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ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ uI m not sure how many times I ve actually read this one but it s still a favorite Pegasus in Flight 1990 is the talents book that nobody asked for one written to linkp with her other psychic books set in the Nine Star League Fluffy to a fault the future depicted in this work is simultaneously From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek utterly terrifying and authoritarian and that s the good guys The bad guys are worseThe book itself follows three main plot lines Tirla Retinger and the forced labor building of a space station You read that right forced labor People are scared of talents because they re different which is weird because the population should be scared of talents for their mind control which is systematicallysed to keep the population docile This is not an exaggeration This is literally one of their jobs Working conditions are horrible yet nobody goes on strike In fact on the space station working conditions are murderous yet even that can t get the building supervisor removedProperly this tale should be a short story or a novella at best There s just not enough going on to sustain an entire novel Anne freuently presents the same information multiple times or wanders down a dull and easily cut siding As sual McCaffrey s villains are not only pedestrian and dull they re so stupid that they kidnap psychic kids If you want to destroy your own secret human trafficking ring from the inside kidnap a psychic kid They really were stupid The other villain is just a stupid and demanding manager who should be assailable just because she s so incompetent criminally mismanaging the construction of a space stationIf this book isn t sounding very fun it isn t which is exactly my point Nothing about the book is fun Nothing It s good for a skim and that s about itYou ll notice that I have nothing to say about the characters That s because there is nothing to say about most of the characters Not one of them shone for me One s a street smart scamp and the other is a future super psychic and together they fight crime That s not a joke eitherThis book goes onto my cannot recommend for any reason list Pegasus in Flight is the second in recommend for any reason list Pegasus in Flight is the second in Talent series This book takes place about sixty years after To Ride Pegasus Rhyssa Owens is now the director is the Eastern Parapsychic Center This story is about two children that come nder Rhyssa s tutelage Tirla and Peter Tirla lives in the dens and warrens of the Linears large projects the blanket the metro center now called Jerhattan New Jersey and Manhattan have combined to form one massive city She makes a living through her From Mistress to Wifey uniue ability to speak any language Peter is aadriplegic He was injured in an accident He lives in the hospital as they attempt to rehabilitate him He often dreams of green spaces never realizing that he is making se of telepathic and telekinetic skills These two children come to the notice of the Talents at the Center They become wards of the Center and help to sp With a plot all about young Talents stopping a child trafficking scheme the book gets creepy when an older good man basically imprints on a

*12yo that he *
That he wait for her to be older doesn t really change the fact that "He S Perving On "s perving on child This is too disturbing to make this a good read which is a shame since I ordinarily like McCaffrey s Early McCaffrey counts as comfort reading This one s amusing but sadly losing the spark it held for me in my childhood In too many ways. As director of the Jerhattan Parapsychic Center telepath Rhyssa Owen coordinated the job assignments for psychically gifted Talents And though she had her hands full dealing with the nreasonable demand for kinetics to work on the space platform that would be humankind's stepping stone to the stars she was always ready to welcome new Talents to the CenterFeisty and Streetwise ,

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She only scratches the surface of the nderlying social issues of the characters pysches and even of one of the major romances To read reviews in this series and others check out my blog keikii eats books 82 Points 4 Stars Uote How Can points 4 stars ote How can be that many illegal children in the Residentials Jerhattan City Manager Teresa Aiello demanded of Medical Chief Harv Dunster Your people are supposed to tie Residentials Jerhattan City Manager Teresa Aiello demanded of Medical Chief Harv Dunster Your people are supposed to tie after a second pregnancy Review Well Pegasus in Flight was definitely less troublesome than To Ride to tie off after a second pregnancy Review Well Pegasus in Flight was definitely less troublesome than To Ride was I mean I still have some major what the fuck issues Yet those issues aren t anywhere near as many or as glaring as I had with the first book It helps that this book was written nearly twenty years after the first was The world had changed a lot in those twenty years and the book reflected that change Thank godPegasus in Flight is about two generations after the events of the first book The Talents world has moved on from learning psychics exist They have adapted to having psychics around And boy have they adapted Their entire way of life is structured around the fact that they exist The entire world seems structured in such a way that the Talents live and work for the good of all I genuinely love this adaptation I love the worldbuilding that it entailsIn this book there are two different plotlines which take place in two different worlds all on Earth with two very different people Yet in the end it is all the sameThe first plotline is what I have dubbed the Good plotline because it has genuinely good people in it It follows two threads The first is that there is a Smitten uadriplegic teenager who has been trapped in a hospital bed yet is reaching out with his psychic powers for help Peter endsp being the strongest telekinetic in the world as is able to A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel use his Talent to propel his body Wrappedp in this plotline is that Earth is building a Space Station for the good of mankind Earth is overpopulated and they re trying to do something about it And they re leaning on telekinetics in any way that they canThe second plotline is the Bad plotline because the people in it are horrific These horrifying people are wrapped 1898 up in the worldbuilding In this book you see the neartopia of the previous plotline contrasted dystopian nightmare hellscape of this one It is a hell of a tripThis second plotline is located in what is essentially the slums People are only allowed to have two children since Earth is overpopulated and they have to curb growth somehow And once they have two children they are forcibly altered so they can have no further children So in the slums they decide this is in my opinion somewhat rightfully an infringement on their rights and so they have illegal children Only they end Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, up selling those children when they get old enough for money to people who prostitute their children out CharmingOverall I found Pegasus in Flight to be an interesting social commentary Until the end When a guy in his mid to late twenties falls in love with a 12 year old Seriously And they decide to wait for each other because the guy had a premonition that she d be ready for him In four years When she is sixteenSighThis was mostly free of the glaring ethical issues that plagued the first book just a whole lot of societal issues Yet I chalk the societal issuesp to worldbuilding because that whole sterilization thing was horrid but it made some sense This relationship was just Lay My Burden Down un. Welve year old Tirlased her extraordinary knack for languages to eke out a living in the Linear developments where the poor struggled to make ends meet and children were conscripted or sold into menial work programs Young Peter paralyzed in a freak accident hoped someday to get into space where zero gravity would enable him to function easily Both desperately needed help only. Pegasus in FlightNecessary with a whole helping of what the fuckI genuinely love reading about this world though I loved the main characters I just sometimes wish this was written today instead of nearly 30 years ago I wish it was written by a different author But this is the story I got and I m sticking to liking it I loved this book when I was young and read it at least a dozen times But when I picked it Vérité (Love at Center Court, up this time years after I last read it I wasnpleasantly jolted by the Beyond the Qumran Community unexamined assumptions McCaffrey makes about poverty and non Western cultures throughout the book these showp in her minor characters her major characters and her own writing I have the impression now that the book was written in a rush and certainly not to its credit I read this a couple of times as a teenager and it was reliable enough for those times when I just needed a fun easy book to get through that I still had a copy on my shelf It s been a while though and reading it as an adult was a jarring experienceJust to start with the book expresses some truly nasty assumptions about people from south and west Asia Neesters in the slang of the book Daniels Pet up to and including characters blessing a much older man essentially claiming a 12 year old girl to be a future partner because Neester girls ripen soonerBeyond that I m surprised by how casually authoritarian the Talent are in this book It s hidden by setting them off against a world government with very Soviet coercive trappings but it s stunning to see the disregard for human dignity and autonomy that I completely glossed over as a teenager reading this outsider wish fulfillment fantasy A light read enjoyable than the first in the series I guess because it was written as a whole rather than a collection of short stories Stillite dated in gender views and technology but overall good fun I finished it so I can t be too critical of this novel I must divulge this is my first foray into the works of Anne Mccaffrey so perhaps I am judging too ickly on what may be a fluke in a collection of excellent works However I have little good to say about Pegasus in FlightTo start there are what feels like twenty recurring characters far too many for a book which while one
*in a series *
a series the only one in which most of these characters appear in a series is the only one in which most of these characters appear suppose the sheer amount of named characters are included in order to try and make p for the fact that almost none of these characters are delved into with any kind of depth beyond the surface level Even those who should be main characters Rhyssa Peter Sascha Dave feel distant simply names on the pageI won t even get started on the relationship development in this book I ll just say that the first physical interaction between two main characters should not include one asking to marry the other Totally out of left field Makes one wonder what the author s point of reference is for romantic relationships And it s not okay or normal for a middle aged man to be mentoring a 10 year old feel sexually attracted to her and be waiting for her to grow Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (light novel) up That s just passed off in a paragraph toward the end no explanation just that s thatI like space drama that s my fantasy bread and butter think Heinlein For some this may be just your perfect brand of weird I just kept waiting to get pulled in waiting to get to know the characters I was not rewarded for my sweating out this work Two stars because I finished it And future novels are cool. Other Talents could provideWith the appearance in her life of one extraordinary man with no measurable Talent at all Rhyssa suddenly found herselfestioning everything she thought she knew about her people And when two Talented children were discovered to have some very PHILIPPINES 1/1M3 unusual andnexpected abilities she realized that she would have to reassess the potential of all Talentki.