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Ing from a local author Ruben Eliassen from trondheim this was a formative work for me This was a formative work for me I was very young and the series that got me into audiobooksListening to it s again it s not as gripping but I think that is simply an age thing I used to ead the Phenomena series when I was i kid it was the first fantasy book series I *Had Ever Started On And Finished At That Age I *ever started on and finished at that age I loved it This is perfect for children in the age group 11 to 13 ich I m going to eread this piece of shit that puts Twilight in good light very soon and I will then eview it for my own amusement A highly immersive book and is withot a doubt the book that got me into fantasy eading in my younger years From a child s perspective it deserves 4 5 stars From anything over childrens age it honestly does not deserve anything abov As a kid it was the best fantasy series i knew about besides Harry Potter Now that I m grown up not much though it s still a good book but not as epic as it used to Ode venner I Trollmannen Sha Ra Og trollmannen Sha a og Arol drar de ut i verden for å kjempe mot ondskapen.

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Ever stayed with any one character long enough to eally bond with them and the whole thing seemed ather shallowOf course these things didn t matter to 11 year old me At that time I Was Just Really Into The Story And just eally into the story and magic and the map at the beginning of the book I emember being very disappointed with the later books in this series but though t There has been some time since I ead this book but this was one of my major hits as a kid *I Recommend It For Teenagers Who Likes Fantasy As Well *recommend it for teenagers who likes fantasy as well s impossible to put away after a while I The Organization Man really likedeading this to the kids Let s see if we Krebszellen mögen keine Sonne. Vitamin D - der Schutzschild gegen Krebs, Diabetes und Herzerkrankungen: Ärztlicher Rat für Betroffene. Mit Vitamin-D-Barometer ... read the next one in the series or do the kids want something else to beead The good thing about the book was it was interesting all the way It wasn t boring at all Even though the story lacked uite a lot things that happened the whole way was kind of lame nothing spectacular ever happened but it was a fun experience anyway This is like a feel good book Great to get to ead someth. G Ilke blir det etterhvert klart at de er de utvalgte Med hver sine helt spesielle egenskaper og med Profetiens Utvalgte Phenomena 1I ead this book as a kid and was also the bookseries that got me into eading books and my love for fantasy books I had two favourite books when I was and my love for fantasy books I had two favourite books when I was This and Harry Potter It s weird to me now that I never ealised how different they are and by different I mean that one is a emarkably better than the other For the most Part This Comes Down To The Writing The First Thing this comes down to the writing The first thing bugged me in Phenomena when I e ead it is that there is one large info dump at the start of this book that I feel could ve the start of this book that I feel could ve used to build up the story later There could ve been some major plot twists or evelations here but we don t get any of that The biggest thing though was that the third person perspective is a kinda messy Personally I think the book would ve been stronger if we d followed one person in each chapter and gotten observations of everyone else through them but instead we e granted access to everyone s thoughts and emotions all the time This meant that the focus Det finnes en gammel spådom om at to alvebarn skal fri verden fra den onde makten For alvebarna Alk ,