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She Must Have Known The Trial of Rosemary WestHaving this year been fascinated to read One of Your Own detailing Myra Hindley s part in the Moors Murders I thought this book would tread a similar path ie showing the female s role in a murderous couple I assumed She Must Have Known was going to show me all the ways in which Rose West was fully aware of husband Fred s torture and murder of Numerous Young Women At Their Gloucester Home Not So This young women at their Gloucester home Not so This actually tries to reason against this viewpoint and uestions how following Fred s suicide before his trial Rose was then convicted in her own right purely on the strength that she must have known what was going on without any real that she must have known what was going on without any real of her role in the killings being presented to the jury It was a fascinating concept and one I have never previously considered At times I felt myself being swayed towards there having been a miscarriage of justice Whatever Rosemary s perversions or harsh personality does this automatically make her a murderer The author suggests that Fred acted alone in the killing and concealment of the women and there are numerous arguments to support this throughout the book Had Fred survived to stand trial would Rose have been convicted at all Living in Gloucester at the time the bodies were discovered I m not sure anyone could change my ingrained opinions on the Wests but I must admit this book makes for xtremely thought provoking reading That said sometimes I felt a little swamped by the legal terms and wouldn t advise reading this without some prior knowledge of the case as by the book s own admission we jump straight into proceedings which can make the timeline hard to grasp However this was certainly a very interesting read that presented a totally different view to the one I was The Bookshop on the Shore expecting As the book progressed it became obvious that Mr Masters was an apologist for Rose West Fred West was psychotic there is no doubt but did Mr Masters over stress his role and influence to put Rosemary into a less culpable light He uotes from works ofminent psychiatrists but none of them took part in the trial and I would suggest that Mr Masters is not ualified to Dance Real Slow extrapolate those selected uotations to this case Given the small dimensions and overcrowded conditions of the house and the purposes for which it was used it was right in my view for weight to be given to witness statements from such as Anne Marie I think that Mr Masters has been disingenuous in telling this tale of awful happenings particularly in his unualified assessment of Similar Factvidence Well written Though The Book Presumes That The Reader Already Knows All The book presumes that the reader already knows all the case Couples with the non chronological layout it s The Art of Memoir extremely confusing to read 35 starsDo not bother starting to read this book before you have read another like Howard Sounes Fred And Rose The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors as Masters takes it that you know all about it He does warn of this at the very beginning There have been plenty of documentaries over the years as well and I bet there will be ones on YouTube That could also be a start if you have this book and do not want to read another on this gruesome subjectThis is a very different book from the Sounes one This book comprises two major subjects The first is the perversions of Fred West and the psychology behind it Interesting and disturbing but flatly delivered It certainly shows how repulsive he was and Masters goes into some of the details Harrowing Be warned Frederick West cheatedverybody when he hung himself on New Year's Day 1995 Was this a sign of overwhelming guilt Was West criminally insane or merely a sexual sadist of the worst kind Brian Masters sets out to answer these uestionsAttending the Rosemary West trial on a daily basis Masters has come up with a penetrating study of the sexual obsession that led to the measure.

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On Birmingham on 1 January 1995 when he was charged with 3 murders and along with his wife Rose were jointly charged with nine murders In November 1995 Rose was convicted of ten murders and sentenced to ten life terms with a whole life orderThis is a very interesting thought provocative read that reasons against Rose West s guilt Rose West was convicted on the strength that she must have known what was going on with her husband s crimes and without any real vidence against her personally At her trial many of the witnesses were already signed up by national newspapers waiting for payment on the condition that she was found guilty Whether she was guilty or not this is not a satisfactory way when a jury is deciding on such an important caseI found this a very interesting book I am not sure I can go along with a lot of the authors reasoning but it certainly opens your yes to what some people see as perfectly normal behaviour A little bit too much court details for me but a very good insight into the vents surrounding these murders An interesting read but I found that Masters was surprisingly contemptuous and cynical about many of the victims in particular Caroline which I thought was very bad taste I don t believe he did nough research regarding her case for PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition example he stated she had consensual sex with both hippie boys at Cromwell Street when in reality one was a rape Further Masters suggests Caroline lied orxaggerated the account of what happened to her mostly due to holding back the Fifth Page Of Her page of her speculating she was trying to titillate the press for money Caroline herself says as supported by the content of the page this was merely because it contained the most painful parts of the Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography event Another problem with Masters writing is that he holds back details he does not deem tasteful In my opinion one cannot hold back when writing a true crime novel or it is little than a summary ofventsAlthough occasionally pompous or too personally driven this book is a fascinating read despite leaning rather in Rosemary s favour I ve recently re read this book after a resurge in interest in Rose West having read the books recently published by her daughter Mae and her solicitor Leo GoatleyBrian Masters works hard and at times I felt too hard to try and make a case that Rose was innocent of the charges she faced in the dock some 25 years ago Whilst he makes some xcellent points his reasoning falls down in making the case around her daughter Heather West s murderNevertheless this is a thought provoking book which stands the test of time given that we have far information regarding the background of the key players since it was first published I have to say Masters manages to throw uite a lot of doubt on the prosecution of Rosemary West and the testimony of many of the witnesses at her trial He seriously calls her conviction into uestion But the book s peevish self important tone puts me off and some of the author s assertions are far from the indisputable truth as he wants us to think they are the book is peppered think they are The book is peppered statements about how this or that belief about the Wests is preposterous risible or conversely clearly true when in fact the point he is discussing is very ambiguous and wide open to interpretation He also in between reminders to the reader that he is not a psychologist makes assertions about the thoughts and supposed mental illness of someone he s never met specially Fred West that border on the. Ing complicity He unravels with particular precision the legal means used to bring the whole matter to trial and weighs the vidence coolly and objectivelyBrian Masters has stablished his reputation as an authority on the criminal and psychopathic mind This is his highly reasoned and psychologically acute look at what has become Britain's serial killer trial of the century. Hat Fred West did is on another levelFor me the book comes alive at the trial of Rosemary West By this time Fred has hanged himself This comes alive at the trial of Rosemary West By this time Fred has hanged himself This important The premise here is THAT SHE IS GUILTY AS SHE she is guilty as she have known what was going on at 25 Cromwell Street Masters lays it out very well that she did not There is no real vidence that she knew or that she was an accomplice I did read Sounes book before this He seemed pretty well set that Rosemary knew but again Sounes did not provide any real vidence It is The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl entirely up to the reader to decide You don t have to agree with Masters I am still undecided Would Rose haveven stood a trial like this if Fred had not killed himselfMasters goes over some of the witnesses in court and the behaviour of the British press at the time A lot of these witnesses for the prosecution were already being paid money by the press or were aiming for a book deal One witness in particular is outrageous in her behaviour I will not give any details around thatIf you are at all interested in the case then this book will make you think for sure Masters really does detail uite a persuasive argument I read some of Brian Masters criminology books years ago and decided to take a look at this one after watching Appropriate Adult the ITV drama about this case This is an interesting look at Rosemary West s trial with Masters arguing strongly that she should have been acuitted He is very thorough in his scope covering all the details of the case the personal histories of Fred and Rose West the Exile and Pilgrim events of the trial and some parallel cases This is a book of two halves Masters begins by investigating the facts of the case drawing the conclusion that Fred West acted alone all thevidence against his wife was circumstantial Then he turns to the trial and surrounding media circus The witnesses who sold their stories to the tabloids are condemned and he raises some very interesting uestionsMasters certainly has a distinctive writing style He is at times rather pompous and I admit I had to skim some of his lengthy digressions about certain matters of law which were perhaps over xplained He also njoys taking potshots at the American justice system which is ntertaining but rather strangely placed Ultimately though he writes well and convincingly and is particularly damning about the influence of the tabloid media on the trialThis was a good fast read that I found uite thought provoking Rose West will almost certainly die in prison but this book argues convincingly for her innocence It s an interesting look at one of the most notorious criminal cases in British history The author of this book obviously feels that Rose West was unfairly treated I m my opinion this makes the book less than impartial Frederick Walter Stephen West was a serial killer who killed at least 12 women and possibly 20 between 1967 and 1987 in Gloucestershire the majority with his second wife Rosemary West He avoided trial when he hung himself on New Year s Day 1995 At least ight of the murders involved the Wests sexual gratification and included rape bondage torture and mutilation The victims dismembered bodies were buried in the cellar or garden of the Wests Cromwell Street home in Gloucester which became known as the House of Horrors Fred West also committed at least two murders on his own and Rose murdered Fred s stepdaughter Charmaine The couple were apprehended and charged in 1994Fred West asphyxiated himself while on remand at HM Pris. D killing of twelve women and girls In the wake of the horrific detail of murder sadism and torture that has come to light in the last few months Masters from his privileged courtroom vantage point looks closely at how and why ordinary human beings were driven to serial killing of the most devious kind and how an vil psychopath was able to nsnare so many in a web of unsee. ,