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Ith Inukashi because this volume introduces Inukashi and therefore immediately gets bonus points Seriously I can t get used to it Again I get the choice but my brain is a lost cause and sticks with Nezumi forever after Oh wellUpon rebrowsing the volume for this very insightful hohum review I noticed no gender pronouns seem to be used for Dogkeeper so far Kind of hoping that keeps up I know it s a very minor detail in the grander scheme of things but ssh This volume also comes with some extras namely a report of the voice recordings for the anime drawn by Kino and some four panel comics mostly with the boys being domestic which is always a plus and I would definitely buy 10 volumes with ust that I m not kiddingAlso Shion with puppies I m Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life just sayingYeah I m not the most critical reviewer since Iust love the series so much especially the characters who really are the heart of it Sorry Five stars because reasons in that case Honestly still kind of confused I m ust waiting for something to happen Not sure if it was my mood or the author getting in stride but this seemed to hang together much better than the first volume The outside slum town was generic but still interesting than the dull utopia inside and I liked the Dogkeeper Looking forward to learning about the Evil Scientists plot specifics. At Him Into Exile him into exile loyalty to the people he left behind and Rat's thirst for threaten to tear the pair apa. Le who basically all act the worst because that S HOW THEIR WORLD WORKSAND ON THE IMPORTANT SIDE how their world worksAnd on the important side things The rats are finally AS CUTE AS IN THE ANIME cute as in the anime was disappointed at first but now they re adorable We re getting deeper into the mystery Nezumi s little flirting gives me life Onto volume two And from hereon Shion s hair will be white as the cover subtly spoils cough I actually keep forgetting it used to be brownHaving very recently reread the first three novels again I really start to notice ust how faithful the manga adaptation is to the novels Minor changes have been made and will be made for the sake of the medium of course but a lot of lines and scenes made it literally into the manga You can decide if that s a plus or a con for me it s a definite plus The main reason I picked up the manga as well as the novels is because of the "art style so it makes me happy to see the same "style so it makes me happy to see the same I love now in Kino s style okay that and it s a back up in case my Japanese sinks back so far that I need some straws to grasp to get back into the novels again I hope it doesn t get to that point of course but yeah It helps me form a better mental image of the West Block too as I reread the novelsTranslation is mostly very natural again though my brain still auto replaces Rat with Nezumi and now Dogkeeper Glimpse of the desperation and violence that are facts of life outside the city wall And as Shion learns about the secret th. ,
I love this so much I loved the character development and increasing drama of this volume especially Nezumi alter ego Eve This continues right where the last volume left off and follows Shion as he tries to figure out what the heck is going on in the Utopia known as No6 If you haven t read volume one go read it first or else you ll be lostI like this series so far I m not too familiar with everything in the dystopian genre but from the few I ve read this is groundbreaking as far as YA dystopian is concerned I ust really really enjoy the politic as YA dystopian is concerned I ust really really enjoy the politic in this story I m enjoying this way than I thought I would I m pleased Shion and Nezumi are both way funnier than they were in the anime and I wonder if that s what they re like in the novel Same with some of the small other things that didn t happen like that in the animeI also enjoy that people keep assuming Nezumi keeps Shion around because he s his lover cause on one hand their reactions are hilarious and on the other it s a logical assumption to make in the world they live in and I like that the manga isn t shying away from itI thought the anime the world they live in and I like that the manga isn t shying away from itI thought the anime a bit better at showing how bleak the world outside the city is lookwise somehow in the manga Nezumi has a working hot shower A bath seemed believable to me but here we meet of the peop. I KNEW NOTHING BEFORE TODAY With the help of the enigmatic Rat Shion becomes a fugitive escaping No 6 and getting his first. ,
NO6 ナンバーシックス 2