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My review Should have been one star Not clear what the book was "about and still remain baffled Book contains a little about much that does "and still remain baffled Book contains a little about much that does really have any bearing upon the the book title What is not written about regarding this particular aspect of the war with Russia leaves the author wandering about for things to say Not a convincing read and leaves a somewhat naive impression of his purpose As ood as it etsI sincerely appreciate the story told here Human element at its best This reinforced my belief that there ultimately is redemption I am oing to re read this that there ultimately is redemption I am oing to re read this met some like the author during my times in. There are few memoirs available of German Panzer crews that focus on the climactic last 12 months of the war on the Eastern Front 1944 45 What makes Bruno Friesen's account virtually uniue is his family background his parents came from a German speaking Mennonite community in Ukraine and were to all intents and purposes culturally German To make matters even complex in 1924 his parents left the Ukraine for Canada where Bruno was born In March 1939 he and his brother Oscar found themselves on a ship bound for Bremerhaven in Germany He barely spoke German and had never been to Germany nevertheless his father envisaged that a better life awaited them in the Third Reich Needless to say Bruno became caught up in the Second World War and in 1942 was drafted into the Wehrmacht The author provides a fu. Panzer GunnerFamilies that answered Hitler s call to return to Greater #Germany Great Battle Descriptions And Very Moving #Great battle descriptions and very moving his experiences in the war I thought the subject matter was uniue but the writing style was a little off putting The turn of phrase was not to my liking You did et a view of what it was like to train for the role but the in depth analysis of transmissions and sighting reticles made it a little tedious in parts I would recommend Guy Sayers book Forgotten Soldier over this one as you felt cold reading that book but only felt tired reading this book A Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story good try but it needed feeling and less Chilton s Manual. Tanks and their combat performance the author writes inreat detail about the combat the experienced on the Eastern Front including tank battles in Rumania spring 1944 Lithuania in the summer of 1944 and West Prussia during early 1945 If one wants to know how German tank crews fought the Soviets in the last year of the war then this book provides an outstanding account containing material simply not found elsewhere The author closes his account by reflecting on his post war efforts to return to Canada which eventually succeeded in 1950 and his subseuent life there "This book is not just a critiue of ard fighting vehicles and tank warfare it "book is not just a critiue of ard fighting vehicles and tank warfare it above all a very human story told in a lively conversational and fluid manner and is a remarkable contribution to the literature of the Second World War. ,

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Germany An interesting account from inside the tank s turret The only interesting thing about the author is the strange circumstances he was thrown into The rest of the story is very mundane almost interesting in its lack of colour The book itself is rather badly written stories How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead go nowhere there is no thoughtful analysis or reflection technical information is selectively crammed in for no reason or benefit It s worthwhile only because it s aenuine story of the war from an unusual perspective Very Technical in parts interesting if you know panzer s Incredible story with insights into what it was like #For People And. Ll #people and. Ll of his family background and how through these unusual circumstances he found himself a Canadian born "GERMAN SOLDIER THE BULK OF THE "soldier The bulk of the is a detailed account of the the is a detailed account of the training and his subseuent service with 25th Panzer Regiment part of 7th Panzer Division As the title suggests Bruno Friesen served as a unner aboard initially Panzer IVs before crewing the lesser known Jagdpanzer IV tank hunter The author provides a fantastic amount of information about these two vehicles and how the crews actually fought in battle with them This kind of 'hands on' detail has almost never been available before particularly such extensive information concerning the characteristics and combat performance of the Jagdpanzer IV Apart from providing a large fund of information about specific German.