(NetPlus Connections) [EBOOK/PDF] ☆ Ken Fortier

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Book on how to

Create Meaningful Connections With 
meaningful connections with simple Uestions And The Willingness To Help Others Turns The Sales and the willingness to help others Turns the sales upside down and sh. To become a valuable asset to everyone you meet and do business with I want every one of your business connections to be lad they have you on their contact list and consider you well worth any time money or energy they spend on you I want them to consider you so valuable that they introduce you to others so their connections can have the benefit of knowing and working with you as Well The Key To The key to this sort of valuable asset is simple make everyone else's world Not only is this book about the power of relationship it is about etting to relationship but it is etting to uality of collaboration uickly and meaningfully Outstanding. Facebook friends are not really friends Twitter followers are not really followers and you aren't really linked to anyone through LinkedIn Too much of our business technology emphasizes the uantity of our business relationships but not the uality If our business relationship skills are bad then all the networking techniues in the world only multiply our dysfunction and we end up with lots of bad business relationships The purpose of NetPlus Connections is
To Help You. 
help you. NetPlus Connections

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Ows you how a few meaningful connections can help you tap other S Networks I Highly networks I highly this book as well as his training program 16 in Igger better Be a ateway to people ideas solutions and opportunities Deliver such value in everything you do for other people that you are than worth everything you cost them If you are worth than you cost you are a net asset If you cost than you are worth then you are a net liability Assets et protected and invested in liabilities et dropped Be worth than what You Cost And You cost and you have all the connections and business you can handle This book will teach you