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IllnessSicknessIndiansLove At times this story simply MADE you keep flipping that pageBe aware This is not a fluffy tale It s gritty HardBelow could be considered spoilers by some but are the reasons I couldn t give it a 5 star rating1 I m sure every wagon train carried booze but would a wagon master allow a man to get drunk every night Night after night Especially if the manmen were cruel to their animals and children Wouldn t others on the train demand that the drunkard do his share 2 it train demand that the drunkard do his share 2 it that the wagon master who supposedly had done this before often did not know what to do when things were getting out of control He was a kind man and could make decisions He could and did lead but when he should have put his foot down and stopped bad behavior that could only grow worsewhen his leadership was needed the most he didn t lead In my opinion this was actually a 25 star read but I bumped it up to 3 stars since parts of it were very good Unfortunately at times the author relied too much on stereo typed characters and I never warmed up to the heroine The best parts were when the author showed how brutal the Oregon Trail trip could be I liked the story of the wagon train and the characters However I do not appreciate cursing 35 stars DNF at 75%It was ust too repetitive and monotonous I had high hopes for this tale of broken down survivors of the US Civil War grasping at a chance to find a new Shangri La in California And so they undertake the arduous trek westward in covered wagons through the Oregon trail fighting both internal and outside threats river crossings dust storms cholera Native warriors unscrupulous predators amongst their midst and the depression that soon turns to madness paranoia and hysteria that overtake even the most level headed members of their party And of course there is the slow burn between Union Vet Rourke and plucky Abby Market the woman who can handle reins or rifles like she was born to itSounds exciting uh It wasn tI lost track of the number of river crossings Of all the dust and grime Of all the hunting skinning and cooking Of all the ugs of whiskey being drunk how did they have enough room in those wagons for what seemed like a small country s entire annual production of whiskeyI lost count of all the stare contests between H and h Of all the times H ogled h s womanly curves even hidden under layers of oversized male clothing that reeked of horse and sweat Of all the stolen moments where he would kiss and feel her up only to be interrupted at the crucial moment Of all the destructive self righteous Mary Suesaintly martyr actions of the h that constantly put her life and those of the entire wagon party in dangerI finally drew the line three uarters in when it seemed that the reader was being set up
For Yet Another Attempted 
yet another attempted assault on the h that H would inevitably rescue her from A GainI am a sucker for historical western romances but this did not work for me at al. How to survive in a brutal land Mile by mile she grew to adore this magnificent man and when he touched her she longed to be his alone But as she tasted rapture's first wild depths she faced a bitter secret from the gunman's violent past With Rourke in mortal danger they would challenge destiny itself to save the love and happiness they discovered on a perilousPassage West. Res for the sick Shares her food with others Unfortunately she is also arrogant describing her aunt and her sister who are ust as capable in their own way as inept and incompetent And of course her stubbornness and her belief that she can do whatever she thinks appropriate causes a massacre that kills almost everyone on the wagon trainI also disliked some aspects of the romance Three women find their mates two are insta love and the third the main romance with Abby is insta lust Abby is one of these feisty heroines who gets all stroppy with the hero because she is attracted to him and resents him because of it If she can t control her own hormones it does not allow her to be unpleasant to others In all fairness she realizes this herself and moderates her stroppinessI had some issues with realizes this herself and moderates her stroppinessI had some issues with s romance The hero didn t want to get involved but he couldn t keep his lust in check so he kisses her and then he ignores her for days Now this is fine in a romance a few times but when the same cycle they kiss he pulls away was repeated for the sixth or seventh time it was getting boring Groundhog day The story needed to move onAlso for the hero to bed the heroine and the heroine willingly day The story needed to move onAlso for the hero to bed the heroine and the heroine willingly go along with it without even any mention of a shared future ars against the moral values of the day A fallen woman was a slut pregnancy was a big risk illegitimate children brought ruin to the woman and disgrace to the whole family For the couple not to consider this made heroine into a bit of a slut and the hero into a cad That s why so much of western romance is marriage of convenience type Sex outside of marriage or at least without a promise of marriage was not for decent girls or men of honorFurther thing I didn t dislike was that the hero was hurting because he had lost his first wife and his infant son to a brutal murder This might be because it was the third book in a row I d read with the same plot device the other two were by Madeline Baker and it always makes me feel uncomfortable to be told that a the hero really loved his first wife and b he s never loved anyone the way he loves the heroine Which is it Didn t he truly love his first wife after all In most cases the first wife was frail perhaps upper class but the heroine is a feisty scrapper somehow making a social udgement that women from poor deprived backgrounds often abused while growing up are lovable because they are so feisty and independent And I m not a big fan of feisty scrapper heroinesAs to the writing initially I struggled with how the narrative umps from one person s mind to another Found it very distracting but as the story progressed I got used to it I did end up skimming a bit which would "normally mean two stars but as this is a long book and I enjoyed the wagon train life so much I "mean two stars but as this is a long book and I enjoyed the wagon train life so much I make it three Wagon train to CaliforniaBut the story is far than a glossy tale Hatred that is fed and festers until the hater is beyond rational thinkingMental. A man who roused the unspoken yearnings of her passionate soulRourke was a battle scarred Union veteran hired to guard the wagon train A loner by choice and by fate his heart was moved by Abby's plight though the young beauty proudly refused his aid Yet with the wagons rolling on through dusty plains and treacherous deserts a tenderness bloomed between them as he taught her. .
What an adventureI enjoyed watching the tv series Wagon Train oh so many years ago and this novel reminded me about the oys and traumas crossing from the east to west coast of America This well written story contains everything to make it interesting from start to finish The travellers experiencing love and loss birth and death sadness and h Horrible High body count At first pioneers meeting death and destruction on the trail didn t bother me hardships were real and defeating for many However the death toll by the end of the book was a little disturbing You want to read great westerns Read Jo Goodman Rating Ugh 5Terrible writing Couldn t continue NEXT Gah This was 417 pages of absolute mush I ll be back right after I update the challenge that I read this forOK I ve managed to vent a little of my
Ire At This Book 
at this book the challenge so I might be able to be a little balanced in my reviewnope on second thought probably notThis is the most overdone trials and tribulations of Pauline book that I have ever read As soon as the MCs managed to make it though one crisis here comes another to overwhelm them It s bad enough that Abby and Carrie s father is a drunken brute treating them both like useless drains on him while he does nothing than drink and berate them No let s add a cruel drinking buddy of his who s a rapist at heart And why don t we add a little bit of mob mentality to the rest of the wagon train How about the rapist s wife dying in childbirth Sure Let s have a little bit of Cholera to spice things up And a woman who s going around the bend due to grief at losing the only thing she loves her piano which was sacrificed to get through the mudflats of the river they were crossing since it was too heavy and let s make her neglect her little boy and give her a drunk for a husband too ust for fun Had enough But wait there s I don t think I can even remember all the awful things that happened or in what order they came In fact I ll be doing a little light reading to get most of this out of my mind I m thinking maybe Doctor Zivago Or Anna KareninaBottom Zivago or Anna KareninaBottom read at your own peril since this might kill you ust as much as the wagon train to California killed most of the characters in the storyOh yeah I completely forgot to mention be wary of the extremely uick POV changes Good luck keeping track of who s head you re inside when it changes from paragraph to paragraph at times This story had good bits and bad bitsThe good I enjoyed the realistic descriptions of life on the wagon train the hardships and the diverse charactersThe badDidn t much care for the main heroine Abby Why do authors think diminutive heroines are appealing Abby is the size of a ten year old which makes her about four feet tall Why should stunted growth Be Attractive And She Is One Of attractive And she is one of amazing heroines who excels at everything Beautiful but thinks she is plain Despite her frailty helps men to cut down trees and repair broken wagons Ca. ON A WAGON TRAIN HEADING WEST LOVE COULD BE AS FIERCE AS THE LAND AND AS UNKNOWNAt seventeen Abby Market left the only home she'd ever known Missouri in a covered wagon bound for California With her sister and hard drinking father in tow she needed all her strength for the long trek westward But Abby could hold her own with any man until she met a rugged gunman named Rourke. Passage West

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