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SBA's for the FRCEM Primary is *A KEY RESOURCE THE NEW *key resource *FOR THE NEW PRIMARY EXAMINATIONFEATURING OVER 450 SINGLE *the new FRCEM Primary xaminationFeaturing over Single Answer uestions SBA's mapped to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine curriculum this comprehensive guide nsures high ual. ,

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N The last chapter features *A Mock Examination Of *mock xamination of SBA's nsuring the reader has not only the knowledge to the pass the xam but can practice the techniue and approach reuired for success in this The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis examEdited by anxperienced Consultant. Sbas for the Frcem PrimaryIty self assessmentEach chapter focuses on a *Key Areas Of Emergency Medicine Candidates Will *areas of mergency medicine candidates will tested on All uestions are supported by detailed answers and further reading to nsure uick identification of key areas that may need attentio.

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