Nice Dragons Finish Last Heartstrikers #1 (EPUB)

Nice Dragons Finish Last Heartstrikers #1

Rachel Aaron µ 1 SUMMARY

10302017 AUDIBLE DAILY DEAL 495 IS A STEAL Y ALLI ve talked about my ocky Bazaars, Conversations Freedom relationship with Urban Fantasy in the past It s often formulaic it usually doesn t satisfy my craving for a Fantasy adventure because of its tendency to focus on sexual encounters However I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Nice Dragons Finish Last The Heartstrikers are a large clan of dragons known for their ferocity power Headed up by their matriarch Bethesda they exude the type of unyielding superiority to be expected 45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum found this book surprisingly enjoyableor perhaps that ought not to be so surprising After all I loved The Spirit Thief and theollicking sci fi Paradox trilogy that the author wrote under her pen name Rachel Bach Still combining dragons magic dystopia humor and urban fantasy Seemed just a tad ambitious But boy does Aaron pull it off with flying colors I think Nice Dragons Finish Last may be my favorite book from her yet I also had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of this book and it was fantasticMeet Julius the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan He isn t a pushover so much as he s just downright terrible at being a dragon He s nice considerate has no designs on taking over the world all of which makes him an absolute failure in his mother s eyes After twenty four years of watching Julius hide out in his To Russia with Love: An Alaskan's Journey room in the mountain Bethesda the Heartstriker has finally had it Sealing him in his human form the dragon matriarch banishes her son to the Detroit Free ZoneBuilt on theuins of old Detroit the DFZ is set apart from the Punk Pedagogies in Practice rest of the country having been annexed by the spirit Algonuin Lady of the Great Lakes It is home to modern mages lesser spirits and all manner of magical creatures Unfortunately it s also got a strict no dragons policy Trapped in hostile territory with only the clothes on his back Julius is going to have to prove himself to his mother if he wants any chance of getting his true form back His only source of help comes in the form of Marci an exiled human mage who is dealing with her own hefty set of problemsFirst of all I called this one an urban fantasy but it s actually a lot complicated than that Rachel Aaron puts a fun fresh twist on the genre infusing her setting with science fiction post apocalyptic and dystopic elements as well as a touch of mythology It s a fascinating mix Magic exists in the world now thanks to a meteor striking the earth in 2035 Algonuin awakens from theesulting shockwave causing great tidal waves to Student Movements for Multiculturalism: Challenging the Curricular Color Line in Higher Education rise which was how Detroit was flooded and destroyed The DFZises from its Confessions of an Unlikely Runner: A Guide to Racing and Obstacle Courses for the Averagely Fit and Halfway Dedicated ruins thriving unchecked on an economy system based on free enterprise and bounty huntingI also loveooting for the underdog and Julius is an underdog all ight being the unt of Bethesda s latest clutch While his siblings are out doing great things Julius prefers to avoid the Lauter alte Akten. Den von Formularen geplagten Zeitgenossen zum Trost, zur Belehrung und Erheiterung rest of his family by shutting himself in hisoom playing computer games and earning an impressive collection of online degrees It s hard not to feel for him if Julian were human he d actually be uite a catch Good looking sweet kind educated and being just this side of geeky enough for me Bah too bad he had to be born to a clan of merciless cutthroat dragons who can t appreciate his finer pointsNo worries though because I m on Team Julius all the way Also in his corner you ll find Marci the Cannibal Encounters: Europeans and Island Caribs, 1492–1763 runaway thaumaturgic mage as well as surprise surprise Julius s brother Justin Marci s a great character she s got an awkward personality but also a shrewd mind which creates an interesting dynamic with our protagonist I loved Justin too He s Julius s complete opposite but it s hard not to be touched by his brotherly love and concern I even got a kick out of Julian s less benevolent family members like Chelsie the Heartstriker assassin and Bob the mercurial Seer Did I also mention Bethesda names her children by assigning each clutch by letter in order of the alphabet so that all the dragonlings in her first clutch would have names starting with A those in the second clutch would have names starting with B and so on The Heartstriker clan is full of uirks and I loved them allRachel Aaron has an incredible imagination and I think this book than any of her others let her go wild with it The audio versioneally did an amazing job bringing this book and all of her ideas to life the narrator Vikas Adam making this one a eally fun listen I haven t listened to any of his other performances but this was a great first experience Adam can do a wonderful ange of voices even though I have to say a couple of them didn t uite fit like Bob whom he made sound like a stoned surfer dude and at times his female voices can be hilariously awkward You can tell he had a good time eading the book too though because his narration is animated and he does wonderful effects like hissing for when Bethesda is annoyed or groaning when Justin is exasperated with Julius Little touches like that can make the listening experience memorableAll in all I m eally impressed with how well this book came together Maybe it "s because urban fantasy is to my tastes but I think I liked this one even than Aaron s Paradox "because urban fantasy is to my tastes but I think I liked this one even than Aaron s Paradox and I did love those Devi Morris books Julius is just such a lovable character though and the story is so fun and easy to get into it s hard to stop once you start Highly Ragana ir lietus recommended if youe looking for an entertaining feel good book Nice Dragons Finish Last is a delightful start to what looks like a very promising seriesI might love the fantasy genre but urban fantasy has ever been my least favourite of its sub genres making this latest foray of mine a Beasts and Savages rarity Despite myeservations I am impressed though Once again my friend TS has proven that the I have bestowed upon her ueen of Recommendations is not a ceremonial one in the her of Recommendations is not a ceremonial one in the I am confident that this series is going to be one of my favourite Beebo Brinker reads this yearMeet our main character Julius He is as nice a dragon as you will ever meet Friendly Courteous Empathetic He loveseading studying online and playing games and hardly ventures from his bedroom Meet his family and also the The Future of the Public University in America: Beyond the Crossroads rest of the dragonace Ruthless cruel ambitious Apex predators They Manual of Forensic Science: An International Survey rule society from powerful positions They are doctors senators captains of industry Dragons demand and the world givesClearly one of the apples fell far from the tree Unfortunately for Julius his mother will no longer tolerate the embarrassment of having a nice dragon for a son Thus she seals his dragon form trapping him in his human body and banishes him to the DFZ A place where dragons are to be killed on site That s still the nice part of it though She also gives him an ultimatum He will get one last chance to prove himself a worthy truly draconic member of the Heartstriker clan Or she ll eat himTo avoidelating much of the plot I will keep the Das Vermächtnis des Rings: Neue fantastische Geschichten J. R. R. Tolkien zu Ehren rest to a minimum Julius teams up with a mage called Marci as they take on a seemingly simple sounding task but one that could put him back in his mother s graces Unfortunately for Julius things are way complicated than they appear Sometimes heeally Die Stadt der Tiere: Ein Tierkrimi reallyeally hated being a dragon I had a Gendering the Trans-Pacific World really great time following Julius s journey So often we aseaders expect every main character to fit the same mold of asskicker and nametaker but it was El show de Grossman refreshing to have a character who is basically just a nice guy Sure he IS a DRAGON so he is not without SOME skills And he IS very smart Julius s superpower though is being a nice guy That never changes and I loved his steadfastness in thategard No conforming to dragon standards because it s expected No being cruel because you were treated cruelly Just being compassionate and doing what is Minor Marriage in Early Islamic Law rightAnd that s just Julius Marci was eually fascinating and even enjoyable A mage with some secrets of her own she fights for what she wants and is tough as nails She is also completely wonderful and sincere and passionate and I can t get enough of her Or her cat Ghost What is going on he cried Why does she need a ward against bullets And why does your human have a dead cat in her purse Along the way we meet uite a few other great characters as well including some of Julius s siblings such as Julian and Chelsea both proper draconic siblings and both very intriguing in their ownight And then we have likely the most entertaining and fascinating character of them all The Great Seer of the Heartstrikers Brohomir Also known as Bob So let me make sure I ve got this straight Marci said The three great dragon seers are the Black Reach Estella the Northern Star and Bob When Julius nodded she arched an eyebrow One of these things is not like the others Wrapping up Rachel Aaron has woven than enough worldbuilding into the story fleshing out the setting uite well for such a short tale and giving us tastes of dragon lore magical creatures myths spirits and much The pacing is brisk the writing easy to Plato and the Power of Images read and the best part of it all is how much damn fun this book is Nice Dragons Finish Last is feel good fantasy and you can never have enough of that It s the ice cream of the genre and I d like another scoop 355 starsThis is literally the second urban fantasy book that I enjoyedeadingMy great friend TS A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan recommended this to me since the end of 2016 She said I know you have a long TBR but I think you might like this Fast forward almost one year six month later here I am Yes I have a long TBR who doesn t As fa I didn t have any expectations when I picked this book up and was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was At first glance one might mistake this for young adult fantasy Rest assured it is not and neither does it have all the standard overused YA tropes which are prone to induce eyeollingThis is an urban fantasy tale about dragons which are able walk the earth in human form Rachel Aaron created a The House by the Thames: And The People Who Lived There really interesting world that takes place in the future where magic. As the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan Julius survives by a simple code keep uiet don’t cause trouble and stay out of the way of bigger dragons But this meek behavior doesn't fly in a family of ambitious magical predators and his mother. Which had disappeared for over a thousand years ago came crashing back into earth While I ve notead a lot of urban fantasy aside from Dresden Files and Kate Daniels I find that the premise of a futuristic slightly dystopian earth with dragons living amongst human in our guise to be uniue Draconic clans and politics dragon seers and magic emergence of magical spirits of the land and sea all of these make a potent cocktail of an addictive story Julius the main protagonist was the titular nice dragon who was such a failure in the eyes of his tyrannical mother Bethesda was tossed out from his home magically sealed in human form to prove himself worthy before he can Professor Unrat regain his dragon form The characters took awhile to warm up to initially Julius waseally as nice as the title suggests and perhaps even a bit boringly so at first His older siblings however have characteristics typical to such apex predators ie arrogant aggressive and ambitious Being so undraconic and feeling completely out of his element amongst other dragons Julius struck up a partnership with a human mage Marci much to the disdain of other dragons who treat humans like pets or food As the story progressed with interactions between Justin and Marci and with his family members his characterisation became engaging With his aversion to aggression Julius necessarily Kämpfer Der Hoffnung: Wie Ich Den Kindern Madagaskars Eine Zukunft Gab relied on his mind to negotiate compromises in order to obtain what he needed to succeed or in some cases to merely survive The plot was not entirely predictable as one does not know for sure how Julius was going to work his way around all these powerful characters while still being true to his personality His partnership and eventual friendship with Marci played a largeole in their success indicating that the pervasive arrogance of dragons was misplaced And strangely while one of his brothers Justin was obnoxious and full of himself I actually ended up liking his character as well In short Rachel Aaron has taken our fascination with these mythical magical flying creatures gave it an original spin and it Tell the Machine Goodnight resulted in a story that was at once fun enjoyable andiveting A series that is definitely worth continuing This Big Muddy Blues: True Tales and Twisted Politics Along Lewis and Clark's Missouri River review can also be found at Booknest Fulleview now postedRating 35 stars Sometimes it doesn t pay to be nice But it s always the ight decision Even if you e a dragonJulius Heartstiker is having a hard day His mom kicked him out with nothing but the clothes on his back and has threatened to eat him if he doesn t mend his ways By mend she means stop being so darn nice Why is being nice a problem and what kind of mother threatens to eat her child Well the answer to both of those uestions is DRAGON because that s what Julius and his mother and his dozens upon dozens of siblings are dragons However Julius s draconic form has been sealed leaving him helplessly human in the only city in the world where dragons are illegal Understandably chaos ensuesUrban fantasy is one of my favorite genres for when I m stressed or tired or just need an escape The genre doesn t tend to be as literary as a lot of the fantasy and other fiction I choose to ead which is absolutely why I enjoy it It gives me a compelling story with interesting characters but in a way where I can just sink into the story without having to think too deeply Urban fantasy and omance and middle grade books are what I ead for fun and to give my mind a break That being said I still expect a certain uality of writing in my urban fantasy and this first installment in the Heartstrikers series left something to be desired The writing felt novice if that makes sense There was a lot of said wearily and scoffed angrily and such which is a writing pet peeve of mine Show me what the characters are feeling don t overuse adverbs to describe their tones Aaron did a lot of telling instead of showing and because of that I never engaged as deeply with the characters as I would have liked One of the things about urban fantasy that I used to dislike but now appreciate is the use of first person narrative It s not my favorite perspective to ead however it imbues the main character with well character I feel like I get to know the protagonist and some writing choices that I would generally view as lazy become like character uirks in my eyes actually making the protagonist sound ealistic I think Julius our main character in this series would have benefitted from this treatment However I ve heard that Aaron s writing improves as the series progresses which I look forward to experiencingWhile I didn t fully click with the characters I did enjoy them Especially Bob Bob is uite possibly the most eccentric character I ve come across in urban fantasy and that s saying a lot I can t wait to learn about himI didn t immediately fall in love with this series but I am intrigued Dragons aren t very predominant in the UF genre and the whole premise is interesting I have multiple friends who adore this series so I can t wait to see where it leads I m still debating whether to put Nice Dragons finish last in my list of favoritesI ll wait to see how I feel about the seuelOk ok how do I start I Was Freaking Bored With freaking bored with this Yep That S "Yep that s I felt at first Julius the protagonist was too nice too misunderstood too predictable The supporting cast failed to impress me too as if they all had a couple of personality traits and that was it the nasty and dangerous big sister the crazy all knowing brother the hyper active and annoying side kick and so on So it was no surprise that by the end of this bookI TOTALLY LOVED IT WHAT How did this happenWell one day I was looking at my list of books to eadAnd like many goodreads members I was slightly concerned about my capability to finish it during my life time Others are far The Extras relaxed about itbecause they are aliens from another planet of courseI was trying to decide on what toead next when this gorgeous cover popped up I mean just LOOK AT IT The combination of colours the composition the city scape the hot dude at the front the little poster behind him HOW AWESOME IS THAT And it even has BIG letters that many people find ummm I have no idea what but many booktubers love them ok Me personally I want to see of that stunning background and the letters are on the waygrrrrrrrBack to the topic I WAS SOLD It s not like I ve Özgüven Öğrenilebilir read any other Urban Fantasies for this month Ahem So I got the audiobook and I waseady to dive inHow did it go0 10% Ok that s interesting but still not hooked10 30% I m still not half way through This book is so slowI m kind of bored30 40% There are a few interesting stuff I love the humor but should I just move on to the next one My TBR pile is too bigstill not half way through 40 50% Ok this is getting better but still not sureWait that s kind of cool50 70%THAT S FREAKING AWESOME70 90% OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD 90 99% NOOOOOOOOOOOO DON T END PLEASE DON T END100% Dammit The World Magic is back and so are most magical creatures The scariest and most dangerous of them all however are the dragons with their uncanny ability to shapeshift into humans and blend in among the unsuspecting human population Being the greedy and power hungry creatures that they are they operate similarly to the mafia think of Yakuza with the leader being the Mother Dragon her followers are her children and her servants are humans with magical abilities Nothing makes a dragon happier than to threaten beat up and even kill anyone who gets in their way And noone is enthusiastic about it then the Heartstrikers the largest dragon family there is with 10 clutches for the past 1000 years There is one tiny exception Julius the youngest and most useless to his mother dragon in the family and probably the whole world Protagonist Julius is only 24 years old still a baby for dragon standards and the Deutsche Sagen runt in his family Not only is he the smallest of his clutch but he s also kind considerate politeeasonable and not at all aggressive WHAT THE HELL is the usual Irony and Idyll: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park on Screen reaction theest of his sisters and brothers have who can t wait to go around subjugating and hurting anyone who doesn t obey their mother s whimOne day his mother has had enough of him hiding from his siblings in his bedroom and decides to lock his shapeshifting abilities Having a useless brat in the family is not something the Heartstrikers want to advertise to the Our Yanks rest of the Dragon Clans so Julius s mother decides to give him a task and if he succeeds and proves his worth she won t have to send his older sister Chelsie to kill him Don t uestion Dragon logic ok The Siblings We don t get to see many of Julius s siblings but let me tell you THEY ARE AWESOME I complained about them being boring and predictable but I was proven wrong uite uickly Not only are they complicated than they first seem they are also epicly amazing and hilarious Like any Heartstriker the few brothers and sisters Julius meets along his way are way too trigger happy violence loving and manipulativeChelsie around 700 years old is the Heartstrikers best assassin She s not only her mother sight hand but she s also Rua responsible for keeping all of her siblings in check and eliminating anyone who crosses the line or annoys their mother Chelsie appears to know everything and to be everywhere often popping out of nowhere to clean Julius s mess or give him a friendly warningIan around 100 years old a calculative and probably the most ambitious Heartstriker despite his young age Very good at manipulating others to achieve what he wants He s the one who hires Julius to complete the taskBob around 800 years old is the family s highly treasured Seer able to see the future and predict any enemy attack and alsothe weirdest dragon alive If he wasn t an immortal being with 800 years of experience behind him you would think Bob was just high Stumbling around appearing out of nowhere as if by accident for noeason at all sending strange and meaningless phone mess. Bethesda the Heartstriker has finally eached the end of her patience Now sealed in human form and banished to the DFZ a vertical metropolis built on the uins of Old Detroit Julius has one month to prove that he can be a uthless dragon or kiss. Ages to his siblings that they freak out about them and take very seriously egardless of their brother s easy going nature Bob is also the most dangerous Heartstriker of them all You ll know why by the endJustin Oh my where do I start Justin is Julius s clutch mate meaning he s 24 as well He s also his mother s favorite child and often the most pampered one He gets the best tools and a lot of his mother s attention And no surprise Justin s dragon form is very large for a Hearstriker he s one of the best fighters in his family and he s a West Winds of Wyoming relatively valuable asset considering his age Only problem ishe isn t very smart and his common sense can be hard to find Most of his older siblings would muchather avoid dealing with a baby brother who has the tendency to be way too trigger happy even for the Heartstriker standards So when Justin is sent over to help Julius during his task it s difficult to say whether help is the The Necessary Art of Persuasion right wordOf course there are a few dragons in this story but thiseview is getting way too long as it is MarciMarci is hyper active too curious for her own good and a highly powerful mage with a very complicated life She s also Julius s side kick human servant according to his siblings who has no idea that she s working for a dragon nor the mess she s getting into or is it the other way around Anyways she s a cool character just not as interesting as the dragons Oh and she also bonded herself to a ather menacing ghost cat for lifedue to some weird circumstancesMy final impressionI absolutely loved it The story was alright the pace I thought was a little too slow at times the world building wasn t phenomenal but it was interesting enough I found the Yakuza dragon mafia element highly entertaining but what eally made this book great for me was the Characters They are hilarious complex despite their nature and interestingly enough Courting Scandal relatable yes even the menacing dragons I can t describe it with words all I know is that by the end my hands were itching to get the seuelAudiobookVikas Adam is hilarious he adds even humor to the dialogue and I loved his narration ConclusionWill Iead the seuel Gimme Gimme GimmeWill I eread Sure probably once I finish the seriesWill I buy a hard copy Depending on whether a like the seuel A few times I bought the whole series just because I enjoyed the first book and I egretted it later Will I ecommend to friends Yep if you e looking for a light and entertaining Urban Fantasy May Day read with good uality humor give Nice Dragons Finish Last a go If you find the first half a little bit boring like me don t worry it gets far betterPublished on the 15th of July My birthday It s a sign Audible Daily Deal Sale until 28Jan18 495425 Just try to forget I m watching your every move while silently judging you and make the decision as you normally would based on the information provided Thank You 3 3 StarsWhat a breath of fresh air Where has this book been in my tbr pile I should have dusted it off toeadlistened the audio is Eurodeutsch - Untersuchungen Zu Europaismen Und Internationalismen Im Deutschen Wortschatz: Eine Arbeit Aus Der Perspektive Der Eurolinguistik Am Beispiel Von Zeitungen Aus Deutschland, Osterreich, Der Schweiz Und Sudtirol really good forever ago Another YA book that proves that you don t have to have sighing teenagers whose eye dilate in a spectacular shade of blue and let out breaths they didn t know they were holding to have tension and a great story You could just actually have a plot and cool characters This was actually so good I don t even want to put it in my YA pileJulius is a horrible dragon He is the scrawniest least dragon like of all his many siblings He has no ambition to gain power no drive to hoard treasure and he is nice to humans of all things His mother has had enough of him hiding out in hisoom playing on the internet and not being dragonlike so she has bound him in his human form and he has a month to do something Dragon worthy or she is going to eat himI loved this story Julius is adorable in so many ways and he brought out this mothering instinct in me that made me want to nurture the kid But it isn t just Julius he hooks up with a witch to get a little help and I totally LOVE her Marci is a fantastic character and she was so much fun with her interesting witchy contraptions bubbly personality and curious nature She is hard not to like her but she is definitely has some demons and secrets that might be of a not so nice natureBut if you don t Grundriss Der Kolloidchemie (Classic Reprint) read this for one of the best Beta Boy characters I ve everead Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park read it for BOB So let me make sure I ve got this straight Marci said The three great dragon seers are the Black Reach Estella the Northern Star and Bob When Julius nodded she arched an eyebrow One of these things is not like the others He s actually Brohomir Great Seer of the Heartstrikers but he only answers to that on formal occasions or when he s booking tables atestaurants Bob is Julius s favorite brother or at least he will be in about a year according to Bob the Heartstrikers great and powerful seer Thing is getting caught up in Bob s potential futures could also get you killed He was hilarious and one of the best side characters I ve ead in a long time He seems a little on the cray cray side but that was part of the fun of little on the cray side but that was part of the fun of his Don t get your feathers in a fluff he chided I m here to help I can t let you have all the fun can I Julius gaped at him What s fun about almost dying But that s the best sort of fun Bob eplied The kind you can look back on centuries later and laugh about Of course since I m always centuries ahead I can laugh about it Niklas Luhmanns Theorie Sozialer Systeme. Eine Einführung right now There was some ground work set and you can tell that there are some bigger dragon politics and machinations going on it the background but the overall story and getting to know the characters magic and world was a lot of fun I m so happy I finally got to this bookI totallyecommend it to any Fantasy lover 5 dragonsstarsOh My Goodness Gracious MeTHIS BOOK I loved "It I Bought The "I bought the version based on a Soul of Sin recommendation well a number ofecommendations Tell Me More: Stories about the 12 Hardest Things I'm Learning to Say really and the fact it had been sat on my TBR list for a while I LOVE all things dragon I love fantasy I love magic I love world building I love character driven stories On occasion and when done well I love humourNice Dragons Finish Last delivered everything and and the audiobook narration by Vikas Adam made the experience all the enjoyableI m struggling on where to start with this There s so much to go over It s an urban fantasy without the urban fantasy tropes But despite the lack of expected stuff which can make a lot of urban fantasy boring this book is the start of what s sure to be a fantastic series I m so pleased all the books are out so I can devour them one after another I m already nearly halfway through book two and am loving that than this oneThe story kicks off with a mysterious prologue where wee introduced to the concept of magic and mages which is all very enjoyable and thought provoking Then we get straight into it with Julius the youngest smallest and weakest of all his siblings in the Heartstriker dragon clan waking up on the sofa in an immaculate apartment Jessica his sister has let him stay with her for the night after he was kicked out of home by their mother BethesdaA phone call from Bethesda lays everything out for him She s bored of him hiding in his oom a survival tactic Julius used to avoid his older aggressive siblings and has given him an ultimatum he has less than a month to do something draconic you know take over something command and conuer or she ll eat himAs punishment for being a whelp Julius has been sealed in his alternate human form by his mother While it has cut down on his appetite it means he can t transform into his true form a feathered dragon Bethesda is the daughter of the the ancient uetzalcoatlTo make matters even worse Julius has been sent to the Detroit Free Zone The DFZ is about the only place in the world where dragons are illegal and killed on site What a set up indeedWe e introduced to a number of characters all of whom I loved and some I loathed as well including the absolutely wonderful Marci She s not just some side character or love interest although there might be a few sparks building she s fully fleshed out with power and troubles of her own She and Julius make uite the pair when they end up togetherThere are also a number of Julius s siblings Bethesda is unlike most other dragons in that she s had a number of clutches over her life Ten to be exact Each clutch is named for a different letter of the alphabet with A clutch being the oldest down to J clutch where Julius comes in We meet a few of his siblings alongside Jessica Justin Ian Chelsie and Bob I can t get over how awesome Bob is They all are in their own way But Bob is extra special awesomeThere are other dragon clans including the amazing Svena Katya and Estella There are Seers too throwing a spanner in the worksThe lore and world building is as strong as the characters and their development You have spirits and shaman thugs from Las Vegas and uniue are magical items It s an unrelenting story in terms of pace action eveals twists and turns I could not predict what would happen and thought about this story as soon as I stopped Here's Luck readinglisteningIf you want a fun playful yet deathly dark and serious in numerous places highly entertaining I laughed out loud in my car so many times story this is one to go for The cover art too is DAZZLING and if you enjoy audiobooks I cannotate it highly enoughThe most fun Colorado Bodyguard reading I ve had in a very long timeToead the est of my eview including things I loved and didn t love head over to my website Dnf at 50%This isn t working for me Too childish and na ve for my taste It doesn t help that author has a habit of stating the obvious and then explaining it just in case you didn t grasp it the first time The Wisdom of Dead Men repeatedly There is just so much groaning and eyeolling I can do Giving it 2 stars since worldbuilding is passableFeels like this is directed towards much younger audience Could work for adults who enjoy eading children s books. His true shape goodbye forever But in a city of modern mages and vengeful spirits where dragons are considered monsters to be exterminated he’s going to need some serious help to survive this test He only hopes humans are trustworthy than dragon. ,

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