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Group learn how to help and show compassion Listen to my podcast interview with the author here Note I read this book while also reading What Is a Girl Worth My Story of Breaking the Silence and Exposing the Truth about Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics by Rachael Denhollander As they are both about abuse their respective reviews might bleed together somewhat Reading both together I saw many similarities between them and "the differences I saw between the two books showed their uniue strengths I strongly recommend reading both books though they "differences I saw between the two books showed their uniue strengths I strongly recommend reading both books though they unrelated outside of topic SUMMARY Let me get it out of the way this book was written by an abuse survivor or abuse victims and survivors The author makes mention at the beginning and the end that she started writing this book to better help her husband understand what was happening in her heart and mind day to day as an abuse When evil looms and darkness Jurisdiction falls And tragedy is breakingWhen all that s good seems overturnedBy God I m notorsakenFor though I Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks fall or wanderarI m not too Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets faror savingAnd when my Shepherd seeks and Cartagena (A Vintage Short) findsHow can I keeprom singing 229So cantillates Jennifer Michelle Greenberg mother wife writer musician and abuse survivor in her new 240 page hardback Not Forsaken A Story of Life After Abuse This volume is the tale of her terrors and troubles at the hands of an abusive Clawback father and it isar ar It is truly a story of life after abuse abundant life ound only in the One who is the Way the Truth and the Life An easy to read book it is ideally suited Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America for those who have been traumatized and those who long to help the trampled I am not my abuser I have a choice I aspire to heal and grow by God s grace 82Greenberg inaugurates Not Forsaken with short heart rending glimpses of her childhood to give the reader a deep sense that this is not a a disaffected academic research project but life andlesh and grief and pain woven into the iber of each page Yet the author does not dwell long in those dark corners and dank memories She uickly moves on to uncover the the substance of health and wholeness She leaves little wiggle room or an abuser s self justifications In Empire of Sin fact she rightly statesor the good of survivors that you won t recover rom evil if you can t admit what is evilFor when we call evil what it is only do we embark upon the process

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recovery be we our abuser power our minds 51Not Forsaken also helps the victims to work through the voices in their head the og of confusion the backbreaking weight of borrowed guilt and the manipulative ploys used by their perpetrators that linger The author even takes a constructive jaunt down the trail of My Wife's Affair forgiveness making very useful distinctions and voicing invaluable perceptions I deeply appreciated Greenberg s clear eyed depictions of the traits of an abuser and the trademarks of a gracer 44. He darkest of situations Jenn shows how the gospel enables survivors to navigate issues of guiltorgiveness love and value And she challenges church leaders to protec.

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Not ForsakenA powerful resourceAs a survivor of a violent alcoholic abusive ather that had to step in Inspirations front of my little sisters so he would hit me and not them I can personally relate to Jenn s story and to how abuse can really warp one s own view of self and everything elseToday aull 35 years after the last time my dad tried to beat me with his ists I can concur with a lot of the emotional discoveries she made and even add kudos or her elegant analysis of how Christ can set us Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You free as we turn to Him I was even able to reconcile with my earthlyather as he took responsibility Slo Mo! for the abuse he dished out I even have hopeor my suicidal daughter who says she also wants to read the book Are you a Christian and an abuse survivor Are you trying to understand a loved one who has suffered Poor Mrs. Rigsby from years of mistreatment I can not recommend Not Forsaken enoughor youWhen I irst started reading this book I wished deeply that I had something similar when I started my own healing journey three years agoJennifer suffered under basically every orm of her abuse her entire life and wrote this book to untangle many of the lies told to her in her healing process Should you orgive an abuser Should you just orget it Is your pain really that serious If you are at the beginning of your healing journey this book is a very approachable place to start in understanding your own st Redeeming and hopeful true life story that s beneficial War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today for not only victims or survivors of abuse but pastors Christian leaders and members of survivors as well In this part memoir part theology of abuse and abuse survival Jennifer shows that God is on the side of the abused His heart is grieved by their pain and he has notorsake the abused She shares definitively A Boy in Winter from Scripture that God never onceorsook her even when she was walking in the darkest depths of the Valley of the Shadow of Death In the heart wrenching beautiful and refreshing pages of this book Jennifer discusses Jesus s heart or the abused God as our true and perfect Father understanding the image of God in yourself after abuse orgiveness and so much Jennifer handles a raw emotional and immensely difficult topic with the grace of someone who has "been through harshest ires and Deepest Valleys And Lived valleys and lived tell the tale Her aith will both rebuke and "through harshest The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post fires and deepest valleys and lived to tell the tale Heraith will both rebuke and you in yours With the heartbreaking prevalence of metoo and churchtoo Not Forsaken is extremely relevant to our timefull review If you have ever suffered abuse in any Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution form seek healing you need to read Not Forsaken by Jennifer Michelle Greenberg In relating her pain she shares how she came to heal and invites others to heal with her I justinished it a On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock few minutes ago and highly recommend itor survivors those struggling to survive and those who want to understand what others deal with in order to survive abuse The book will help this last. Jenn Greenberg was abused by her church going ather Yet she is still a Christian In this courageous compelling book she reflects on how God brought life and hope in ,
51 This book is definitely a story about life after abuse and how to actually live after abuseFittingly did Russell Moore "president of Ethics Religious Liberty Commission pen in the orward that what is most real "of Ethics Religious Liberty Commission pen in the orward that what is most real the cosmos is the action of grace in territory held largely by the devil Therefore Christians should be above all people those who understand the reality of trauma And we should be above all people those who know that trauma is not invincible to the workings of grace 9 This book is just the book to give Christians the means to understand trauma and rejoice that trauma and evil are not invincible to the workings of God s grace And this book is just the book to give the traumatized abused and surviving a hopeful and healthy way to be swept up in the workings of grace as it #VANUISHES EVIL I NOT ONLY RECOMMEND THE BOOK I #evil I not only recommend the book I you to obtain copies to give to the scarred and violated My thanks to The Good Book Company or sending me a copy of the book at my reuest which I used Nini for this review They made no stipulations or specifications Therefore this assessment is my ownreely penned and I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) freely presented If the balm of Gilead were something tangible it would be this book This booklows over all the wounded places in your soul and reminds you that you re enough Jenn writes with such humility yet such intense compassion that you eel your heart healing even as you weep because you realize you re no Longer Alone You Re alone You re a ailure or what you eel today You re not a ailure because of what has happened yesterday The beautiful thing is that this is NOT a self help book she doesn t cheapen God s grace that way The entire book is nothing short of her pointing towards the only One who can make sense out of our lives and put them back together Every chapter every story every verse Jenn weaves in Christ and His magnificent goodness and reminds us that His true love really DOES conuer all This book won t cure you This book won t magically make all the pain go away It will though tell you that it s okay to hurt it s okay to still not know the answers It s okay because there is Someone waiting who desperately loves you and wants to walk this road with you Not Forsaken is part memoir part theology Greenberg s book is ull of grace and redemption no pull yourself up by the bootstraps Victorious Christian Living theology here She points to Jesus as the source of love and wholeness in every chapter I Camp Rex found the chapter onorgiveness in which the author deals with myths about orgiveness and the chapter on love in which she looks at each part of 2 Corinthians 13 to show what love really is to be particularly good I would recommend this book to any Christian who is trying to heal rom abuse in their past deal with abuse in their present or who is trying to walk with someone else through abuse pastors counselors riends etc. T the vulnerable among their congregationsHer reflections offer Biblical truths and gospel hope that can help survivors of abuse as well as those who walk alongside th.
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