Pro ASP.NET Core 3 (Develop Cloud–Ready Web Applications Using MVC 3, Blazor, and Razor Pages) E–pub/Kindle

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Ha una capacit notevole di trasmettere il proprio sapere in modo chiaro ed efficace L unico difetto se cos si pu dire sono le dimensioni che lo rendono intrasportabile ma non un difetto che ne diminuisce in ualche misura il valore Excellent book about AspNet Core 3 Almost all of the content is usable also for Core 5 using the updated Github page The font of the printed book is not so good I suggest you a digital version where you can copy and paste your code into visual studio and try how it works5 Stars great book Its one large book. Is an experienced IT professional who has held senior positions in a range of companies most recently serving as chief technology officer and chief operating officer of a global bank Now retired he spends his time writing and long distance running “The Rolls Royce of ASPNET books or if you’re American the Cadillac Very thorough”Les Jackson MCSD DotNet Playbook “ The author’s instruction is direct easy to understand and supplemented with clear code examples Whether you are a beginner learning ASPNET Core 31 app development

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an experienced ready to master advanced concepts I consider this book a 'must have' for youJeremy Likness Senior Program Manager Microsoft“the best single resource for teaching MVC web apps using ASPNET “Charles Carter MSCS MSwE JD Cloud Application Development Instructor MVC web apps using ASPNET “Charles Carter MSCS MSwE JD Cloud Application Development Instructor Software and Systems Acade. Pro ASP.NET Core 3 (Develop Cloud-Ready Web Applications Using MVC 3, Blazor, and Razor Pages)Im still
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sure about edition I have Freemans other books and he s very talented and informativeThis particular book is advanced than I expected There are aspects to Core 31 that I was hoping to learn but I didn t learn themThat s not Freemans fault but still the book seems to take a still the book seems to take a departure from educating intermediate coders and jumped right in to the advanced concepts with little warningI highly recommend Freemans books Just now this one IMHO is only for advanced level That s my 2 cents It contains some good informa. Now in its 8th edition Pro ASPNET Core has been thoroughly updated for ASPNET Core 3 and online for ASPNET Core 5 andNET 50 This comprehensive full color guide is the only book you need to learn ASPNET Core development Professional developers get ready to produce leaner applications for the ASPNET Core platform This edition puts ASPNET Core 3 into context and takes a deep dive into the tools and techniues reuired to build modern extensible web applications New features and capabilities such as MVC 3 Razor Pages Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly are covered along with demonstrations of how they can be applied in practice Following the same popular format and style found in previous editions author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most out of ASPNET Core 3 Starting with the nuts and bolts topics he teaches readers about middleware components built in. ,

TionBut sometimes the author is a little bit in a hurry or confused I don t nowFor example in one chapter he forget to provide the content for hurry or confused I don t nowFor example in one chapter he forget to provide the content for details Page or reuested an Manager not neededI found and corrected some mistakesMost Examples run as descripted Great book for anyone whether they are already professional in older versions they are already professional in older versions fresh learners highly recommend it Nel corso della carriera ho acuistato e letto decine di libri del genere e trovo uesto davvero ben fatto esaustivo ben organizzato e completo Complimenti all autore. Services reuest model binding andMoving along he introduces increasinglycomplex topics and advanced features including endpoint routing and dependency injection Written for professionals wanting to incorporate the latest functionality of ASPNET Core 3 into their projects this book also serves as a complete reference on ASPNET Core Beginners with some background in Microsoft web development will also greatly benefit from the in depth coverage provided throughout What You Will Learn Build a solid foundation and skill set for working with the entire ASPNET Core platformApply ASPNET Core 3 and ASPNET Core 5 features in your developer environment; plentiful reusable templatesSee how to create RESTful web services web applications and client side applicationsLeverage existing nowledge to efficiently get up and running with new programming models Adam Freeman. ,