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Ossibility that she is not ost forever to me The book gives evidence that is tangible and has opened my mind to trusting that just because I can t see something doesn t mean it s not there "It turns out I do have faith and this book gives it to me in the way "turns out I do have faith and this book gives it to me in the way mind can understand it in a way that has been the most meaningful of any book I have read before Reality unveiled is a highly enjoyable journey from the start It is a bold combination of scienceresearch and the human spiritual journey It is an ambitious and engaging project particularly as it is a journey of one person Ziad draws on his years of his personal search for truth to create a book that builds a context for the self I m talking self with a big S the universal human self that is transcendent not the self THAT IS TIED TO THE BODY WE ARE SPIRITS is tied to the body We are spirits an experience called human being that s a great message in the book when you get itThe book starts with the science and the mystery There is uantum science to demonstrate the illusion of separateness and the boundaries of perception Then comes the mystery the Pyramids Aztecs unusual research including the memory of water and past ives interviews It also challenges our ideas of evolution with research that of water and past ives interviews It also challenges our ideas of evolution with research that how ours is inexplicably Heroes Adrift (Hero, linked to the sun and its cycles The material is provocative but it is there to encourage thought outside the conditioning of upbringing and education beyond theearning of personal history faith or religion and explore the evidence with an open mindThe second part is the spiritual journey delving into being and purpose We are here to focus on embodying unconditional Chuck and Danielle love not to over identify with the body and its immediate needs Only when we identify with the physical self we get caught up and experience painZiad has a warm and approachable style of writing always nudging you to think by posing uestions He s clearly passionate and works hard to weave many so many strands together to demonstrate that everything is connected The book builds a context for the self and its experiences both negative and positive which reassuringly puts aot of our stuff into perspectiveZiad also shares his own very personal experiences towards the end of the book which Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old leave you in no doubt about his genuineness I plan to try the visualizations in theast chapter there are many And I Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs love his practical approach throughout In the chapter oniving the awakened Gray Bishop life when talking about how to act if you want toive a connected spiritual Puckster's First Hockey Sweater life his advice is do not act spiritual and be normal great adviceI m not sure about some of the conclusions Ziad draws from the unanswered uestions but I don t think that matters I do think Ziad has nailed our age and our challenges to embody unconditionalove and ive the idea of connectedness in all aspects of our ives using whatever we need religion meditation and science In Reality Unveiled Ziad Masri has managed to bring together science and spirituality in a very compelling and accessible way The book is split into two sections Lifting the Veil and Awakening In the first the author talks about the illusion of reality consciousness the soul and the hidden structure of existence Although coming from a spiritual viewpoint Masri weaves a compelling narrative around how the world works and how a shift happens when one s consciousness is raised to see and understand the things that he demonstrates through scientific evidence and traditional wisdom There are many diagrams and images which help to illustrate and make sense of what will for some be uite unfamiliar conceptsThe second part is prac. Ers to your innermost uestions it gently goes on to show you how to tap into this inspiring wisdom in your practical everyday Liar life This will give you the power to make aasting transformation ike never before and to have the joy peace and true fulfillment you’ve always been searching Ight asking that nor did I feel I was being Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are listened toWhat really pushed me over the edge into the metaphysical world was when myover eft me I was beyond devastated inconsolable I don t know why but somehow I found myself calling psychic after psychic asking them if he would come back I started reading books about how psychics worked and much to my surprise the energy stuff made sense intuitively These books mentioned other metaphysical concepts and I soon immersed myself in all things metaphysicalToday 5 years ater I have transformed completely as person The reason that I have chosen to devote myself to Circumstantial Evidence living a spiritualife is because spirituality and science do not contradict My scientific background mind helped me understand and embrace spirituality concepts so much To those people that wonder how it can all be true it is true because everything in the entire Universe is simply energy Science and spirituality go hand in hand Einstein knew it Tesla knew it and so many others did and do What I would Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers like to say to scientists and atheists alike and anyone wondering about the existence of God I really do believe that whatever God is it is real and we are a part of that God but this God is not the one most of the world thinks aboutThank you Masri for writing this book which is a perfect culmination of everything I ve thought about for theast couple of years It is as if you were in my head because this is exactly how I explain it to myself and to others Masri does a fantastic job at combining prominent spiritual iterature and scientific evidence Although I pieced all of this together myself from everything I ve read its nice to see it all together Folks do not close Yourself Off If You off if you that if it s not measurable or provable by science it cannot be true We are so imited in our capacity to understand or to see everything around us As Masri describes we are ike computers that can only process a small amount of energetic information We cannot even see or hear or experience the majority of what is around us I hope that by reading this many people can finally begin to understand the true nature of our reality and empower themselves because that is what it s can finally begin to understand the true nature of our reality and empower themselves because that is what it s about Ziad Madrid is such a teacher and he conveys the spiritual curriculum with such ove and understanding with a message of self acceptance and Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) love being all For all my years as This is a great book Iove the way Masri brings science psychology and spirituality together in such a concise way At the heart of it the core message of this book reminds us that there is nowhere where we might go that Summer Meditations love cannot be found always there is a resting place a place of hope and the courage to go on Reading this book which I keep going back to makes the journey an exciting one I ve encouraged most of my friends to read it just one of those books that you want everyone to share fab In my 40 s Iost my dear wife who was my dearest treasure since I was 16 She meant everything to me and I God Said, Ha!: A Memoir love her so much Ever since her passing I have not cared about my ownife I became indifferent to anything positive or negative happening with me because I feel ike I died with herGrowing up in a devout Christian family and going to Catholic schools throughout childhood my family believed my faith would save me but it did not I always needed than just faith because I am too analytical and need to understand how everything works I must understand why and yearning to just know consumes me until I can make sense of it allThis book doesn t take away my grief but it has helped me come around to the believable Ver Far from offering simple platitudes and general principles Reality Unveiled immerses you into this surprising world of ancient and modern knowledge and presents you with all the incredible evidence to support itAfter offering a uniuely fresh understanding of ife and exploring the answ. If you resonate with the following uestions then this is a must readWhy am I hereIs there a deeper purpose to my ifeWhy do I feel a sense of disconnection from myself and othersWhat is this emptiness I feel insideWill I ever be happyWill there ever be peace in this crazy worldAre we alone in the universeWhat really happens after I dieWhat s the point of it allAs an Engineer I m heavy on science but not so much spirituality Mr Masri has brought it all together in this creation and has helped answer many of those uestions for meI can t even begin to fathom how much time of research went into this book as he has shared an immense amount of knowledge evidence and wisdom with usThe practical applications he offers are icing on the cakeWell done By pulling together both peer reviewed and unconventional science personal reports and professional accounts Masri takes us on a multi dimensional round the world trip to decipher the ayers of reality The writing style is clear and enjoyable whilst also being dialectical allowing the reader to piece together the evidence for themselves Masri allows us to have the same Ah ha moment of discovery and infect us with an enthusiasm and fascination for the worldI was pleasantly surprised by the use of philosophical thought scientific understanding and readiness for truth seeking The breadth of topics the book seeks to cover are as wide as it s ambitionsThe book divides in to 3 sections each supported by the prior chapters with the opening chapters still being enjoyable for their own sake Observations regarding the physical world and our own being are backed up scientifically and fascinating Even for the sceptical reader the idea of reality as we perceive it as an illusion is clearly demonstrated with familiar science you won t dispute Despite this familiarity the way the author uses science to support his arguments are novel and intriguing Other scientific experiments author uses science to support his arguments are novel and intriguing Other scientific experiments are so undiscovered to the casual scientific reader that they at east elicit fascination if not scepticism uckily the book includes references as neededThe book presents what I interpret to be a pantheistic world view namely that God and all things that exist are one As such if God is identical with all physical things God and all things that exist are one As such if God is identical with all physical things can know God through exploring the physical world using science and reason to reveal reality this book collates those experiments in to a narrative and provides a guide to implement the principles unveiled in your ife In this sense it is than an academic work but a spiritual one too since it imparts knowledge with the aim of changing your Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq life A worthwhile read for anyone into spiritualism pantheism self development and intrigued by the possibility of a conscious universe Five years ago I was a hardcore atheist I had a decent understanding of psychics biology and chemistry I thought I knew it all BUT a single uestion alwaysingered in my mind How do our cells and each part of the cell know what to do I kept picturing my body every human body really just a composition of trillions of cells and thus atoms subatomic particles etc each working around the clock to keep us alive Biology and chemistry explained how but I asked how do they know what to do I always resorted to consciousness as the explanation each cell must have some kind of intelligence or conscious awarenessShortly after I concluded that a health crisis shocked me to the core so much that for the first time in years that I actually thought about God I was 22 years old and I never thought anything Michelin Green Guide Normandy like that would happen to me So I asked God Why me But I didn t feel I've read countless books since the mid sixties and nothing has been eual to this book Lex Allen Author of the Eloah TrilogyIn Reality Unveiled Ziad Masri takes you on a profound journey into the heart of existence revealing a breathtaking hidden reality that will transform yourife fore. Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys of Existence That Will Transform Your Life (and the World)