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Ng Kenny stealfightand stand p to the whole communityHe ends p being Ray Rays best friend and roommate at his *G Ma S HouseHe Loves * ma s houseHe loves life the book includes humotionand funny advice that make S Sense The Other Always sense the other always people with each new adult or child book that he makes It was a good book his bully became his best friend Im not a very common reader of James Patterson But I like his tone Its funny its goofy light hearted and can be little serious and always has some truth to it This book I can see re reading on a Saturday morning with coral in my bowl and a spoon half in my mouth This book was enjoyable The Public School Superhero it s about a boy that is called Kenny he move to another school He doesn t like the school because in that school they re always doing bullying to the youngest Kenny doesn t like to get in trouble but one day on the cafeteria Ray Ray was always trying to take Kenny s food Because they didn t like the lunch they were giving Ones on the cafeteria Ray Ray tried to take kenny s food so Kenny throw the food at Ray Ray They got into a fight and they got called to the office and the principal gave Kenny two options one of them was that he was gonna stay on detention and the other one was that Kenny was gonna teach teach Ray Ray how to play chess Kenny s gramma didn t find out that he got in trouble Kenny s gramma thought that kenny was a good boy and she never found that kenny was getting in troubleIn my opinion this book is a pretty good book to read like when you are bored and you don t wanna do anything this is that type of book that can make you have fun It is so funny over all the things they did because they were fighting because there is a lot of drama in this book but did because they were fighting because there is a lot of drama in this book but it was a really good my favorite character was Kenny because he was the smallest kid in almost the whole school Ray Ray became best friends with Kenny Public School superhero is about a boy named Kenny who lives in a house On Kenny s first day at Union middle school he got into a lot of trouble the book is about 273 pages long I really liked the book because Kenny has a friend named stainless steel I m not sure what to think I liked the story Thus the 4 stars But I couldn t help but wonder about a middle aged white man writing from the perspective of a black inner city kid Then I saw he had a co writer Oh A slightly younger white dude So where d they get the perspective from He was asked this by Mommy Noire This was the estion and how he responded The book is about an African American sixth grade chess devotee named Kenny Wright who lives in an inner cityand you re not How did you capture this witty kid and his voice I m also not a teenage girl with wings but I managed to do OK while writing Maximum Ride Part of my job as a writer is to explore characters and worlds that are. Lies Kenny wants to bring a little Steel to the real world but the estion is can he recognize his own true strength before peer pressure forces him to make the worst choice of his lifeFeaturing than 150 pieces of line A great and fun book about many topics So
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was one my random buys and I am so glad I brought it with me Because this was a really fun and great book Not only about a boy growing p but also about education about standing Everyday Life in Early Soviet Russia up to yourself about friendship about being black Yes this book is about a ton of things and no I never once felt that it was too much It just all clicked together like it was one big puzzle and everything had a placeKenny was a great character and I loved his imagination And while he says it is mostly due to his grandma I think he is also very smart He knows all sorts of facts he does chess and much I was rooting for him to tell his grandma about his feelings about the fact he wanted to just do some things on his own I was a bit angry at him for abandoning his older friends BUT I can also forgive him Especially since later he does make itp to them Ray Ray was definitely my favourite character though I loved that kid He was sweet fun bouncy streetwise but you can Also See That He Is see that he is as well I am sure if he gets better chances he may get very far in life He just needs someone who takes care of him while I do agree that Nicky did his best I feel that it may be better for someone who has a healthier lifestyle to help Ray Ray grow I am probably in the minority with this but I didn t always like the grandma Pushing kids to read is always a big no no in my book Reading is great and fabulous but if someone doesn t want to don t force them Thanks The only thing that often causes is that kids are turned away from reading Plus I also didn t like how overprotective she was over her grandchild To the point that he was afraid of telling her when he did something wrong and that he got bullied because of it Of course Kenny should have told her sooner what he wanted how he felt but eh I can imagine him not daring to say anythingThe comics were fun and I did like how they were connected to things in the real world but I did get a bit bored of them as I just wanted the normal story As that one was way interesting to readReview to comeI liked the protest and all they did to get better education I hope people will be listening and I hope that the schools in Kenny s area will be better in the near futureAll in all I would recommend this book to everyone Review first posted at Public school superheroJames patterson This book made by the fantastic book writer known as James PattersonHe writes another fantastic bookThis book is about a boy in the 6th grade who has a superhero identityHis name is Kenny wright and his superhero name is Stainless steelHe goes through bully s and troubles with the neighbor hood even his own grandmaHe goes through becoming cool to lame againHe teaches his new friend Ray Ray chessHe even helps the community get there best principal backThey end p havi. Kenny Wright is a kid with a secret identity In his mind he's Stainlezz Steel super powered defender of the weak In reality he's a chess club devotee known as a Grandma's Boy a label that makes him an easy target for bul. .
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Different from my own I d visited many schools where African American students would ask me when I was going to write about them so I where African American students would ask me when I was going to write about them so I it was important for me to explore the Kenny Wright s worldKudos to Patterson for wanting to write a book that included an oft overlooked perspective In fact he donated 100000 of these books to nder resourced libraries According a press release he was moved to make this donation after recognizing a large and nderserved community of children who don t see themselves portrayed in dynamic entertaining stories often enough That s good But I m just starting to become aware of the problem with white people telling the stories of people of color I can t figure out if the representation of the characters is really accurate because well I don t have that perspective either It s not that I merely crave authenticity in my children s books But when we write from someone else s perspective we need to we write from someone else s perspective we need to sure it s real Especially when we re writing about a minority and we re writing it from a privileged perspective Wouldn t really recommend to read A young boy lives in a run down community His school is run down as well His Grandma starts grouping all the parents together to fix their school I feel this book connects to some modern schools This book is very empowering in the way that it show what people can do when together I was surprised when this happened I didn t think his Grandma s plan would even work Public School Superhero was written by James Patterson This book is about a middle school kid named Kenny Wright Kenny gets bullied a lot in school So he made this superhero named Stainless Steel Kenny likes to play chess and lives with his grandma or he likes to call her G ma He gets embarrassed a lot from his grandma That s why he gets bullied a lot from this kid named Ray Ray Ray Ray and Kenny don t really get along that well but Kenny taught Ray Ray how to play chess and they got to know each other Some of the characters names are Tiny Ms Greenuashie In fact there are two ashies This book is kinda like a extracted book two The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia uashies This book is kinda like a extracted book life It not like real life at all Like some of the parts in the book like being bullied are being true cause you get bullied a lot in jr high and some of the parts are extracted so the book can be funny One thing that I liked about Public School Superhero is that how a kid wanted to make his superhero come to life One thing that I did not like about this book is it wasn t written as a comic book because if it is about a superhero I want it to be a comic book This book is great for kids that are in jr high And because it s not violent and inappropriate This book is worth my time and other people s time Some kids would like this book because it also has a superhero in it I like this book because has a regular kid who does normal things. Rt and comic style seuences James Patterson's newest illustrated novel is a genuinely funny yet poignant look at middle school in a challengingrban setting where a kid's life can depend on the everyday decisions he mak.

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