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Psychopathia Sexualis eine Klinisch Forensische StudieIve of the Victorian ageI highly recommend this amazing bookPS You can download a free e book version from the Gutenberg Project website There are actually ite a few classics that I *look forward to reading that I obtained from that site My rating old books is hard *forward to reading that I obtained from that site My rating old books is hard basically this whole book is made of case histories focusing on people s different sexual pathologies Who these people are is nkmown and I get the feeling most

Of Them Were Not 
them were not Ebing s patients but instead cases picked p from newspapers closed criminal cases and hearsay from all over the I mean he goes as far as classifying Jack the Ripper s is a completely outdated book and it s only value is serving as a reference of how morally constrained psychology if you can call it that Inside the Asylum used to be The author keeps c This book isite dry as it is just an assembly of old case studies But I found it an amusing window through time at the taboos and s of its day In particular the persistent assumption of the terrible sanity rending conseuences of onanism masturbation that features at least partially in almost every case Highly interesting case studies and observations of sexuality and sexual dysfunction in the 1800 s Plastic uite funny for the right kind of person Like me I thought it was hilarous that in the store this book was shelved amid all the hot pink and red books of sex tips Victorian era case studies of sexual dysfunction probably will not spicep one s love life despite the tacit claims made by the sexy cover which incidently is an image from a not very good movie based on a handful of case studi. Luence on such notable figures as Sigmund Freud a younger colleague of Krafft Ebing's at the University of Vienna painters Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele writers Arthur Schnitzler and Marcel Proust and philosopher Georges Bataille and the surrealists Psychopathia Sexualis is extraordinarily timeless in its factua. Another SCORE from my local second hand book shop I only paid 5 Euro for this classic not realizing what a great find it was *Richard von Kraft Ebing s study of pathological sex is said to be the foundation of *von Kraft Ebing s study of pathological sex is said to be the foundation of s most notable works Because this book was written in 1886 and translated from German I did find some of it hard to read This book is reuired reading in many "university sponsored psychology courses so it s by no means light reading "sponsored psychology courses so it s by no means light reading took me far longer than sual to get through this book because i took the time this book because I took the time research words and concepts I was nfamiliar with I recently found an electronic bookmark that allows you to look Raquel, the Jewess of Toledo up lookp words consider it a bookmark cum dictionary I definitely need to invest in one as I focus my reading on in depth topics I m not an academic by any means but I do enjoy educating myself on topics I find appealingThis book attempts to explain the deeper meaning behind certain sexual activities that we consider mainstream nowbut weren t at that time Sadomasochism bondage and various fetishes are all discussed and analysed making for some interesting conversation points on various forums While I can t say I agree with the over simplification von Kraft Ebing offers on certain topics he certainly gives a great starting point for further exploration and researchOne topic I found very interesting is that homosexuality was treated as a mental illness right The Shadow at the Bottom of the World upntil the beginning of the last century In fact some schools of thought are STILL convinced a person can be cured of being homosexual An antiuated highly damaging concept of coursebut reflect. First published in Germany in 1886 Psychopathia Sexualis was extremely successful as both a classic reference volume for psychiatrists and as a new form of pornographic literature for the sexually transgressive and perverse Printed in seven languages and twelve editions during the author's lifetime it was an inf. ,
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Es I don t know how to be coherent in regard this book "So Here S A List "here s a *List AdjectivesInteresting Depressing Dated Occasionally * adjectivesInteresting depressing dated occasionally hilarious She had always been indifferent towards men In fact she avoided balls and of course disturbing I m still nsure of what the value of this book was for me I just sat and read a whole bunch of horrible facts but don t feel like I particularly learned anythingenriching is not how I would describe this One Of My Favorite Books Ever If you are able to retain a strong sense of humor as you encounter every single bit of sex negativity in this *Tome It Can Provide A Brilliant Foundation For Negotiating Roleplay *it can provide a brilliant foundation for negotiating roleplay can also open some really interesting doors for you if you have a kink friendly shrink especially if you re one of those people who go to than one shrink I especially adore the case studies that tie together obsessive compulsive disorder and fetishes for certain textiles fluids and gasp incest This collection of case studies from the 1800s is fascinating at times but overall is a little too depressing and disturbing for most readers It does represent another clear example of nothing new nder the sun but realizing that some of our great great great grandparents were as perverted as anyone in our modern society is not a comforting thought I would only recommend this book to those who are truly interested in the subject I absolutely loved this book Especially amusing are all of the scientific theories which clearly have religious motivations or at least are largely tinted by that period s views of what is and isn t moral normal et. L depiction of the astonishing vagaries of sexual life As a psychiatric text it was one of the first books to extensively illuminate and define such subjects as sadism masochism fetishism and homosexuality; as a work of sexual literature it has often been compared to the Maruis de Sade's classic 120 Days of Sodo. ,