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N will probably be determined by your ability to just go with the flow Kind of like a batter facing a knuckleballer just accept that nothing Kind of like a batter facing a knuckleballer just accept that nothing straight and work from that belief BASEBALLIt s baseball season and here s a great collection of night time one story a collection of night time one story a short stories that will fire you pIt s baseball as I remember it as a kidWonderful readAnd here s a great review If you re a true baseball aficionado you ll appreciate this collection of baseball stories by Bob Weintraub Painting the Corners Volume 1 A Collection of Off Centre Baseball Stories Iguana Books 2012 gathers eleven tales of widely divergent personalities from old timers to auto mechanics to convicts who all have one thing in common They all love to play baseballFans will feel like they re right there in the games as Weintraub s stories are chock full of baseball vernacularI started out thinking these stories were true They re so believable that I looked p a player on the internet only to find he never existedI love baseball and reading so this book was *Perfect For Me Painting * for me Painting Corners would make a great gift for the person in your life who loves the game of baseballI was not paid for this review An off beat book of baseball short stories stories that could be almost believable and baseball dreamers would wish were true You have the story of the eighty three year old bunting coach the small town pitching phenom that ends p pitching for the St Louis Browns a game at Alcatraz one about little league among many All hold your attention all have a surprising ending Definitely a book for the baseball aficionado especially one that enjoys tales that are a bit left of center but still inside the foul lines Maybe not the perfect game but it is an inside the park home ru. Ortable spending time with and in many cases ends with an Where Poppies Grow unexpected twist WP Kinsella author of Shoeless Joe Field of Dreams says that Weintraub has executed a triple play savvy baseball writingnforgettable characters and a home run ending for each ta. Eaway in the Goodreads First Reads contest The stories are fictional but have that flavor of baseball that allows one to identify with characters teams and situations Fun book An eighty three year old is signed to a major league team just to bunt The hitter and catcher of a homerun ball stay mysteriously connected throughout their lives A little league coach s players don T Follow His Signs But Still Win The Game All follow his signs but still win the game All are subjects in Bob Weintraub s collection of fictional baseball stories In the eleven stories the author displays a deep knowledge of baseball how the game is played players scouting fans management etc He presents scenarios that seem as if they are real but adds something that puts th NOTE I received an e copy of this book from the authorpublisher All that was asked was an honest reviewThis was a good human interest book about things good and bad some funny and some not so funny that had happened to different people who were in baseball in one way or another It had stories about players managers scouts and others both in the majors and the minors The author did a good job collecting these stories and doesn t bore the reader with dry fact and stats except where it is needed for the storyThe only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 was because it was so short Only about 106 pages and left me wishing there was The sub title of this book A COLLECTION OF OFF CENTER BASEBALL STORIES is right on These Eleven Stories Have eleven stories have element of baseball in common but always with a twist some aspect of the tale that is not what you would expect That being said it is occasionally reuired of the reader that he suspend his disbelief and accept a farfetched possibility Assuming you enjoy reading about baseball how well you like this collectio. E rest of our days The stories are told from various perspectives including those of the player manager general manager coach scout owner writer broadcaster and fan Each strives for its own sense of authenticity seeks to introduce characters we'd be comf. .

I read the first story in this book about how Pittsburgh signed an 83 year old player He could do one thing well and that was bunt and he managed to se that "SKILL TO INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME OF "to influence the outcome of games I thought What an incredible story How come I never heard about that before So I Googled it and found out I had never heard of it before because that before So I Googled it and found out I had never heard of it before because had never happened I had missed the part about this being a book of fictional baseball stories which made me feel a little foolish But they are good stories Weintraub writes about every aspect of baseball difficult decision making on the field or in the office the memorabilia market racial tensions in the age of integration Little League prison league baseball reporting Hall of Fame voting and every story has a little twist at the end Sometimes I could guess what was coming but sometimes I was surprised My favorite I think was about a manager who finds a phenom pitcher when his car breaks down in a small town The boy agrees to join the team but only if his father will come with him to catch his npredictable knuckleball And then the father gets hurt What will happen It s a surprise A must read for any baseball fan These eleven short stories pack an emotional historical and sociological wallop Bringing America s pastime to life from every conceivable angle players managers fans families and Weintraub manages to ground each fictional story in just enough reality to make them feel like they really happened Non aficionados may get confused by the baseball jargon but anyone who has enjoyed The Natural Bull Durham Major League The Rookie Bad News Bears and Fever Pitch will appreciate these nostalgic exciting and almost mystical stories Full review coming soon Great light reading I received this as a giv. Bob Weintraub's marvelous collection of baseball stories goes directly to the core of what the game does for The Shadow at the Bottom of the World us when we watch it being played on the field and shows how its heroes and villains can reach into a person's life and remain a part ofs for th. .

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