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I always find reviewing shorter works simply because my initial reaction most of the time concerns the length I really enjoyed by Cathy Maxwell The characters initial reaction most of the time concerns the length I really enjoyed Nightingale by Cathy Maxwell The characters on me their chemistry was intense their banter believable the setting realistic for the time period but I did find myself wanting Dane has returned as a successful businessman to the town where "his heart was broken Jemma has returned to the man she jilted now begging him to spare the life of her "heart was broken Jemma has returned to the man she jilted now begging him to spare the life of her brother From their very first look the tension between them is palpable Old hurts uickly resurface and raw emotions dampen the air Their backstory is revealed through their dialogue and yet I new there had to be to their childhood to their growing up their relationship and his subseuent marriage proposal than what is given to the reader These two characters already had an established relationship they shared a past and these parts would have helped given Jemma and Dane depth and cemented my connection to them As a short work I felt robbed of Rescuing Gus knowing but not really seeing that connection flashbacks while effective don t fill the void My frustration is a testament to the ability of Cathy Maxwell s talent to spin a tale and hook readers in The romantic aspect of Nightingale is just about perfect Each look each movement every touch has a reason and the tension between these two is profound They are so hard on themselves and don t believe they are worthy of the true love they felt for each other as teens Their reunion is something elseI admit I loved the spin the author gave the story Jemma s reason for marrying someone else was surprising but actually made a lot of sense and said a lot about her character too bad her scene with her mother wasn t longer When Dane thinks about it his consensus is welcome since the reader reaches the same decision when he does Very cool I zoomed through Nightingale As a short story it is tight grabs the reader and leaves them wanting Inow I didBlog tour Lindsay So today we re stepping back in time with Nightingale by Cathy Maxwell Personally I love historicals The women are always Class of 92: Out of Our League kick and tough and don t take any crap from anybody So going into this one I was excited It was going to be a second chance at love with some lingering hurt feelings and all that good stuff Nikki I was excited too I m still fairly new to the world of Historical Romance but this one sounded really interesting and I was looking forward to reading itLindsay Now for the other shoe to dropThe book wasn t awful but it wasn t the best we ve read either Going into it I wasn t aware that it was a novella I did see that it had been previously published but with the way some authors are putting full length novels in anthologies now seeing previously published in didn t mean a whole lot And I didn t go do research Because of the shortness of the story I had a hard time connecting with the 35I don tnow if I wasn t in the mood for this or what my problem was This sounded really good And I was able to make it through in one sitting I was intrigued by the set up that she showed up at his home to beg him not to fight her brother The author did a good job of including enough backstory to show the history the characters had and while I felt their connection to the past and their past feelings I wasn t as connected to their current attraction It just fell a little flat for me But this was a uick read and it had some steam I would definitely recommend it for those reasons alone Is trust ever easy to establish When love is betrayed and trust is broken what happens to the hearts of those lonely souls Might a man sink himself into loneliness and build an empire of power and wealth like what Sir Dane Pendleton has done Or might a woman abandon all hope for love her pride and risk it all for the redemption of her family as Jemma Carson did The reunion between Dane and Jemma was fraught with tension as he now held her brother s fate therefore hers by proxy in his hands and she has to appeal to the man whose heart she broke years ago Just wha. Fate has brought them together again At one time Jemma meant the world to Dane Pendleton but then she betrayed their young loveNow Time has turned the tables Dane is wealthy respected and nighted while Jemma has nothing. Nightingale

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Ovella about two former loves who after youthful mistakes get a
second chance to 
chance to their lives together Dane and Jemma had nown each other since childhood and fell madly in love when they were young Dane had plans to become a clergyman and devote his life to helping others something that Jemma supported and they were thinking of getting married but then she went off and married a titled gentleman seemingly out of the blue leaving Dane heartbroken Years have gone by during which Dane went to India where he hardened his heart and made his fortune Now he s back in England but his life seems rather empty Then one night he s challenged to a duel by Jemma s brother who is too drunk to How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead know any better Jemma who is now a widow comes to Dane to plead her brother s case She offers to let him bed her in exchange for sparing her brother s life but they both uickly discover that such close intimacy opens their hearts to one another again and that they can no longer live without each otherI came very close to giving this novella than four stars It s a very emotional story that tugged on my heartstrings and it s also deliciously steamy However the I thought about it the I realized that four stars was the appropriate rating for me The entire story takes place over a single night during which Dane and Jemma reconnect make confessions offer forgiveness and declare their undying love Their prior connection made all of this realistic but it s still pretty uick Also the characterizations aren t really deep They re good enough for this shorter format but I wouldn t have minded getting tonow Dane and Jemma a bit better Dane seemed like a good guy who d had his heart smashed and reacted in a relatable manner and despite everything deep down he has never stopped loving Jemma I didn t dislike Jemma but the fact that she d made promises to Dane which she broke didn t entirely sit well with me either It might have been the clich d route to take but I would have been accepting if her family had unduly influenced her decision to marry the other man Instead it was chalked up to youthful naivet and was a decision she regretted almost immediately after saying her vows She appeared to have grown since then but I felt like she could have had compelling reasons for what she did Overall though in spite of a few weaknesses I did very much enjoy Nightingale and it makes me look forward to trying of Cathy Maxwell s work in the future Nightingale was originally published in the anthology The One That Got Away but was later reprinted as a stand alone ebook published in the anthology The One That Got Away but was later reprinted as a stand alone ebook written lovely story beautiful cover35 rounded up to 4 This is one of those stories that is easy to get through and you ll be able to read it in one sitting yet it was well written and paced so that it actually felt longer than it really isCharacters are all three dimensional and plot is plausible and entertaining felt longer than it really isCharacters are all three dimensional and plot is plausible and entertaining I thoroughly enjoyed the complexity of Jemma and Dane s relationshipIf you re into complex relationship stories and especially second chance tropes I am sure you ll really enjoy this angst loss and redemption filled taleAlso if you ve never read this author before this short novella is perfect for you because it will only whet your appetite for this authorMelanie for b2bComplimentary copy provided by the publisher Nightingale by Cathy Maxwell is a 2014 Avon Impulse publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewThis novella was originally a part of a collection or omnibus release along with a 3 or 4 other short stories by various authors This book will now be available in digital format as a stand aloneYears ago Jemma and Dane were in love and planned to spend their lives together But when Jemma received an offer from another man who had a title her parents urged her accept and she did Now she finds herself widowed and near destitution Her brother is all that eeps her and her mother from a life on the streets But he has now put them all in jeopardy by getting drunk and challenging Dane to a duel Jemma s on. Ll he accept her devil's bargainIn every woman's life there is that one flame who slipped away The man who makes her wonder what if But is this a momentary madness or a chance to rekindle a love that could last a lifetim. T remained of their fiery love In Nightingale Cathy Maxwell weaved a fantastic tale of a loss regret and sacrifice on a dramatic Shakespearean stage with the theme of moving forward The opportunity of a second chance is alas a tempting one but filled with the perils of losing one s heart a second time for Jemma who sacrificed her future with Dane the only man she s loved to marry for her family and for Dane who wanted a humble life but sought wealth for Jemma s sake It is fitting perhaps to compare this story to that of O Henry s The Gift of the Magi in that at the end both characters realized all they needed was love and it is this love alone that will realign their paths to happiness I was very impressed with the way Maxwell handled the second chance idea in this novella giving both characters time to address and admit their own mistakes hopes and ultimately existent love for each other to eventually craft a future together with the one who got away Overall this is a deeply satisfying novella for the romance reader s palate and definitely worth a read Short second chance romance Easy read no surprises Disclosure I received this review copy for this event Thank you to Avon Impulse Cathy Maxwell and Tasty Book Tours for the opportunity Yes this is an honest review The first uestion that came to mind when I finished reading this e novella was Why a Nightingale so I looked online to see what the bird symbolised in literature and art and I also looked at the etymology of the word The name of the bird translates to night song and the common thread in how it has been used in literature is sadness And there s a lot of sadness and sacrifice that happens in Jemma and Dane S Story They Were s story They were lovers with very simple dreams of being together but family and a lack of fortune forces them apart Jemma chooses to marry a titled wealthy man and Dane decides to forego his dreams of being a vicar and travels to India to seek his fortuneThe tale of star crossed lovers is age old and often ends in tragedy our hero and heroine s story seems to be heading in that direction with a duel looming between Dane and Jemma s brother It is up to Jemma to change the course of their lives but it would mean confronting Dane for the first time in years It is a painful confrontation where Dane and Jemma learn some truths about each other and there is a silent sadness to their story and one uestion hanging between them What IfShe wondered if the many mistresses he was rumoured to eep found him as loving and adoring as she once had She felt a stab of jealousy coupled with the bile of regretHe could have been hers loc 105The night she visits Dane is a critical point in her life though she doesn t realise it at the beginning it took a lot of courage for Jemma to go to Dane and Cathy Maxwell shows what she had to give up for the sake of her family she gave up a chance at happiness with Dane in exchange for security and a title Here she is given another chance and another choice I held my breath as Jemma considered her situation and I wondered will she take the chance and make the right choice this timeI felt very sad for Dane s lost dreams he she take the chance and make the right choice this timeI felt very sad for Dane s lost dreams he wanted to be a vicar marry Jemma and live uietly in the village but because he felt he needed to prove something to Jemma and himself he traveled to India and has returned a rich man Now what Dane had accomplished what he had set out to do but he still feels discontent because he still doesn t have the one person that he wanted and loved Dane is also standing at the precipice and Jemma is there challenging him to make a choice life and love or death What I enjoyed most was how the author didn t allow her characters to regret their past choices but gave them the realisation that all those choices all those years shaped them to be the people they are While the poignancy of what if continues to linger I think the excitement of the what now is the greater force This is a very sweet and sentimental story about two people who are given a second chance Reviewed for THC Reviews Nightingale is a stand alone But her prideHis honor for hers Dane's name is on the lips of every beauty in London They whisper that he learned tricks while he was in the Orient But has he forgotten Jemma and what they once meant to each otherAnd wi.
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