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S uite enjoyable I absolutely loved THIS STORY SO MUCH MUCH story so much much much than some of the stories available for purchasing I stayed up to 3am nights to read it as it is a little over 1000 yes 1k full 8x10 pages It made me laugh cry and think it is just not the story of two brothers in love with each other it as such an intense plot and sub plots that I just could not put it down As of today it is not yet finished with two chapters to go and I ope the author Teeta finishes them uickly I am now going to re read it Very Slowly Make Sure You slowly Make sure you read the two side stories to this Top Dogs which you need to read after chapter 24 and Scary Movies which is very very HOT above is to author s fictionpress where she explains the story will return some day. E for everyone; for further details check out the author's webpage Status In progressIncompleteLast update 072611Word count approx 487065. ,

Not Supposed ToLoved it Used to read it as it came out Never forgot about this two characters 5 starsBut I Could never uite pardon that they didn t finish it by 1 or 2 chapters 1 star I can t in good conscience recommend it to anyoneYes there was drama and it got down but if memory serves the story stalled before then and that s why it wasn t finishedThe moral of the story is if you are
"releasing in instalments "
in instalments a sizeable amount of followers and the story is almost done Make an effort to finish it Because you never know what might appen and your readers should at least merit getting an ending The story was started in 2006 and taken down in 2011 5 years later PS The web page shows a chat from 2014 saying they she are rewriting it I m sure it can do with a good REVIEW. THERE ARE THINGS THAT ARE NOT SUPPOSED There are things that are not supposed appen like being kissed by your brotherThis opened Uri's eyes to the fact that is brother Sha.

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But SERIOUSLY Please We want the freaking ending Rewrite
"it once you "
once you given us our ending PLEASE puppy eyes This story was interesting interesting enough that I stayed up until 400 in the morning the first day and 230 in the morning the secondThis ll end up the morning the first day and 230 in the morning the secondThis ll end up into of a rant on characters than a review I think I loved this story Unfortunately it s a WIP and I wasn t aware of that fact until the very end I probably wouldn t ave started reading if I คินดะอิจิยอดนักสืบ 29 หน้ากากมรณะ คินดะอิจิ โคสุเกะ had knownEverything progresses very slowly and it can be a bit tiring at times but the very relationship between the two brothers somehow makes up for it I m terribly interested in the rest of the story but I m afraid I m not all that patient and Iate waiting Still there is a lot to read so far and it. Wn could evoke unwanted feelings in Golden Hill himNow the confused teen fights this attraction Wille succeed Note this story is no longer availabl. .