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The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) dE better at them It alsoiscusses stuff like perfectionism and near the end of the book takes a turn for the fairly explicitly feminist and Hijacking the Brain discusses theangers of inter female sabotage both as a concrete possible problem at work and as part of the larger picture of women in the working world and the social forces that shape our success or lack of itOverall I say it seems like a good recommendation for any other young women looking for or just starting workOriginally posted at I can t say this book adds much value to a person It has somewhat interesting points and OK PIECES OF ADVICE THAT S pieces of advice that s i gave it two stars but i on t think this book is a must for every young woman stepping into the labor force I would honestly not recommend it to any of my friends Perused this book because I was curious about the author I had heard her on NPR and her last name is my maiden name so I wanted to read her book Pretty sure we are not related but I thought the advice was good and the book was well researched and written I

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it s a good for someone just entering the workforce an entry level professional As a mid career professional I was interested in reading bits about adjusting to a brand new job The title suggests that the tips can be either for entry level professionals or those switching to a new job I think many tips be either for entry level professionals or those switching to a new job I think many tips good and the perhaps a woman who is fresh into the workforce could benefit I The Path to Gay Rights did find the tips in Chapter 2 most helpful when it comes to the first few weeks at a new job What Iidn t like is how many anecdotes are totally steeped in sexist Yes the workforce is very sexists and holds women to sexist standards but I Karen vs Alien don t expect a book on career coaching women to rely on that same sexism An example is a list of what not to wear in the workforce I get it that we are judged by our appearances and modesty is the best bet I just find it a turnoff that we have to feel like we re walking this thin line of professional versus attractive constantly It semeaning I think Anyways the book is alright and it Gendered Citizenships does provide a guide to women looking for straightforward guidance in the workplac. Or success Think Ann Taylor not Forever 21 Just ask Overcoming your fear of theumb uestion and getting the answers you need to succeed It's just business Developing a thick skin X Y Navigating male female ynamics at the office Nice is the new mean Building successful relationships with female coworkersLoaded with real life advice helpful lists and uick take away points to get you off on the right foot New Girl on the Job gives you everything you need to take charge of your career and climb the ladder to success. ,
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New Girl On the Job Advice from the TrenchesI picked up this book because I recently started working at an office so I m a New Girl myself It s a great book Although I work at newspaper a lot of the information still applied It s written in a way that you can go about highlighting key information that you can apply to you career as a New Girl including specific ialog to make you not sound like a n00b but instead a professional I only wish it would have been longer though and in Alchemic depth especially about how to fit in I read this bookirectly after Megan Hustad s How To Be Useful and this book Doesn T Stand Up Well In Comparison t stand up well in comparison tone comes across as insincere and preachy in comparison I would give this book 2 stars but I found the chapter on mentorship to be very informative instead of just the same old advice You have to have a mentor it includes very basic information about how to approach a mentorship relationship how to manage it and how to get the most of it This book is my new pink bible for professional corporate advice While tailored specifically for new college graduates who have not experienced a corporate environment before girls of all experience levels in the 20 s and 30 s can find some fantastic and very practical advice and tips in this book It s an easy and fun read and written for the modern business world which we all work in and can relate to My grandma bought this for me Shh Anyway it was pretty good It was written in a very journalistic style with a lot of uotes from some it was pretty good It was written in a very journalistic style with a lot of uotes from some women A lot of simple office politics things I already knew or could figure out for myself though because I ve worked in an office environment for 5 years now There were some good tips for what to We Sell Drugs do when you get fired and how to approach your superiors with confidence For a new graduate who has never worked an office gig this book is probably not all common sense advice and tipsFor anyone who s been working for several years many tips likeon t wear flip flops to work and Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ don t be afraid to ask uestions are the sort of no brainers that make me uestion the younger generation s intellectThough I ve been working several years the useful to. Whato Bobbi Brown CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Soledad O'Brien co host of CNN's American Morning and Jill Herzig executive editor of Glamour magazine all have in common They've all been the New Girl on the Job just like you And in this book you'll gain access to their hard won wisdom and strategies for success In New Girl on the Job author Hannah Seligson blows the lid off of one of the most common and least Literature of Africa discussed topics facing young women today Surviving and thriving in the workplace Through interviews with. Pics to me were on self promotion administrative work and negotiating raises all important for me as I work in a highly maleominated fieldTo etermine if this book is relevant to your needs I suggest reading the ends of each chapter in store each chapter ends with a bulletized list of Takeaways which are succinct advice tidbits from the preceding chapter If many of the Takeways Are New Information For You You Would Likely Benefit are new information for you you would likely benefit from reading this book I assumed that the use of the word New Girl in the title of this book was 100% ironic and that this book was a guide for Young Ladies or even Womyn who can t cope with the colossal moral ilemnas and Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature demeaning experiences that having a job seems to present at least for me Thank you for that rude awakening Hannah SeligsonThis bookoes Rebuilding discuss some of the ways that female managersexecutives are restructuring the workplace and itoes emphasize the imp For various personal reasons namely changing jobs I figured it was high time I read this book that my mom lent to me last year Hannah Sigelson s book New Girl on the Job Advice from the Trenches Whether or not it will prove to be useful in my new jobs remains to be seen but it certainly seems to be full of very good advice It s uite well researched the author interviewed a ton of highly successful career women and also a ton of young women who had recently a ton of highly successful career women and also a ton of young women who had recently the workforce There s a fairly heavy focus on white collar corporate jobs the kind of thing that reuires a college egree but since that is actually the kind of jobs I have I am not complaining The book is short and readable although there are times when I think it gets a bit tweebuzzwordy in the way it iscusses certain concepts the book is less than 200 pages long but it has a seven page glossary It covers "a good breadth of topics from ealing with bad bosses to what mentoring actually means Some of it seems "good breadth of topics from ealing with bad bosses to what mentoring actually means Some of it seems obvious flirting at work isn t good for getting taken seriously that sort of thing but other information is much less so like how to avoid getting stuck with all the assistantadministrative tasks just because girls tend to Some of the best and brightest businesswomen in the country meticulous research and one on one chats with hundreds of New Girls starting out in their careers New Girl on the Job provides you with all of the information you always wanted to know about workplace success but were afraid to ask Inside you'll find valuable tips and information you can put to use right away You never get a second chance Making a killer first impression Is this the real me Being yourself while maintaining a professional attitude Dress .