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Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding uIs that one keeps to their commitments The final lesson he learns is one that s been around for a long long time the path is the goal As much as people kept asking him what he thought he d do after the 52 weeks were over the it seemed like this project was going to be that Not continuing to do one week jobs but talking to students about their lives and careers Emphasizing that while it s important to do something you re passionate about you can change your mind later and money isn t everything Sean was fairly sure of some of these things going in but they were just theories whereas at the end he was sure he d proven what was importantAt first I found it a little strange that he keptsing American statistics when he was in Canada but about half way through the project he started working a lot in the US so then it made sense A lot of this project came together through serendipity but that s often true in the real world that s how I got my first real job He travelled all over North America even to Hawaii He learned a lot of valuable lessons how to motivate people and how not to the importance of communication and what was important to him This experience is going to stay with him for manymany years I found his story inspiring and reassuring I think a lot of 21 to 25 year olds would find Sean s story very valuable In fact I intend to send this copy to my brother and mention it to a couple of my mentees I appreciate that Mr Aiken went to so much trouble to really find his life s calling and I hope others will be inspired by his experiment to not be pressured into doing what their parents think they should do and instead refuse to settle There is no easy answer that will tell a recent grad exactly what they should do in life but I hope this book tells them that s okay Speaking as a former bartender research assistant receptionist mortgage typist retailer telemarketer box office assistant manager babysitter and library assistant I agree with Mr Aiken that you can really do anything and you can also change if that doesn t work out It s frustrating when you re in the I don t know what I want to do stage but it won t last forever and you will find something to do Hopefully it ll also be rewarding and satisfying but figuring out what you want to do is part of the goal itself I wish Mr Aiken much luck in his future endeavors Spoiler Alert Sean was graduated at the top of his class in college and spoke at graduation He is a very likable and smart guy He still wasn t sure what he wanted to do so he got the idea to try 52 jobs each lasting one week The crazy thing is that he didn t have a budget and got sponsors and people donated stuff to him too The other crazy thing is that a lot of companies really wanted him to work for them and sometimes even paid for his plane ticket sometimes even paid for his plane ticket get there etc The thing that kept me reading is that I was very curious as to what he learned from his journely Here s the spoiler He tried all different kinds of jobs and he found that the common theme that came with people liking their jobs was 1They liked the people the worked with 2They felt like they were making a difference contributing or needed in some wayI love the people I work with a difference contributing or needed in some wayI love the people I work with I feel like I m making a big difference I enjoyed this book albeit it was difficult to pin down what this book was about It is best to start with what this book is not It is not a how to guide on determining one s penultimate career nor is not an in depth look into 52 jobs Rather the book chronicles one individual s journey in answering the "Uestion What Do I Want "what do I want do with my life This is intertwined with his personal and familial relationships handling his 15 minutes of fame and travel stories Overall the book was an entertaining easy read that does a great job getting the read to ask themselves the same estion what do you want to do with your life No book will solve this riddle but getting people to recognize that there is not one definitive answer is a success in itself. L and importantly what makes them happyOver the course of his year on the road Sean learned about work friendship love and life than he ever imagined This honest hilarious inspiring account is a must read for anyone who’s ever asked themselves “What should I do with my life”. ,

Normally I love books like this this one didn t do it for me I had a problem with his basic thesis I don t know what I want to do after college so I m going to do a bunch of different things Who cares It s not like the first job you get out of college defines your career Most people I know didn t even have majors that are remotely related to their current careerIt was also irritating how he did not their current careerIt was also irritating how he did not many of the jobs fully just a paragraph or so while instead spent numerous pages pon his new girlfriend In the end it was neither interesting nor informative How cool is it to gain a sampling of one s 52 jobs over a 52 week period How bizarre when someone s outlandish idea catches on and makes a living for him How interesting is it to learn what motivates various people I thoroughly enjoyed reading this I say pssht to the reviewer who criticized the lack of job descriptions The point of anybody s time at a job is experience gained and relationships made not your tasklist No one cares what you know how to do on a resume They care about how you contributed to a Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand uantifiable goal and they need to know that you have the know how to be able to do it again as is applicable to the hiring company Reading this allowed me as close to the full experience as possible I had moments of wishing I could high five the triumphs or empathize the pitfalls Alas it is a book But hey it is a book that you can read and I imagine it is still relevant if you are to read it again in ten years in pursuit of your work passion or even just as entertainment It s all good AJ Jacob s said it best I can t say wether Sean was a good auarium host or tattoo artist but I do think he is very good at one job writingIn this book Sean takes you on a journey When you first pick itp you may only be expecting a detailed list of each job what he learned from the job and whether or not he liked it But there is SO much Sean takes you through a journey One that involves love pain difficult truths wisdom and self discovery Every page left me wanting Simply said I loved this book I purchased it from before I even finished it I love that I got a peek inside of various jobs a chance to discover what he was REALLY searching for and a little down to earth real life gritSean can write And it s true I wish I too could go on such an awesome Brothers uest Boring memoir of a spoiled 25 year old living in his parents basement who doesn t know who he wants to be when he growsp The author was nlikable in my opinion and the story was about him finding a girlfriend and having a good time with his friend Ian than it was about the actual jobs he took I was really hoping for insight into the jobs he worked at but the interesting jobs were only described in a brief blurb while his experiences with people who gave him a place to stay and his hitchhiking adventures made p most of the writing No I would not recommend this book I m very thankful that I did not pay any money for this book and received it as a trade 455 StarsIt s not often that I read non fiction but I m glad I did with this one The first few pages resonated with me and got me hooked right away Sean spoke about being a 25 year old living in his parents basement and I immediately thought back to my own life less than a year ago The book made me re think some of the important decisions I ve made Am I doing what I love Should I be doing something else I thought about myself and my life I think Sean made a good point when he spoke about not being reuired to do something forever We can grow and change and take on different roles as we feel we need to What became ite clear to me is that we should never measure someone s success on their material wealth rather their personal wealth story and experiences are what define s Sean is relatable and the message does not come off as preachy at all I also thought a lot about what he said about growing old and talking about regrets and how we don t have to be that person We can change that When Sean Aiken graduated from college he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life so he decided to try everything Thus began the one week job project in which Sean would work a different job each week for a year Sean's remarkable journey took him across North America workin. One week Job ProjectThe
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Oday take risks and do what we want now so that those stories we will tell won t be regrets In the last year I think I ve moved closer to seeking out experiences moving to a new place trying different thing This book has reminded me that we should never settle for anything we can choose to change our path at any point and that we may make mistakes along the way but we are human and can start fresh at any moment in time Enjoyed this book There are so many gimmicky things around lately but this was a gimmick I was interested in It does bother me that he mentions his friends are the people of red paperclip fame which makes me feel like they sit around plotting on how to make money and get their 15 min of fame which makes me feel kind of duped But whatever OnwardWriting is decent for a book of this sort Stories are interesting I would have been okay with hearing less about his love life and about some of the jobs If you are reading this to hear a summary of 52 different jobs don t Some jobs he explains others he doesn t If you are reading this to see what he thinks is the best job don t He doesn t pick one If you are reading this to see what he thinks is important in a job and factors that bring happiness do I did finish this book but it was struggle I found this book to be about the author s life rather than the actual jobs he worked I would have loved to have read about the jobs themselves and the type of people that worked them Instead it was mainly about the author finding love at the start of his years of jobs and the will theywon t they manage to continue a long distance relationship I did however love the little facts relating to each job at the start of each chapter they were the saving grace for me with this book and perhaps the only reason I actually finished it If you like this sort of book premise then try Danny Wallace Yes man it s much better and very very funny I heard about The One Week Job Project One Man One Year 52 Jobs by Sean Aiken on NPR many months ago I love books where people do something crazy for a year My Jesus Year The Urban Hermit Not Buying It I also am a mentor at my college through the career center for young and future alumni in my industry I encourage everyone to do this actually it s been really rewarding and involved surprisingly little effort Really the biggest effort is that I give them advice and occasionally do a resume critiue My little brother graduated from college last year and has only been marginally employed since then So this book about a 25 year old who doesn t know what to do with his life so decides to try 52 different jobs in a year appealed to me on a whole bunch of levels It s a very readable memoir and Sean is a relatable guy He s not doing this because of any kind of failure or lack of effort he was valedictorian in college after all But young adults get a lot of well intentioned but La muralla verde useless advice that just stresses them out In particular they re freuently told that they have to make career decisions RIGHT NOW and those decisions will affect The Rest Of Their Lives I m here to tell you that s so not true And Sean discovered that too There was no big plan here Basically Sean camep with the idea his friend Ian helped him build the website and then he mostly just winged it He didn t take every job offer that came his way but he did always manage to have a new job every week A few were jobs he was very interested in like advertising and stock trading and others were just really random like cowboy and cattail picker This isn t "A BUSINESS OR SELF HELP BOOK "business or self help book so he doesn t give a 2 3 page recap of every job In fact he rarely talks about the jobs at all Because one of the things he eventually learns is that despite the jobs at all Because one of the things he eventually learns is that despite the that one does spend at least 40 hours a week in their job one s job isn t necessarily one s life He learns that life happens regardless of plans both good meeting a girl and bad an illness in the family And he learns that one difference is being a grown The New Competition up. G as a bungee jump operator tattoo artist auarium guide advertising executive brewmaster and cancer fundraiser In each new job he learned not only about himself but also about the people around him finding out what drives people to choose a certain career what makes them successfu.

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