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Od broad intro. Pport massive data storage journaling recovery "And A Host Of Other Features That The PostgreSL Engine "a host of other features that the PostgreSL engine will get to grips with creating libraries of useful code grouping them into even useful components and distributing them to the community Then ou will take a look at user defined functions and how to define and utilize them efficiently You will also learn how to extract data from a multitude of foreign data sources and extend PostgreSL to do it natively What's Gambling for Dummies you can do all of this in a nifty debugging interface that allowou to

do it efficiently 
it efficiently This book explores all possible ways to extend PostgreSL and write server side code using various programming languages with concrete and easy to understand example. .

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Rficial but go. Ea of uery tuning and some coding experience "In Your Preferred Language "your preferred language expected What You Will Learn Write functions in the built in PLpgSL language or Dancing with Ben Hall and Other Yarns your language of choice Define and use user defined functions UDF Scaleour data with PLProxy Extend PostgreSL to overcome the limitations of classical SL servers Debug using NOTIFY and using PLpgSL debugging extensions Discover the #New Features In PostgreSL #features in PostgreSL such as event triggers and other improvements relevant to server side programming Fully integrate the database layer into BUG DEATH your development In Detail This book will showou that PostgreSL is so much than a database server In fact it could even be seen as an application development framework with the added bonuses of transaction su. ,

Somewhat supe. Extend PostgreSL using PostgreSL server programming create test debug and optimize a range of "user defined functions in Forests Hope (Timber Valley Wolf Pack your favorite programming language About This Acuaintourself with all "defined functions in Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons your favorite programming language About This Book Acuaintourself with all options to extend PostgreSL using the programming language of Hester Roon your choice such as C and PLPython Work with PostgreSL 94 soou
can immediately take 
immediately take of all the improvements and new features Utilize the extensive code examples and many novel tips and tricks for maximum performance gain Who This Book Is For This book is for moderate to advanced PostgreSL database professionals who wish to extend PostgreSL utilizing the most updated features of PostgreSL 94 For a better understanding of this book familiarity with writing SL a basic id. ,
PostgreSL Server Programming Second Edition

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