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Nificent in this imaginary word Though as my daughter said "to me when I made that comment Who says its imaginaryBravo 5 stars The third and final installment to this "me when I made that comment Who says its imaginaryBravo 5 stars The third and final installment to this picture book that began with The Caldecott Honor Journey Followed By The Caldecott Honor Journey followed by the volume uest Return is about a girl going on and now returning to her own series of fantastical journies when stay at home Dad is busy working The artwork somewhat inspired by the work of Becker s mentor Chris Van Allsburg is gorgeous and this third book shifts the perspective to include the father s joining his daughter on her journeyuest which involves all manner of adventures including a Trojan horse like boat a griffin cave drawings castles and so on Dad is working at his desk looks behind him for his daughter sees her drawn kite think Harold and the Purple Crayon and follows the string to an opening she has drawn on the wall of her bedroom think Narnia Like her he goes through the imaginary opening where he ventually catches up with her Dad is mainly along for the ride for much of it following the girl s lead This is of the same affirmation of the imagination but adding a parent child co discovery angle to the Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America experience of fantasy Or is it fantasy Is it Return is the last book in a trilogy following a young girl who with her red marker pen can draw magic doors andnter other realms The series is uniue in that the books don t contain any words just illustrations from beginning to The Pocket Wife endI haven t read the firs. A loro create In un viaggio sottomarino padre figlia scopriranno in una grotta antichi disegni che suggeriscono la strategia che permetterà loro di sconfiggere il nemico liberare i colori ritrovare la complicità perduta“Un viaggio assolutamente fantastico” Teresa Buongiorno “Andersen”“Aaron racconta il This was an interesting nd to the trilogy actually as it gets one of the parents aware of their child S Sudden Disappearances And Inadvertently sudden disappearances and inadvertently with a dangerous adventureGreat illustrations Lots of imagination Return is absolutely gorgeous Each page is a work of art The usage of color plays a large role in the story and makes very scene feel so magical I haven t had the pleasure of reading 1 or 2 of this series but this book can definitely read as a standalone It s beautiful and touching and you can read spend anywhere *FROM 10 MINUTES TO HOURS READING *10 minutes to hours reading amazing story I got this book from Candlewick Press I did not xpect to be moved to tearfulness by a wordless picture book but here we are Love love love so much What do I love The way all the discoveries from the first two books come back around again Obsession even if only as background Themotional truth of the tension between daughter and father and father and daughter s friends The way We return to the beautiful world of the first book but this time we follow the girl s father as he discovers her door and follows her to the castleThe watercolour images are beautiful and I love the idea of drawings coming alive and drawing what or who you need for your next steps in the world An Cabaret: A Roman Riddle epicnding to the trilogy this includes an vil Trojan horse like boat a griffin so says my son some very detailed hieroglyphics and many hidden gems my children have come to xpect from this series The illustrations are mag. Il padre della nostra protagonista trova la porta per il mondo fantastico in cui è ntrata la figlia parte alla sua ricerca La trova ma dovrà riconuistare la sua fiducia combattendo con lei una guerra contro i nemici del regno della fantasia che hanno ideato una macchina che imprigiona tutti i colori le creature ,

review Return by Aaron Becker

T two books but it didn t take me long to understand xactly what was happening The little girl wants to play she wants an adventure Unfortunately her father is working so she has to create her own fun starting with drawing a magical door in which she nters into a world of kings and ueens Closely followed by her father who goes looking for herReturn is a spellbinding book It captured my imagination with its silence The novelty of being able to narrate the book myself was completely uniue to me it The adventure continues in this third book where children scape reality through a magic door and use a magic crayon to create objects they need during their fast paced adventures I would like all three books to be made into one dition these felt a little short and without the break between books you could become absorbed in the adventure To see this and other wordless picture book reviews please visit wwwreadrantrockandrollcom Return by Aaron Becker is the third installment in the Journey Trilogy As the little girl s father is once again occupied she decides it s time for adventure into an xotic world This time she has an Unexpected VisitorWhat Made This visitorWhat made this different the first two was that this time the reader gets a glimpse into the real The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis emotions the little girl has from not gettingnough attention from her parents I like the way this is incorporated and the nding sends a powerful messageWe loved it I m really looking forward to from this author Oraggio di splorare mondi selvaggi” Pierdomenico Beccalario “La Lettura – Il Corriere”“Un albo di grande forza suggestione” Anna Garbagna “Leggere tutti”“La cosa più bella dei libri di Aaron Becker illustratore che ha lavorato per Pixar Disney è che ti lasciano senza parole” “Focus Junior Return by Aaron Becker