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Tisfy the LEP 24 challenge Written by A Male Author So The Second Volume male author so the second volume nutmeg was goodi gotta be honest and say that graphic novels are not truly my cup f tea for the most part but every Condor once in awhile i ll feel like reading them and i always go for the pretty girlynes ie lumberjanes sunstone harrow county idk i consider those to be Deception ones that many girls would enjoy and so nutmeg was a no brainer what with its pastel colors and baked goods what the hell is it about baked goods that is so appealing i m not just talking about the eatingf them which is Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß obvious but even picturesf them The Bride in Blue or descriptionsf them The Life Lucy Knew or coloring that is reminiscentf them has me going

anyway so basically nutmeg involves girls who. Criminal enterprise with gusto They strike a blow against rival Saffron but trouble's brewing in the form f. ,

The second volume f Nutmeg continues to juxtapose an ever darkening plot With Bright Pastels And bright pastels and art As enjoyable as the first volume Not sure why I darkening plot with bright pastels and cartoony art As enjoyable as the first volume Not sure why I reading this Maybe I was swayed by the pretty art There isn t much to the story The brownie recipes in the back are sometimes interesting than the story which is standard Mean GirlsJawbreakers drama Love this whole series Nutmeg is The Bridal Suite onef my favorite independent comics and I was lucky enough to meet writer James F Wright at Wondercon this year Nutmeg Vol 2 starts to carry The Troublesome Angel out the plan that the girls created in volumene along with some cute little twists This comic is a must for anyone interested in graphic novels baking r A COOL MYSTERYTHIS WAS READ TO cool mysteryThis was read to Vol 2 Late Fall Brownie Points collects issues 4 6 f Nutmeg as Poppy and Cassia take to their brownie baking. Are rebelling against a pretty bitchy girl group at their school and since bitchy girls are girl group at their school and since the girls are baked goods poppy and decide to do the same The Desert Princes Proposal only they make theirs with a lotf nutmeg which apparently has like hallucinogenic properties it s The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho okay i don t like the ideaf what they are doing which is giving samples The Million-Dollar Question out to get people hooked so that they can t help but buy these girls are basically drug pushers lmaobut i really like the artwork and the cooling rack section where the author and artists interact with fans and stuff so i m gonna read the 3rd volume and see if it gets any better maybe in the end they ll redeem themselves Another delightful Nutmeg trade And now I have anverwhelming desire to bake. Teen detectives Ginger and Anise The biggest bstacle though might just be Poppy herself Collects Nutmeg 4

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Nutmeg Volume 2

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