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This book is very informative book It is meant for a preschool age child but is written on middle school level However it is an alphabet book This book simply is odd It does NOT hold the attention of pre school age child The subject matter is simply not age appropriate Yet what middle school child will read an alphabet book The content is such that I have kept it to serve as resource for papers Has A Lot Of Good a lot of good but real juxtaposition in presentation and focus for target audience I want to be member of our group can ou believe i am shocked to see there are tidbits of info i didn t know about VA i love this state

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call my home i love it for my love of history and great amazing people we are a lover of many things wine history views mtns hiking biking whatever sport or crafty time u enjoy we have it here and we share that love with others pictures history facts information and ideals about virgina It s a children s historical alphabet book but as a historian and a person currently studying the dark history of Virginia for a research project I m always curious what we are teaching our children I know it s hard to pack rhetoric and deeper understanding into a children s book #But Since This One #since this one in depth than some I m holding it accountable the nonchalance with which it mentions enslaved people et still reveres those who owned enslaved people is just one of the problematic issues alongside the mentioning of American Indians only as wives and hostile killers We open right up with a portr. Illustrated by Troy HowellFrom Arlington National Cemetery once part of Robert E Lee's homestead to magnificent Monticello Virginia has always had a prominent place in American history Jamestown Williamsburg and even the Pentagon are just a few of the many places highlighted in O is for Old Dominion Readers will also be introduced to.
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O is for Old Dominion A Virginia Alphabet Edition 1 Discover America State By State Alphabet SeriesAit of Robert E Lee somehow weaseling him right into the A slot and perpetuating the myth that he was anti slavery when we know that he himself owned enslaved people You simply can t be anti anything while also participating in it we call that hypocrisy and it shouldn t earn ou points in a kids book The book does try to address Virginia s troubled past with slavery but with simplistic words like sadly and a cherrypicking of who gets blamed for it Jefferson and Washington are sueaky clean of course it doesn t punch this button hard clean of course it doesn #t uite punch button hard especially when it nonchalantly boasts Confederate #uite punch this button hard especially when it nonchalantly boasts Confederate at Richmond s Capitol has a very unhealthy obsession with shoehorning the utterly awful Stonewall Jackson into every letter possible and ends with an apologetic eah but for racist buttmunch Zachary freakin Taylor And in between Monticello warrants the letter M without mentioning that it was a slave plantation while Jefferson only has two daughters so the whole controversy is ignored with our revered founding father The erasure of Native Americans as First Peoples is also problematic and a missed opportunity since Virginia has such a rich Native history with sentences like Hampton Roads being significant since colonists landed at nearby Cape Henry in 1607 with no regard for the American Indians who were there first and who no doubt found it significant well before colonists came and had no doubt already named the location something else The only mention of Native Americans as a whole is hostile Indians killi. Such history makers as George Washington Patrick Henry and Booker T WashingtonPamela Duncan Edwards came from England to live in Virginia twenty ears ago and fell in love with her new home Pamela was a children's librarian before becoming the author of nearly twenty five picture books She thinks Virginia is the most beautiful state ,

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Ng the innocent settlers of Jamestown and Pocahontas making an appearance as the wife of John Rolfe in a very Euro centric entry that also perpetuates the myth of John Smith and glosses over Stockholm Syndrome rather troublingly Be prepared for the whole thing to be wicked Euro centric kings ueens and shitpiece Walter Raleigh as a great explorer And of course as a francophile I gritted my teeth through the attribution of the American Foxhound entirely to George Washington without even a mention of the man who brought French Breeding Foxhounds To breeding foxhounds to as a gift Lafayette and the man who had brought English foxhounds to America a century earlier Robert Brooke already creating the first strain of American hounds but that is just pedantic I know I know and I am just a delicate liberal snowflake for wanting accuracy and the understanding that nothing exists in a vacuum I know I know Now that I ve griped about the problematic nature of many entries in the book I should end by saying it does have many pros It s loaded with knowledge I learned things I didn t know the illustrations are nice there s a good deal of African American mentions as something other than slaves there s non problematic stuff like state butterflies and flowers and the book goes way in depth than any alphabet book I ve ever seen before It just reuires a few asterisks This picture book contains interesting facts about American history for each letter of the alphabet From A is for Arlington to Z is for Zachary TaylorGrade 1 3Heather. Nd hopes she will live there forever Pamela makes her home in Vienna Virginia Artist Troy Howell has had a prolific career as a children's book illustrator with countless books to his credit He received his formal art education from the Art Center in Los Angeles and the Illustrators' Workshops in New York Troy lives in Falmouth Virgin.