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Lle s adopt A part two I hopeA part two I hopeIt was a good read The end I wasn t prepared "forit wasn t a bad ending but it does leave me wanting of Jeremy and "wasn t a bad ending but it does leave me wanting of Jeremy and 3 12 stars Solid characters and engrossing story make for a good read All the characters were interesting but I found the love affair between Cora and Red Sun to be the most engaging Had the story line only followed Annabelle and Jeremiah I think I would have been a bit bored our Jeremiah I think I would have been a bit bored our was a little immature for my taste but she was only seventeen and had been indulged by her surrogate parents Mixed Feelings BRAB Online Book ClubFirst let me state that I am a huge fan of Sienna Mynx so I am not pleased that I wasn t able to give a higher rating This book started off slowly for me and didn t get much better after thatI just couldn t warm p to the characters and maybe that s on me I am not a big fan of Westerns and this book Simpsons Comics unfortunately did nothing to change my mind Looking forward to her next release This book was rightp my alley There was drama intrigue outlaws villains and lots of hot sex Annabelle was a free woman of color living in a town settled by blacks post civil war Nicademus was founded to bring all types of ethnicities together working in harmony however it was majority black Annabelle had a niue pbringing being the offspring of a runaway slave and a free man who lived among Native Americans When her family and the entire village was slaughtered Annabelle was adopted by Red Sun who raised her as his own He built her a log cabin with her assistance and she lived on her own on the outskirts of town She wants to be a nurse and works hard at her training with the local doctor Her skills come in handy when she finds a wounded white man by the river Her instinct is to save him but it goes against the rules of the town so she hides him in order to practice her skills Of course saving his life sparks a passionate romance between these two It turns out the man she saved was wanted by the law for a crime he did not commit Jeremy is being hunted by an evil railroad mogul who killed Jeremy s family just to steal their land and gold Jeremy returned home from fighting a war that he was forced into to find he was alo. E hidden town at the foot of the mountain that could be his sanctuary He also finds himself drawn to the promise of redemption But will his demons both real and imagined rob him of the chance Can love survive the racial tensions between Annabelle and him post civil war Miss Kitty is what they call her However her Christian name is Cora and she runs the saloon and whores of Nicademus Escaping New Orleans and the chains of a placage she has founded a home and thriving business in Nicademus However the nwanted desires of the town’s sheriff her passionate affair with her Chickasaw lover and the new threat of the dangerous man who hunts her from her past all collide in Nicademus and threaten to destroy her Red Sun Chi. I enjoyed itI love historical romance and the fact that this was a western was a plus I love the love story between Red Sun and Cora I wanted to punch Jeremiah in the throat All have to say is this story was EPIC The setting was post Civl War in a real town called Nicademus Ms Mynx s story had everything a kick ass heroine a loving sexy outlaw hero and a score to settleThe back story with sexy ass Red Sun and Cora added just the right touch I applaud this author for her research and historical accuracy Great job A Different Side Of SiennaThis is not "the traditional Sienna Mynx novel It took me a bit to get "traditional Sienna Mynx novel It took me a bit to get it but then I couldn t put it down Annabelle is young and some of her actions prove that but loved how she stood p f This was a cool romance with some action thrown in The story centers around Annabelle who lives in the mostly black settlement called NicademusI m not going to lie this book put me in the mind of the old movie old to me Posse I really kept thinking that the whole time so I had a great frame of reference dirt grass old western wooden buildings I also watched Deadwood so I kept that in mind for the scenery as wellJeremiah Hot blonde rugged I love that he is not some 3 dimensional character I never saw him a typical but like outstanding and I know why Annabelle couldn t seem to resist himRed Sun Every hot Native American model and actor stood for this character in my imagination see last of the mohicans for plenty of resourcesThe bad Not muchThe good I found that the book was well written I judge a books worth based on the antagonist and I REALLY hated the bad guy the plot was interesting and kept me entertained I look forward to the next installment and what some of the other characters in the book will do Sienna Mynx has done it againSet in the post civil war west this is the story of Jeremiah and a Irish outlaw looking to avenge his family that was slain at the hands of a ruthless rail baron named Shep Annabelle an African American girl who dreams of becoming a nurseAnnabelle finds the outlaw when he stumbles in the town Nicademus shot and nearly deadshe nurses him back to health they fall in lovewhich is very dangerous for both of themThen you have Annabe. Annabelle’s a free woman Her only desire is to become a healer like her dead father once was and to protect the people she loves Life is sweet That is Prom Kings and Drama Queens until an outlaw by the name of Jeremiah ‘One Finger’ Polk was foundnconscious on her land Annabelle’s initial curiosity over his presence and desire to heal him from his serious wounds blooms into a forbidden encounter that will threaten the towns’ very existence and even her own Jeremiah Polk is a wanted man Driven by the need for vengeance and retribution he barely escapes the hangman’s noose and gun When he wakes and finds a beautiful brown skin woman nursing him back to health he thinks it’s a dream He soon learns of the free people of color and th. Ne in the world Things get interesting from there The townspeople are threatened by the mogul old wounds are opened for several characters in the book and the town must face their day of reckoning if they want to remain standing I like the trials and tribulations everyone in the book had to endure Nobody was able to escape the pressures of just being alive in those days The ending leaves the reader with hope for the future of the cast of characters Annabelle and Jeremy for sure It is insinuated they get their HEA but we really don t know I love Sienna Mynx s books They are very character driven and niue I ve never read an interracial western before so this was a treat This was a story of forbidden love between a free African American woman Annabellesurviving in a closed minded world and an outlaw Jeremyhiding from the man who murdered his family After Annabelle finds Jeremy half dead on her property she takes him in and nurses him back to health Jeremy admires Annabelle s fierce attitude and independence Jeremy starts out as a pet project for Annabelle to practice her nursing skills on but after getting to know him her attraction to him grows Neither of them knows what the future holds "for them so they take advantage of the time they have together Both find something in the other "them so they take advantage of the time they have together Both find something in the other makes them want something than a life of loneliness and monotony Annabelle opened Jeremy s eyes to a new way of living and introduced him to a world that was brown than white Jeremy proved to Annabelle that skin color doesn t determine what s in a person s heart He made her see he could love her no matter the color of her skin They become a nited front against Jeremy s enemy even knowing they could be killed in the process The secondary characters were a lot of fun too Annabelle s father was a silent homicidal giant her coworker was a knife wielding murderess whore and her mother figure was a formidable outspoken Madam that nobody dared mess with I love how this author makes sure each character has their own voice I ve read other books where some of the characters feel too similar Each of these characters stands out and could have a book of their own I could totally picture this book being made into a have a book of their own I could totally picture this book being made into a Ckasaw and the lone survivor of his tribe out of White Rock Mountain trusts no one He brings the orphaned Annabelle and himself to the town of Nicademus for a chance to start again Ten years later the bitter memory of his slain people keeps him locked in the past However his new love affair for his ‘soiled dove’ Cora keeps him sane Nicademus is his home He will risk it all to protect the town and the woman he loves In 1866 a town run by freed slaves called Nicademus is the promise of the future The story of the town and the passionate dangerous and infamous exploits of its citizens are still whispered from the lips of people today This fictionalized tale reflects some of their story You will search for truth in.