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455 stars Planetside was a very impressive military sci
Fi DebutI M Actually Surprised 
debutI m actually surprised so few people I know close to zero are talking about Planetside this year Seriously Harper Voyager and The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey reviewerseally should ve advertised this book it s a fantastic debut and if it weren t for my friend Niki Hawkes I wouldn t have heard about this gem at all The plot in Planetside The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families revolves around Colonel Butler a war hero in semietirement as he eceived a mission from an old and powerful friend to go back to a war zone in order to find a high councilor s son who went MIA Although Planetside is labeled as a military sci fi the execution of the storyline was mystery oriented think of it as a mystery detective story in a sci fi novel The storytelling involved a lot of fast paced investigation and Intel gathering than action seuences they never fail to keep ME GUESSING AND INTRIGUED IT S NOT A LONG guessing and intrigued It s not a long it took me oughly four hours to Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase read and I was thoroughly entertained However I did have a minor issue with the ending Don t get me wrong it was great thought provoking and uite powerful but at the same time I also found it to be a bit anti climactic because after all the incredible momentum building towards the moment it ended a bit too fast for my liking I wish there was one or two chapter to explore the aftermath to make the lasting impression of the ending even strongerThe characters were great The narration didn t actually explore Butler s characterizations as in depth as most books I usuallyead but his characterizations were well conveyed throughout his dialogues and actions this makes Mammay an efficient storyteller that tells an effective and fast paced story without neglecting the personality and motivations of the characters Butler for example was utterly a no bullshit type of character he and all the side characters behaved like true soldiers and it was Die Zarin rea. A seasoned military officer uncovers a deadly conspiracy on a distant war torn planetWar heroes aren't usually called out of semietirement and sent to the far Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History reaches of the galaxy for aoutine investigation So when Colonel Carl Butler answers the call from an old and powerful friend he knows it's something big and he's not being ,
Lly obvious that Mammay knows what he s talking about here Military structure actions weaponry and attitudes I ve heard that the author has served as a solder and the Military structure actions weaponry and attitudes I ve heard that the author has served as a solder and the he gained from it was crystal clear evident in Every Aspect Of This BookMammay S Prose aspect of this bookMammay s prose simple sharp and highly accessible There are no super hard sci fi jargons here I envision that as long that you Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll re not a stranger to the genre you will be able to enjoy and understand everything in this book There were only one action seuences near the end of the book but it was superbly tension packed As I said before the mystery detective element of the book was dominant but whether it s the mystery or the actions everything was than enough to keep me fully engaged with the novel Planetside was crafted as if the main purpose of it was to keep theeaders hooked and it did its job splendidly Immersive fast paced smartly written and imbued with every element of a wonderful page turner Planetside is a sci fi debut you don t want to miss I totally ecommend this book to everyone
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s looking for a mystery detective story in a military sci fi environmentYou can buy the book with free shipping by clicking this link You can find this and the est of my eviews at Novel Notions Originally posted at Colonel Carl Butler the bald and angry hero of Michael Mammay s debut milSF thriller Planetside arrives at Space Command he is approached by an aide of General Serata whom he once served under and is there to meet While observing the aide Colonel Butler privately notes that Serata inspires a fanatical loyalty in his underlings Butler s awareness of this comes from personal exper Michael Mammay is a soldier with 25 years service and boy does it show I ve ead a lot of military SF and you can always tell the difference between an author who s been there and one who hasn t Mammay has been there Planetside. Old the whole story A high councilor's son has gone MIA out of Cappa Base the space station orbiting a battle Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen ravaged planet The young lieutenant had been wounded and evacuated but there's noecord of him having ever arrived at hospital commandThe colonel uickly finds Cappa Base to be a labyrinth of dead ends and sabotage the hospita. .
Is a fast paced tale of military investigation that The Jive Talker reads like a blend of Jerry Pournelle and NCIS Our hero is a semietired colonel sent back to a warzone he d ather forget to investigate the disappearance in action of a senator s son What starts out as an MIA story in space soon becomes so much than that I won t spoil the ending but as conspiracies go this one is a doozy Michael Mammay brings an exciting and authentic voice of experience but as conspiracies go this one is a doozy Michael Mammay Brings An Exciting brings an exciting authentic voice of experience military science fiction and I m eagerly looking forward to the follow up Mammay s PLANETSIDE is military sci fi through and through but don t let the genre tag fool you While it wears its military aiment for all to see at its heart PLANETSIDE is a mystery a wild Wolfgang ride of one What begins as aoutine if a tad unorthodox search for a missing soldier in an alien warzone soon goes utterly off the Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy rails A slow burn start uickly builds as paranoiaamps up some genuinely compelling twists appear and lets not forget the explosions Lots and lots of explosionsThrough it all the military aspect shines bright but Mammay s prose is kept grounded by Colonel Butler s wry world
Weary Narration Riding Around Inside 
narration Riding around inside s head made PLANETSIDE far accessible for me than many other military sci fi s Mammay has crafted a world with Wurr 3 (Wurr real heft and depth to it with a stellar protagonist I can t wait to spend time with again in the future Planetsideby Michael MammayRC Bray NarratorThis is going in my favorite folder This has everything a good sci fi needs A mystery or two a space adventure lots of weapons aged military personnel having to do what no one else will aliens a good conspiracy death threats and lots of action This book has that and Super exciting never boring lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending Narration was perfect because it had RC Bray One of my favorites ICan t wait for the next bookBorrowed this from the library. L commander stonewalls him the Special Ops leader won't come off the planet witnesses go missingadar data disappears and that’s before he encounters the alien enemy Butler has no choice but to drop down onto a hostile planet because someone is using the war zone as a cover The answers are there Butler just has to make it back aliv. ,