nemici e alleati ma Victor si accorge di essere nel mezzo dina guerra segreta dove l’unica regola è l’assenza di regole Non tarda a scoprire di essere Can I Tell You about Nystagmus? uno strumento nelle mani di poteri più forti e soprattutto di essere lui stesso nel mirino l’assassino perfetto è diventato il bersaglio perfetto Conna donna .