(Pdf) [Red Slippers More Tales of Mithgar]

Red Slippers More Tales of MithgarLook I was as xcited for another Mithgar book as the next guy but with so many loose nds tied up this book feels a bit like fan fic Fine but nothing special Once upon a time I read verything with the word Mithgar in them I swallowed them whole and sustained my life through them That was than 10 years ago However for some reason I ve never read the stories of Red Slippers and I ve had the book resting on the shelves for some years now Until last night when the book called for meThis is a review in progress starting at the very beginningThe Red Slipper is the first story and serves as a small introduction to the inn called the Red Slipper and the PEOPLE WHO FREUENT IT IT IS AMAZING HOW EASY who freuent it It is amazing how asy is to get back into this old world after all these years 3 starsGelvin s Doom is the story about a master thief who stole a gemstone from the Mogul and nded up with a cruel fate a fate that gave birth to an ven crueler fate to the world The story is told from two perspectives which is a clever little trick but at The End Of It The end of it the remains nothing than a simple myth 25 starsThe Well is finally a tale in the good Old Tradition Of Conan tradition of Conan Barbarian Three heroes set ou. The bestselling fantasy author of Once Upon a Winter's Nightreturns to one of his most acclaime. Ch I didn t know who

of the characters were and author treats them as if you do But the real problem is the conceit of the collection these characters basically sit around in a tavern and tell stories Which would be fine but McKiernan also has them interrupt ach other and take bathroom breaks seriously and constantly breaks the flow of stories for rounds of ale Just like in real life it s kind of annoying There s ven one story where the same story is being told twice from different perspectives with interruptions It wasn t my favoriteMy favorite was the second to last story Armor which reads as the beginning of a larger story a uest for you guessed it armor It s the kick off story to the larger Dragonstone it armor It s the kick off story to the larger Dragonstone Series By McKiernan Which I Haven T by McKiernan which I haven t I ve always liked the start of grand adventures best kind of like when you take off on a long road trip so I njoyed the story ven knowing that I was only going to get a tiny bit of itHonestly I d have been better off reading this book after reading most or all of McKiernan s other work That may never happen who knows but if you have read a lot of McKiernan the poor man s Tolkein then you ll like Red Slippers. Waited collection of short stories that will sweep readers into the very heart of another world. T for a fabled PLACE IN THE FAR SOUTH WHERE in the far south where pic wyrm is said to rest deep within a well They must first find a way down and tactics in case they happen upon the beast because you see being a hero is not always simple It can be uite daunting and dangerous I like this take on it but is honestly of two minds about the nding I liked it but also think it was too fast and not as pic as I had hoped for But a solid and interesting read 3 stars Fills in some info from the novels and brings out detail on some characters Telling Mithgar stories in an inn out detail on some characters Telling Mithgar stories in an inn xtremely well for McKiernan once so he followed it up with this volume in 2004 The form allowed him to tell stories that didn t uite fit in with any of the novels and that didn t reuire book length narratives on their own It also didn t reuire a lot of background xposition and Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival explanation and introductionach time so the stories flow much naturally Mithgar is one of the very best fantasy worlds It might not be fair to rate a book that s 17 in a series when you ve only read five but Red Slippers is kind of a b side collection of Mithgar stories that didn t fit in any of the previous novels or collections As su. D and renowned creations the Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, excitingnchanting and awe inspiring realm of Mithgar in a long ,