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Ing mammoths Not to mention the development of the characters she has inventedOne of the needles she ffectively used in her knitting was the use of carrier pigeon messages which added yet another plot and insight to the ChroniclesNot done am I Onto the final trilogy in The Realms The Fitz and The Fool Flawless fantasyRobin Hobb is fast becoming one of my favourite authors Her world building is particularly amazing and her vocabulary is amazing without being pretentious These books manage to have the almost childish thrill of adventure that defines the fantasy genre yet is still a mature serifs "that deals with complex issues like gender sexuality humanities arrogance and much I "deals with complex issues like gender sexuality humanities arrogance and much I her work and can t get nough of it Spoilers aheadI was really wanting to skip over this one and go straight to the Fitz and the Fool trilogy but one and go straight to the Fitz and the Fool trilogy but I m glad I didn t I thought it was worth reading I njoyed the dragons volution and changing and really the whole group that was with them Really interesting Wasn t really interested in Malta and Reyn any I really feel they should have been involved from the beginning since they were the first Elderlings and since they weren t I didn t really care about their story I hated how Rapskal and Tats were basically all about pressuring Thymara into sex although claiming to love her tc It was really icky and uncomfortable I liked Tats at first but really disliked him by the nd Same with Rapskal Liked Sedric and Carson s relationship and Alise and Leftrin Hest was very two dimensional It was annoying how the whole series you know they are going to move against the Duke of Chalcedea and then

"It Ends Up Being Super "
ends up being super once it finally happens Awesome readI skipped these first time round as needed to see what Fitz and The Fool were doing but so pleased I went back and read them in order Took me a little longer to get into but I couldn t put the down wanting to see what happened nextA fabulous imagination and a storytellers heart have put these book right up on my favourites lis. And Blood of Dragons This thrilling series tells the story of the resurgence of dragons in a world that both needs and fears th. .

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It s a bit slow and I found the nding a little anti climactic but the characters writing and world building are the usual Robin Hobb high standard considered skipping series ntirely but are the Robin Hobb high standard I considered skipping this ntirely but m glad I gave it a go It s definitely Liveship Traders than Fitz and Fool thoughJust for fun we own pet rabbits and it struck me the dragons in this series are almost as petulant and self centred as they are it d be amusing to do a findreplace rabbit for dragon in the text although the hunting bits might be a bit odd Maybe replace the prey animal names with vegetables The Rain Wild ChroniclesAn interesting series built upon in the Realm of the Elderlings where several books series have taken place so far this one was set in the land of the Rain Wilds a place of magic and fantasy where many strange things occur and the unexpected may actually be Your Everyday Art World expectedUnfortunately the unexpected just didn t really happen Having read previous books written by Robin Hobb myxpectations for this series were set far too high I think for where the other series such as the Farseer Trilogy gave us a memorable character written so well and where the world was built upon in such a way it just did not happen in this seriesThe Rain Wilds have been mentioned in many books within this fictional world leaving one to Why Photography Matters expect a great place full of fantasticallements yet instead we were stuck reading about uarreling shipmates and folk who could not find something better to do with their time trapped within the pages of a bookIt seems like partway through the author ran out of plot and just kept going with the original premise meaning that the story was carried on through four novels when it could have been over in one Yet there were four books and it was not until the final one in which interesting stuff began to happenI get that there are stories that are plot driven and some character driven but ven so it needed plo Interesting series Dragons have all but disappeared from the world and the one final brood is stunted and unable to fly The. From New York Times bestselling master storyteller Robin Hobb comes four thrilling fantasies set in the world of the Rain Wilds. Y are scorted up the river by their young human keepers in hopes of finding the fabled dragon city or at least a better
"Place To Live After Many "
to live After many and against all odds the story finally comes to This Book is a compilation of four volumes and honestly the story could have been told in two Three tops Because although this book was njoyable it really needed a good diting WhyWeird grammar phrasing and word repetition Problems Especially In The First especially in the first dialogue again mostly in the first volumePeople acting out of character flip flopping and doing ridiculously stupid things A big xample is Sedric who teeters on the verge of character development waffling back and forth between being a decent guy and a total asshole for chapters on Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute end Another spoiler yxample is Hest view spoiler who grabs the idiot ball so hard that it kills him he sexually assaults a Keeper and then insults a dragon which Venous Catheters eats him Hest is not a dumb guy so this was really not in character for him hide spoiler Magnificent magical full of adventure lost civilisations and dragonsRead 2 Re reading with Crocky The second time around I am interested in Alise and get less annoyed by Thymara She is so incredibly young in the beginning All the books of the trilogies in this world Tawny Man Liveship Traders Farseer Fitz and the Fool Rain Wild Chronicles are a pleasure to read and unfold anpic world and history The figures can be flat and hair pullingly obtuse sometimes But it is always made up by the story and the twists and turns Well belanced personal struggles action world description I feel it would be a great movie base and could become asily as popular as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings if done well There is SO much material Still hoping Robin Hobb gets back to this world and keeps xpanding Robin Hobb is an amazing story teller Extremely imaginative This her fourth series of five in the Elderlings Realms What is not to like how she brings dragons to life and weaves treachery and mystery amongst the growth of the fly. Get all four novels in Robin Hobb's The Rain Wilds Chronicles in one book including Dragon Keeper Dragon Haven City of Dragons.
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Rain Wilds Chronicles Rain Wild Chronicles #1 4