EBOOK/EPUB Roaring Up the Wrong Tree Grayslake #3

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Roaring Up the Wrong Tree Grayslake #3

Celia Kyle À 5 Free ead

Easily predictable shifter Mein geteiltes Herz read but it was decent I was in the mood for a good shifteromance and this had that I didn t love it but it was ok I Kurs Auf Den Eisberg really like Keens character Unfortunately mia was in this book too much for my preference I just tire of her constantlyanting about language Overall the plot and characters were predictable but I ll probably s 45 StarsI loved this book I love that Keen was such a hidden treasure This was by far my favorite book so far I loved that He had a dark past and that even though he was strong enough to be an Itan he chose to let others lead as it suited him better even though he was stronger I loved that he was immediately absorbed in Trista and that he protected her I love Parker he s always growing and growling I love that he is willing to apologize and he is extremely cute and loveableIf I was Lauren I probably would cut Van Just saying he needs a good swatI absolutely loved Trista and her inner strength I wasn t sure how Ms Kyle was going to be able to pull off the Hyena bit but I loved her She was dealt a Zeitpunkt Der Bestimmung Des Geschlechts, Apogamie, Parthenogenesis Und Reduktionsteilung (Classic Reprint) raw hand in life and there was much that was taken from her in a plot twistI cant wait to keepeading this series Definitely the darkest part of the series so far but fills in uite a few details from previous subplots The last Abrams I expected to be so dark and damaged inside was Keen Van did not surprise me in the least Shows t My Fraktale und Finanzen review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at HotlistenscomSo we are back in Grayslake surrounded by bears Keen is the youngest of four brothers Each of his other brothers had a place in the inner circle of the clan Ty the oldest is the alpha Van is the enforcer Isaac is the healer Keen has been functioning as the clan s Keeper He knows the laws inside and out but he has never been officially given the title He has always felt a little apart from his brothers It has made him a little bit bitterTrista is a half hyena Her father was the old alpha who has caused all kinds of mischief in the area So much that a purge has been called all hyenas must leave the area or be killed Trista has been living a hard life Her father wouldn t let her mother take her out of the area but she was also only allow in the different areas on a visit which limited her time in each area She knew all the laws and fought hard to stay in them If she overstayed in anyone else s territory her life would be forfeitKeen is uickly taken to Trista and doesn t take kindly when his family doesn t treat her well because of her father They don t ever talk to her and learn that her father treated her like crap tooI love the characters that Celia Kyle writes They aren t perfect but their flaws make them better I can see people I know myself included having to deal with some of the many issues that Celia Kyle makes her characters go through Life isn t easy for her characters but I think they are better people for their troubles I also think we see a lot of lessons learned throughout this series And the books areeally funny too NarrationKendall Taylor continues to do Report on Radiation and the Quantum-Theory, 1914 (Classic Reprint) really well with this series Ieally like all the voices that she does for each of the characters She has no problems with the growing cast of male and female characters I think her pacing and tone are Clay-Pot Cookbook really well done I wouldecommend herI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest eview Review originally posted at RabidReadscomThis author has been tackling tough subjects with this series The previous book talked about domestic abuse of a secondary character This book is no different The heroine is half hyena In previous books in the series the bear and wolf pack have had very bad un ins with hyenas They decided to un all hyenas out of their territory in a move called a purge Trista is half hyena She has lived a tough life trying to follow ules in a world that she eally doesn t fit in Even the hyena that she eally doesn t fit in Even the hyena treated her poorly Once her father died she had the little bit of protection she had stripped from her Her half brother is now in charge of the hyenas and he doesn t like herKeen is seen as a happy youngest brother of the Abrams brothers Looks can be deceiving though Keen had a Wordcraft: The Art of Turning Little Words into Big Business rough childhood He did something that he now has to live with His punishment was stiff and probably only made things worse Now his bear just wants to kill everyone Add to the fact that everyone keeps treating his fated mate like she is the scourge of the earth Even his family is treating her badlyThis story was interesting Normally this series has been mostly a fun loving series This story didn t have the giggle moments that I m used to in the previous books There were a few here and there Mostly this book touched on some tough subjects It was interesting to see characters that I ve come to enjoy act like bigots towards a new character because of the way the pack of her species had acted not because of her actions Now Iead this book before what happened in Paris and the book was written long before this all started But the story does hit very close to home I find I uite dislike series
"books that make "
that make H s or h s jerks Why have the person likable IN THEIR BOOK AND THEN A TOTAL JERK IN their book and then a total jerk in later book That happened with Van AND Ty in this story When you add that to the fact that none of the other characters were eally likable either I had a hard time with this book I eally liked the first two books in the series and am hoping the forth will be like them Ugh This is going to turn into one big spoiler filled ant PHonestly I enjoyed the first two books in this series Sure there were a few moments where the plot didn t mesh well or whatever It happens I got over it fairly uickly But I noticed a bad trend happening in the last book that has since carried over to this one In a fantasy book especially in those that build an entirely different world for their eaders there s a certain amount of Queenie and Tom a Feline Romance rules that are constructed for the characters to exist in They may parallel theules of our world and society or they may differ greatly It s up to the author to clearly define these ules and help the eader to understand them There are several prominent fantasy authors who have created amazingly in depth worlds with complex ules which they convey with ease to their eaders This storyline is meshed with our own world so the ules that govern these characters should be focused on the ules between the shifters and not so mu. Librarian Note Alternate cover edition ASIN B00MM7XGYWhat should Trista you do when faced with a hunky werebear who can’t decide if he wants to kill her or screw herHalf hyena Trista has spent years Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes rotating between Grayslake Redby and Boyne Falls When the Grayslake Itan the local clan’s werebear leader orders a purge of all hyenas she finds herself fighting to hold onto the hand to mouth life she’s created Her carefully buil. Ch about everything else Which should make it less complicated foreaders to understand The trouble I had with this story was that the ules were convoluted and I often got the impression that the characters themselves didn t understand the ules or necessarily always follow them It drives me nuts when an author screws around with their own ules or worse somehow conveys that they themselves don t have a firm grasp on the ules but are simply throwing things around willy nilly in order to further their plotview spoiler I ll preface this by saying what I m going to snarl over may spoil storylines in previous books as well I Darkness Light really struggled with this book because I loved both the characters and felt that the story could have been so much Instead Ian into a sad decimation of a character I thought could be interesting the wolf Alpha and a lovely look at some convoluted ules that only seemed to bind the main characters but never anyone else My gripes begin around the time that Trista is attacked by Van Ty and the wolf Alpha According to the ules Trista is allowed to stay 12 hours as a guest Which means she s supposed to be safe for 12 hrs Instead she s attacked by the Enforcer and the Alpha Ty knew that she was under his brother s protection but he ignored it in favor of attacking an unarmed woman I think this grr went beyond the ule breaking because it honestly says a lot about both men that they were willing to attack and hurt a woman who was unable to defend herself or cause them harm Sure she s a hyena and arguably one of the pack members who were forced to evacuate Given their nature and the bad blood between the clans I understand the need to distrust the hyenas In the previous story we learn that Van has a heart for those hyenas that are unable to evacuate such as the mother with a complicated birth or the older man who d just completed open heart surgery If he can see beyond the animal these people shift into to their need for time to evacuate why can t he see that Trista isn t exactly a threat to him He and Ty s insistence that Trista isn t Keen s mate furthered by the decision to emove her from him so that he can just get on with his life is ludicrous and borders on the unforgivable Beyond how these actions eflect on the men s characters they ve broken a ule yet no punishment is forthcoming Instead Trista and Keen attempt to flee before her time is up and unfortunately don t succeed Of course ather than arguing that because she was attacked while under protection she was detained and would have otherwise left or that very fact that she wasn t protected and should be awarded some sort of estitution she basically has to give in and allow the wolf Alpha of Redby to force her into a challenge with his Beta Why From what I can gather because she s the half sister of the Alphawhich means because the Alpha is dead that she s in charge Maybe Of what exactly I don t know considering the whole clan has been sent off to who knows where Why the Beta has to fight Trista I have no freakin clue it s not like she has any power over the old hyena land Eventually it s Not Handsome Enough revealed that the Alpha has a personaleason for seeing Tirsta deadbut it s still not clear why the Beta is the one fighting Trista beyond a I don t kill women No you just order their brutal deathsand apparently that makes all the difference But what eally gets me is why the hell he has the authority to tromp on over to bear territory and demand anything Sure he and Ty have an agreement but that agreement is over the ex Hyena Territory Not Grayslake Why Is He There Why Does territory not Grayslake Why is he there Why does get to instigate a law against her Now this part forces a mating between the two characters which is fine Whatever It s a tried and true story plot it works and it s not super complicated But it s forced I wish this sort of crap had ended there Next we learn about Keen s deep dark secret When he was
"14 and unable "
and unable control his bear due to neglect from his family etc he flew into a age when he found a girl he was crushing on was screwing another bear He doesn t kill them but he pretty much tears them apart He s sent off to get Busy Park retrained which turns out to be a torture session for 2 years I m not even going to bother poking this and wondering wtf happened here and why he hasn t fixed this and the two teens are sent off with their parents to different places Of course this comes back to bite them why wouldn t it considering it just suddenly comes up as a plot point Suddenly the boy who incited the bearage shows up and he s got this lovely story about how the girl confessed that she and Keen had plotted to jump him This of course changes everything Why now the original sentence that was handed down is invalid Suddenly it s up to this guy to choose a punishment Nothing is said here about going before the council Nothing is even said about finding the girl and asking her to tell her story again Apparently the author and the characters all forgot about their ability to smell the truth And the fact that there isn t any proof Oh and how about the idea that it s stupid to just believe proof Oh and how about the idea that it s stupid to just believe who has a grudge against someone else and allow them to demand punishment without saying a word I m pretty sure they mentioned a shifter council who originally helped decide the sentence or at the very least you d expect they d need some sort of Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know ruling body that can keep things organized and make sure people follow theulesand wasn t there an NC mentioned at the beginning of the book that alluded to a council as well as that group of old guys who decided Parker s fate in the first book I know the author mentioned the alpha of the southeast area as a pretty decent enforcer of GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany rules and given that he s such a heavy weight because of the extent of his territory he s got some power But still it s not enough Everyone has self interests and the world would go to hell pretty uickly ifules and things were decided like this on a The Confederate Privateers regular basis Realistically I m surprised of them aren t dead if all it takes is for someone to pop up and be all he did this I want him dead Sure thing who needs proof Pfft Kill em But here again is where theules are flexible for the bad guys but not for our heroes A guy shows up and claims someone has said one thing and suddenly he s able to demand that Keen is banished from the clan With Keen s banishment his whole mating to save Trista is destroyed because now neither of them are part of a pack and I guess this goes back to T existence is threatened further when a gorgeous werebear strides into her life and demands not just her heart but her very soul She’ll think about it but not until her shift ends at sevenKeen seems like a happy go lucky sex and sin werebear but that’s nowhere near the truth In Big Bad Detective Agency reality his inner animal wants to go on a bloodyampage and kill half of Grayslake just because it can After that it wants to claim the seductive curv.
Back in Time Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable
He whole 12 hours of sanctuary thing Apparently these two laws are etroactive Why not eye oll And hey Let s let the guy who used to be part of the clan but isn t any longer banish Keen Because he s the one with the power and not the Itan who ules thereright At this point I m sort of wondering why they bother having leaders at all With some fancy footwork they earn an extra 24 hrs to love each other and prepare for Trista s upcoming fight with the Beta The others attempt to use this time to contact the Southeast Itan because they suddenly believe he might be Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness related to Tristawhich is great and all but the way it comes off is that this guy is a big deal So if I m toead this correctly in this world you e only safe if you e powerful or are connected to powerful people If Trista is elated to this guy he could save her So I guess you e screwed if you e one of the average little guys and someone doesn t like youMeanwhile the Beta and Alpha attack the Keen and Trista early because they obviously don t need to work within the ules Sure the Alpha eventually will be punished and Van was able to help out eventually but my uestion is why it got this far Isn t it a little suspect that the Southeast guy s second shows up starts spouting off about Der Bilderwächter ruining bloodlines with impure matings Ulterior motive much Shouldn t your first phone call be to him especially as Keen claims to be on a first name basis with the guy and well on the way to being good friends to make sure this shit is on the up and up and not because golly gee he might beelated to Trista I guess it all just seems a bit stupid of the heroic side always putting upgoing with this sort of stupid crap And seriously If I m going to find a second or a Beta I m not choosing someone who is insane or power hungry If they e the strongest next to you and it has to be them because of this kill them or banish them Don t put a person who will actively work against you and attempt to kill you in a position of authority over others Common frekin sense And why the hell is a Bear dealing with a Wolf Isn t there a Wolf version of the all powerful Southeast Itan Most hated line in the book The Southeast Itan is speaking to Keen about the fact that he survived the etraining camps which he admits were wrong and have since been destroyed You could have destroyed the camp everyone inside it without much damage to yourselfbut you stayed because those above you those who created the ules told you that was your punishment You hated it could have ended it but you endured because it was the ight thing to do ARE YOU KIDDING ME The fck it was the Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris right thing to do It was the weak thing Let s buckle under and suffer and let how many others suffer with and after me because those with authority have told me this is theight thing Grow some backbone and do what is in your power to help and fix On the other hand at this moment the Southeast guy is choosing Keen as his second so in Letters to Rollins reality he s getting a guy who won t uestion his leader and will never attempt to wrest power from him because that would be wrong Even if the guy was doing evil and despicable things I wonder hide spoiler The third book features Keen the neglected baby brother and Trista the tormented half hyena sister to the hyena Alpha The Good The Bad and Everything In Between Solid character writing I started this book because I was in between ARCeads and frankly I wanted to clear off my kindle I was kind of meh about the earlier two books and I didn t have alot of hopes for this one I was pleasantly surprised it was unexpectedly touching the story pulled me in and while there are always familiar elements in shifter Britain, Europe And The Third World romances this one was well done A tortured protective hero I neverealized how crappy Keen s family
"was to him "
to him frankly made me like the heroes from the earlier Books Less I Will less I will that it made the entire family situation feel a little Scotland Yard real than what s typically portrayed in these books usually the family may exchange some banter but there s never this deepesentment and anger because of past actions and I enjoyed that ealistic touch It made Keen come alive in my mind and differentiated him from the other Abrams Other than this Keen s protectiveness of Trista and women in his family in general was lovely A long suffering heroine Trista suffers for being a minority shifter half hyena and tortured by her half brother for as long as she can emember Trista and her human mother spent most of her life never staying in one place for too long because of shifter laws No insta love Unverified: A Novel really Part and parcel of shifteromances are the instant connection usually by the hero to the heroine that prompts them to pursue a elationship Keen is attracted to Trista ight away and he does his fair share of mine speak but the actual love and UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth relationship builds gradually It s when they start to share their pain and Keen stands up against everyone to protect Trista that you see theirelationship start to blossom I Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island really liked the fact that this book is about two incredibly likeable leads who find solace in each other As they were treated unfairly you can t help butoot for them to stand together and tell everyone else to eff off Deus ex machina in full effect The story was plugging along building towards an tense and emotional climaxand then a plot twist comes along that pretty much wraps up all the problems up in a neat little bow A bit too neatly But I was so invested in Löwen wecken rooting for Keen and Trista that I let it work on me and I only side eyed it a little Standalone HEA Yes it s part of this continuing series and yes you d benefit fromeading the earlier books but I don t think it s necessaryThe Bottom LineI think it s my fave of the series an unexpected treat I love Celia Kyle s writing Each new book just seems to be better than the lastI Fathers and Sons: Roads Classics really loved the first book No Ifs Ands or Bears About It which set up the ma Ugh I am not liking these books The shifter sexismacismspecies ism is just too much for me Not enough escapism too much stress and unhappiness I just e ead the blurbs and find them misleading they infer a lighter funnier book with lusty mating And the actual story barely has the fated mate couple have any sexy times at all The story has a good esolution with ecognition of the pain emotional and physical that both hero and heroine have suffered Amends are made but it wasn t enough for me to Hôtel étrange, l'hiver au printemps read from this series Bought as part of audible escape packag. Aceous half hyena female Keen can’t get out of his head The animal doesn’t care that most bears wouldn’t mind a little hyena tartare for breakfast lunch and dinner Nope it peers at her through Keen’s human eyes and has one thought mateWhen push comes to shove Keen has to decide if he wouldather have the family he was born with or Trista the woman who makes him Deadly! realize that true happiness comes in a lush hyena shaped packa.