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Gross grammatical error etc Characters are very well developed especially for such a short novel The author is efficient However there is a short novel The author is efficient However there is desert of nothing around the middle of the story where something should be a hole rife with possibility where the reader s imagination must supply everything The ending is weakened by this but overall it was entertaining You can read the whole book in an hour maybe two Well written but slower paced and less action than in Sargent s other books Maybe she planned on writing a seuel but lacking that this volume comes across as oddly existential Probably best for curious fans of Pamela Sargen. Elves uestioning whether this handsome being

#was an angel #
an angel to rescue them or a dark being bearing terrible dange. Enigmatic new neighbourBut once the story hits the halfway mark Sargent seriously loses control of her pace and narrative What had been mysterious and hopeful becomes dreary and confusing with muddled motivations and a sense that there s perhaps an allegory here that lacks framing and the book ends hopefully but without the main characters having learned or changed A or less simple story with an interesting plot and ideas and a refreshingly female protagonist Reminds me of an episode of original Star Trek drawn out to book length Well written and at first engaging No issues with overused favorite words or expressions free of. O overcome America's depression and despair are or expressions free of. O overcome America's depression and despair are faced WITH A NEW REALM OF POSSIBILITIES BUT THEY FIND a new realm of possibilities But they find .

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I could only give two stars The Premise Of Having An As A of having an alien as a lodger is intriguing but the story was short and not developed enoughThe did do a good job on Sarah the main character The other characters were just averageIf ou are curious it is only 168 pages and Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you could read it in one sittingPS Don t let this review turnou off Pamela Sargent I ve read other books by her that were much better Full of possibilities This starts so well a future America hit by depression and slowly becoming a police state a well drawn protagonist who goes about her life as best she can some varied secondary characters and the. When a mysterious stranger appears in Sarah and Gerard's rural town the two oung lovers fighting a fervent battle Alien Upstairs