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Had never paid much attention to I was aware f his canonization but paid no attention to details Now I know what the fuss was aboutHe was not just a good man who listened to confessed he was a truly uniue and remarkable Saint Well written Enjoyed the history life and dedication Oglinda salvata of this great man Blessings dearneMichael Jones Spiritual Teacher and Author f The Seven Victories f the Divine Child This is a good introductory summary Nemico of the good Padre Not as comprehensive as somether books but Great For A Pio for a Pio Informative Not SpiritualInformative though not comprehensive Reads like a report documenting dates and. Hy his shrine in Cannella e polvere da sparo outlying San Giovanni Rotondo Italy is secondnly to the Vatican itself in annual number f pilgrims and why Italian Catholics now report to praying for St Pio’s intercession than for that f any Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel other saint This book is a concise introduction to Padre Pio’s life especially as compared to the example and journeyf his spiritual father St Francis f Assisi If St Francis is said

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Very straightforward just the facts ma am biography f ONE OF THE 20TH CENTURY S FAVORITE SAINTSDEPENDING ON of the 20th century s favorite saintsDepending DOGA AST on view point there s either not much pizazz in the author s writing styler he excels at delivering information efficiently Whether Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) or not you believe in allf the accounts Bleach, Volume 05 of miracles and biolocation Father Pio s advicef PrayHope and don t worry is intra denominational This was written and formatted like a research paper I m fact I think
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was a paper bound into a book While it was nice to learn about St Pio this book was disappointing A good readI enjoyed reading this biography about someone In an age that smirks at the mention Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of miracles sin angels and demons St Piof Pietrelchina has emerged as a figure f immense popularity attracting fascination veneration and also emulation padre pio who veneration and also emulation Padre Pio who wrote in a letter “I am a mystery to myself” is certainly a mystery to all who know f him To those who moved beyond mere credulity he became an inspiration to embrace the fullness f faith Perhaps that is Circumstances If you re looking for something to move you spiritually r a glimpse into the practices f a Saint whose spirituality you might like to imitate this probably is not the book Saint whose spirituality you might like to imitate this probably is not the book you If you want just the facts it s a fast read Uplifting and faith buildingI have never read such a faith facts it s a fast read Uplifting and faith buildingI have never read such a faith book ther than my bibleevery page flows with uplifting words faith building actions f this simple holy man who became a sainti highly recommend this little bookit is ne I shall return to many times It really needs an edit particularly for the Italian names Remarkable saint He suffered from stigmata s as Saint Francis. Ar saint Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear of all time Franciscan Capuchin Padre Pio is perhaps the most popular saintf The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults our times Given that he passednly in 1968 it is remarkable to think that such a spiritual “superhero” could exist in Gaudi our modern age Through not spared from misfortune he was spared those things that cloud us from perceiving the world in a truly spiritual way Perhaps that is why Padre Pioffers us just the message we need to he.

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